Saturday, February 27, 2010

1/2 Mile

I still can't believe I did it. I ran 1/2 mile straight!!! With out stopping! Thursday was so nice outside that I wanted to go to the track. I really needed something to motivate me after being off for a week. I decided I wanted to reach a goal, my goal to run 1/2 mile straight.
Davey and the boys were with me, and Davey encouraged me to do it. I warmed up, and decided to run one lap then walk and see how I felt. When I finished that lap, I thought, "I can't run two of those! I'm dying with just one!" So I walked to recover. Then I just said, "I am going to do it!! I just am. " and that was it! I did it, and it was hard, but not as hard as I thought. I surprised myself. I even "sprinted" (for me it was a sprint) the last leg of it all the way to Davey and the boys who where at the finish line cheering me on! It was awesome. I feel like now I can do anything. It is just putting my mind to it, "Mind over matter" like Davey always says.
Things are going well for my re-focus plan. Hopefully in a couple days I will be the lowest I've been.
Yesterday we went grocery shopping, which was an extra challenge because Davey has not worked in three full weeks. Yesterday was suppose to be pay day.. but no paycheck. Everything we bought had to be fairly cheap, and we all know healthy food isn't cheep. We got a lot of hot dogs and Mac N Cheese, Top Ramon, things like that. These next couple weeks will be a little hard to plan my meals because of it, but I can do it! And we know God will provide...He always does! "Therefore take no thought saying, What shall we eat? or What shall we drink? or Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things." Matt 6: 31-32
Thursday night I made a delicious meal from the "Hungry Girl" cookbook. Southwestern Egg Rolls (which were more like burritos) and stuffed peppers. Total meal about 400 calories. It was all so good! We came to the conclusion it is one of the best things I have ever made for dinner. Yum.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I hope you guys can read this font! :)
Every time we go home I get off track. I usually take a really long time to bounce back and get re-focused. I am trying to get re-focused right now. Tomorrow will be one week I have not worked out or counted calories. This week I have felt lost, lazy, un-motivated and tired. I know it is because I am off my schedule and I feel discouraged from getting so far behind.
BUT no more dilly dallying!! I am getting back on the wagon tomorrow. I have to have a plan to be successful.
My plan: 1. Plan tomorrows meals tonight.
2. Weigh my self tomorrow morning.
3. Un-do damage
4. No weigh in until next Friday, that is eight whole days to get back on track and see a loss. Goal: Don't cheat and see a record loss.
5. Work out 6 out of the 8 days.

I feel better already. :)
We are praying about where the Lord wants us to go after Davey graduates. It is very exciting to know that He has a perfect plan for us. We should know for sure where that is really soon, hopefully by Friday. I'll give you a little hint about the place we are praying about serving, and eventually planting a church.... it's 80 degrees all the time and my favorite place in the world all around us.
Where ever we move, I really don't want to be fat when we get there. I would like to be able to tell the friends I make, " Yeah, I lost 110 pounds." and them say, "What!! No way!" :-)
P.S. Again, I am so thankful to God and to who ever put $500 on Davey's school bill anonymously. Davey has been out of work for three weeks now, and I know He will provide, because I saw Him provide for his school bill.

