Monday, January 4, 2010

Roses for Mom? Not so much....

Shane was helping his daddy rake leaves out front the other day. He loves being outside with his daddy helping.. its sooo cute!! Until.....he falls head first into our rose bushes, which are covered in thorns!!!!!!!! My poor baby had scratches all over his face. He came inside with a bush of roses for mom, all over him.
On the losing weight note... I have been faithful to work out and eat right...well almost. Temptations having been coming on strongly. My in laws are here visiting, and with them is... 1,2,3,4,5,...6 people! So that means food, and a lot of it. It seems like whenever you have any sort of family gathering its focused on food. It is just one thing I want and need to learn how to adjust in my life. I CAN order something healthy. That has always been an excuse for me. My husband calls me the queen of excuses. I always have an excuse for why I am starting Monday, or why I can't work out. Now he always tells me, "NO Excuses!!!". Now I say, "No excuses, I know. BUT...." and give another excuse.
I really do not like veggies that much. I can't find a yummy way to make them!!! My nephew Clint is 4, he takes after me in this department. My sister was trying to get him to eat green beans, and he refused. So she said, "But Clint, this is Hulk meat!!! The Incredible Hulk eats these to get big and strong!" and he replied, "Oh, OK." and he ate them all. :) I need to think like that, and just eat them.
WEIGH-IN?? I am addicted to the scale. I weigh myself everyday!! Two reasons I am pondering a weekly, or bi-weekly weigh in: 1. I get so disappointed when I am the same.. or God forbid up .2 lbs and it makes me want to give up.
2. Weighing once or twice a week keeps me on track for the week.
BUT..... if I weigh in once a week, I know how to manipulate my eating and working out so at the beginning of the week I can be a little more lenient, then push it harder at the end. Is this healthy?? What do you think I should do? I am leaning on two weigh-ins a week...??


Weightless said...

You know I weigh in weekly on Tuesdays - near the beginning of my week. The reason I do this is because my weight fluctuates a lot during the week. I don't want to be dissappointed if I thought I've been doing really well for the scale to tell my otherwise. Also, it helps keep me accountable and not too focused on the scale. While my goal is to loose weight the true benefits are feeling healthy. Let me tell you it feels so great to be able to do an hour of cardio w/o going into an asthma attack and losing your breath. This was something I could not do in September. Bi-weekly might be helpful too though, it's whatever works for you and helps you hold yourself accountable.

Oh and next time I see you, I will cook you veggies that you will absolutely love ;-)

Jesusfreak404 said...

I know what you mean about weighing in once a week and manipulating the scale. I drink about a thousand glasses of water the day before I weigh in and then once it's over I eat ice cream or something. I think a bi-weekly weigh-in would be good. One at the beginning of the week and one toward the end. That would also help you think healthier on the weekends. Just a thought. I might try it too. =)