Monday, February 22, 2010


We got home last night from Morgan Hill at 3:00 am. Today we slept and had a lazy day. Our good friends had to take their baby boy to the ER tonight. We are watching the three oldest ones. They are so sweet, they brought us dinner for watching them. KFC.... and I am not gonna lie, I LOVE KFC!! I could not go to the gym since we are babysitting, but that's ok. This is way more important. Honestly, I wasn't planning on going anyways.. even though I would miss my beloved TKB. I am so exhausted from getting home so late, and the boys woke up at 8:00 am. Even though we took a three hour nap.. I am still tired.
Morgan Hill was so great. I loved visiting my family, getting to see my sister. She lives in WA and I never get to see her and my niece and nephew. Her hubby is in Iraq on his third tour. Love and miss you Jerrod! Your a hero!
It was also great to see Sara! You are looking really slim! It was motivating to get together with you! you ate way better than me! :-0 lol!
My Dad got Chief of Police for Soledad and we were able to go to his ceremony. I love seeing my Mom, Davey's mom and all our brothers and sisters.
We dedicated Cody Sunday night. What a blessing. I pray my boys will grow up and love God and want to serve Him. I can't wait for the day they ask Jesus to save them.
Sometimes I feel like I am looking thin, and then when I go some where and no one says anything, ie church, gym, then I think it is all in my head and I really look the same. What a blessing this weekend was for people who haven't seen me in a long time to tell me I look great and that they can tell I've lost a lot of weight. The most valued comment was from my husbands Papa. He not to long ago would call me "Gordita" when he saw me. He didn't have any reservations telling me through out my pregnancy with Shane that I was gaining a lot of weight. He has not said anything in a good while, I think because he finally realized it hurt my feelings and that I was about to cry when he did. He is a softy though. He loves the boys so much, they are his great grand kids.
When he first saw me he gasped and said, "Wow look at you! You have really slimmed down! You look great!" I was so flattered. Then later he mentioned it again to his wife (who so sweetly had already told me how great I looked). He said, "Did you see her? She is getting so skinny! How much have you lost? Like 80 pounds?". The 80 pounds was a bit off... way off.. and I think he was kidding, but I said, "31 pounds actually!" and he said, "Wow.". I felt so good. It is so motivating when people notice the results. Se even though no weigh in last week, and I am already dreading this weeks, the compliments where enough.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Size Large

I got my hair trimmed on Friday night. It is really long right now, to the bottom of my first roll (where my waist should be!), and since I have been swimming so much it is getting dry and tangled. So I decided to get a trim and to get my bangs cut. The hair salon is in the mall. When I was done and walking to my car, I walked past Old Navy. Hmmmm. I wonder what size I am now? The shirt I was wearing was ridiculously baggy. I looked like a slob. So I innocently go in. I find a couple of pull over sweaters on sale. Almost all the clothes in there were summer clothes... and the winter clothes were on sale. Did I miss a season? Cause I thought it was still 40* outside? I ended up buying two black tops, SIZE LARGE! Whoo hoo! Down two sizes!! I also found a jean skirt. I grabbed an 18 and tried it on. It was a little too big, so I tried on a 16, and it fit!! A little snug, but it will be perfect in a couple weeks. Down two skirt sizes too! I spent $54 there. I was feeling really guilty. I prayed on the way home there would be a check in the mail. I opened the mail box, and... drum roll please....... there was a card from my Dad! He does not usually send a card with out money. He sent me $50 for Valentines Day! How sweet. Just the right amount to pay for the clothes I bought. yay.

Page 11 Chronicles of A Curvy Housewife
Day 4 July 23, 2009 After we all woke up this morning and I fed the boys and myself I managed to do the boys' laundry....washed, dried, folded and put away! Hooray! I tried to tidy up the house this morning after that, just to have Shane come behind me and un-do everything I did. I put all his blocks away, then go to fold the blankets on the couch. I hear all the big Lego blocks I just put away being thrown out of the toy chest one by one hitting the hard wood floors, making a sea of rainbow color blocks all over the house. Then I go to fold some laundry and he pulls the blankets I just folded off the couch and hides under them while laughing trying to entice me to play peek-a-boo. The phone rings, I go answer it, sales call. I come back to find Shane having several of the clean clothes on him trying to get one over his face. finally he succeeds and he waddles around laughing hysterically every time he runs into something. This is a very fun game to him! I can't not help but laugh until I feel the urge to tinkle. Once I re-do all that, I hear something in his room being thrown around. He is throwing out all of his shoes from his shoe drawer trying to find a match while he says repeatedly, "Bye Bye! Bye Bye!". Then Cody wakes up and it is time to nurse. After Shane climbs all over me during Cody's feeding session I change Cody's diaper, put him in the swing, then make Shane lunch. I successfully feed Shane his Dino Chicken tenders with minimal food throwing. Nite Nite time! and I put him down for a nap. I attempt to start the dishes, when Cody starts crying. He pooped AGAIN!!! I change his diaper again, cuddle him for a while (Cody is my cuddle monster), then put him down for another nap. My sister calls. We talk for 20 minuets, then I finally start writing. I am exhausted already and I have not even worked out yet. My stomach starts to ache from emptiness and I realize I haven't had lunch yet! I have got to get more organized.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre-pregnancy weight!

I am so happy to report, I lost another pound, making it a total of 31 pounds gone! Whoo hoo!! Also I reached the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant with Cody!! Now I have 26 more pounds to go before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight with Shane.
I worked super hard this week, and it was worth it all. I lost what I gained back from my four day eating fiasco.. and a pound. I think it may have been more, but last night my brother in law took us out to In and Out Burger. Even though I ate within my calories, I just felt like it made me retain water, or something. My sisters in law wanted to get a movie and dessert so we went to Walmart. We got a Cinnamon Swirl bunt cake. They all ate it with vanilla ice cream... it looked so yummy! But I didn't eat ANY!! Did you hear that? I resisted temptation!!
Today is high calorie day. Yay!! And I get today off from working out.. which is really needed. I am super sore. But I kinda want to go to TKB at 5:30 pm. That is a weird feeling... wanting to work out on my day off. I LOVE IT! Tomorrow and the rest of the week is on. I am so focused to stay on track. We leave for Morgan Hill on Friday, and I hope to be at -34 pounds. -35 would be awesome.
Some exciting things are happening. We are really praying about where God wants us after graduation. It seems like, He may be leading us to Hawaii. We are not sure yet, but God's plan for us seems to be revealing. Wherever He leads us will be awesome!!! Also, my Dad got Chief of Police for Soledad Police, Ca. That was a big answer to prayer. God is so good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let me be your "Sara"!

My husbands cousin, and my friend, Sara, is also losing weight. She is quite successful too. When I started in July, I was motivated but didn't have anyone to relate to. Then she started in October, and we began to communicate and encourage each other. It has been such a blessing! She is also trying to lose 100-110 pounds. So far she has lost 37! That is right, she passed me up. =) Normally by now I might be getting lazy about reaching my goal, or have stopped completely. There are some factors that keep me going though. 1. My family of course, and the fact that Davey said if I stop going to the gym this time he will not pay for it anymore! =) 2. God has truly been giving me His grace to keep going. 3. This blog.. it keeps me accountable. 4. Having a goal weight and goal date. And a big one, 5. Sara. She encourages me, and motivates me. But not only that, since we are family, I imagine how I would feel if she reached her goal and I didn't. It is a good thing! We don't get to see each other often because we live five hours a part, but when we do it is going to be so exciting and great to see our results! So, if you don't have anyone to relate too, relate to me. Let me be your Sara! He he!.. that sounds funny...but you know what I mean! I am going to keep going this time. By God's grace I won't give up, and I thank God for all of you (cause there are so When you tell me you read my blog and encourage me it fuels my fire.


OK, so let me start with a good note, I am still ahead of schedule by a few pounds.
I woke up at 6:30 this morning to make Davey breakfast before he had to go to school. I was already hungry. I had a plan though, I was going to make Davey breakfast, do my devotions (pray and read my bible) and have my coffee, get ready for Turbo Kick Boxing at 9:00 am, wake up boys, feed them and get them dressed, and leave for gym. I was planning on eating a banana right before I left so I would have energy to work out, but I would be looking forward to my breakfast (3 egg whites, 1 turkey bacon, and 1 toast) for when I got home. Well Cody woke up at 7:00 am, then Davey reminded me his truck was at his work so he had to take the van, which meant I couldn't go to Turbo Kick Boxing. So bummed. I was then going to lay down with Cody to get him to sleep more, and I would hopefully sleep more so I would not be up tempted to eat. I check on Shane, the door creaks, I move a pillow that is standing up straight above his head, he wakes up. Great. Both boys are up at 7:15 am. I fed the boys, did my devotions (not so easy with both boys awake) and tried not to eat yet. I normally eat breakfast around 10:00 am, it makes it so much easier for me during the day. If I eat at 8:00 am, then I have five hours before I can eat lunch! I kept having little bites of the boys breakfast, which was frustrating me because when I woke up I was motivated and planned at how well today would go. So I decided to weigh myself. Crazy, I know. It can either really help me by seeing a good number and motivate me, or totally discourage me and make me want to eat if it is a bad number. I was so disappointed to see I am up 1.4 pounds from the horrible four day weekend I gave myself. Ugh!! I could just hit myself!! So that gives me two days to lose that, and some, to have a successful weigh in. I am never letting go for four days again! It is so hard to lose, but so easy to gain! Grrrrrr.
To get a head start I am going to do a work out video after I eat breakfast, and when Davey gets home I am going to the gym. I look forward to Wednesday's because I swim for a long time. I was planning on doing TKB then swimming, but now I have to do a machine for 45 minuets (boring!!) then swim. I will read my book, "The Luck One" by Nicholas Sparks, to make the time go by faster.
On a good note, I am super sore, which means I worked out hard. Love it. Last night I burned 730 calories at the gym. 10 min elliptical, 45 min TKB, 10 min bike, 10 min Body Sculpt (couldn't really do the moves because of my wrist). Now off to eat my 3 egg whites, 1 turkey bacon, and toast, then do Cardio Latino Dance video from the Library.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Minus Thirty!!

I did it!! I finally hit -30 pounds!!! Whoo hoo!! It was time to celebrate. I am afraid I celebrated a little to much this weekend though. Shane's 2nd birthday was on Saturday. You all know how much I love to bake, so of course I baked him a cake. It was suppose to take 37 minuets at 350*. At 27 minuets I checked it and it was burnt! Ugh.. I was so sad. So my Mom ran out and bought him a cake, baseball theme. But I just had to decorate the cake I made anyways. Davey made the appetizers: chips and dip, apples, cheese, sausage, strawberries and salami. There were also delicious, soft, scrumptious, sugar cookies with icing my Mom bought. Cookies, chips, sausage and cake was mostly all I ate the whole day. That night I felt so sick due to all the junk I consumed. My tummy felt so hard and bloated. When I was cleaning up from the party I noticed the bag of Salami was out on the kitchen counter, I looked inside and saw white mold on it!! I said "Ewww Davey the Salami is all moldy!!" he said, "Not ah! That's just it's skin." I looked closer, called him in to observe with me, and said, "that in fact... is mold."! He felt terrible! I was thankful I didn't eat any. But every one else did. Thank God no one got sick. Also, on Sunday some good friends of our took us out to Olive Garden. I did OK there at first. Davey and I shared a pizza. Then I got a huge piece of chocolate mousse cake for dessert and ate it ALL. I am not even sorry. It was so amazing and worth every bite. Oops...did I say that out loud?
I miss the gym! I haven't been since Wednesday since I hurt my wrist. I was telling my Mom I felt homesick for it. TKB tonight. Can't wait. I am getting organized and wanted to share, Friday's are going to be my "high calorie" day. Only one day, not all weekend like I've been doing. I have 29 more weeks until my birthday, that's 3 pounds a week to make goal. I know that is doable as long as I don't through in the whole weekend. The thing most amazing of all that I wanted to write about, is how God provided for Davey's school bill!!! Davey worked $1,300 worth of over time in the last two weeks at a very good paying job down in El Centro. His boss gave it to him this morning, and when Davey went to school, he found out someone anonymously put $500 on his school bill!!!! Now he has some money toward this semester, which is his last. Praise God!! He is so faithful! And thank you whoever put that money on his bill!

Fashion Girl... Page 40 of my book

A few months later I got a job at Nordstroms. I hoped that walking around the sales floor all day would help me lose weight, but instead I just maintained. I made a lot of friends at Nordstroms but felt the need to tell everyone that I use to be 30 lbs lighter and that I just started buying a size 14 (once I got the job I realized I needed new clothes I could wear to work, clothes I could actually button!). All the girls were all skinny and fashionable and food was never an issue for them. That amazed me! I was excited to work there and pursue my carrier in fashion. They gave me many responsibilities, and I tried hard to be a good sales girl so I could one day get promoted. Nordstroms promotes within, and my dream job was to be a buyer for Nordstoms. I was ecstatic when they made me “Denim Striker”. I got to be in charge of all the Denim in my departments and personally work with the Denim Buyer and give her my opinions and ideas. I also took classes in Fashion Design in college. I quit Nordstroms when I left for West Coast Baptist College in August 2005. Just as I was about to leave they told me they were considering promoting me to Assistant Manager in the San Francisco store. That tempted me to stay. I thank God for His plan. His ways are better than our ways. If I would of done things my way, I would no doubt be working in Fashion still, probably not married to the love of my life, and because of my carrier I would not have my two beautiful boys. I know you can work full time and be a great mother, but I always dreamed of being a stay at home Mom. I feel so blessed with my life.
I still love Fashion, except I am not OK with the new boys and girls dress the same trend. Boys and girls wearing skinny jeans and black eyeliner? Call me old fashion but I like my Man to look like a Man. Clean cut, manly, sharp clothes, and no bangs or make up. Thank you. And what's with guys and girls having the same hair cut? Hellloo, it is gross to have greasy bangs going across your pimply forehead. Maybe if you got your hair out of your eyes and took a shower you would have clear skin?! Nail polish sales must have doubled since boys and girls both paint their nails. And pull your pants up while you're at it... no one like to see your nasty crusty undies with your tiny butt hanging out. But that's just me.
Since I gained weight, I have not been able to dress as “Fashionably” as I wish I could. I have a closet full of A-Line skirts and high heels. I see a lot of the college girls at church dressed really cute, and I say in my head, "She should wear a vest over that, or add a broach to that sweater, or add some gray tights to that outfit..." I want to were my cute clothes again before they go out of style! My husband goes to classes with these girls and I want to show them up. I want him to see them and think that I am smarter, more mature, sexier, and more stylish than them. Actually I don't want him to see them at all. He he.....:)
He's only got eyes for me girls!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Last night I sprained my wrist.. it hurts really bad!! Thank God my Mom is on her way down to visit us! I was getting Shane out of the car after church, and while he was holding my hand he jumped down and I felt something tare. My hand went limp and Shane fell. This wrist has been bothering me since I started working out.
It is really hard to change the boys diapers with one hand. Last night was awful. Cody woke up every 20-30 minuets and just cried in pain. He had a fever as well. Plus I was limited to how I could sleep because of my throbbing wrist. Did you know it is really hard to nurse one handed? So my Mother, being the typical Mother and Grandma, wants me to go to the doctor today. There is no way I can go anywhere by myself right now. The other day I asked her to be here by 4:30 P.M. so I could go to Step class and she can watch the boys. Now she says I shouldn't do any jumping or bouncing or I could hurt my wrist more. Tomorrow is weigh in though!! I have to get in a good "Last Chance Workout!". I'll call Kaiser Advice and see what they say. I hope they say Step class is fine!! Davey is coming home tomorrow FOR GOOD!!!! Yay yay yay!
P.S. It is really hard to type will one hand.
P.S.S. Hi Sara! =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frosting with sprinkles

I almost threw in the towel today. Shane's birthday is on Saturday, he will be 2!! (wow) My husband likes me to plan ahead all our meals and things we need for two weeks before I go grocery shopping. So on Sunday I bought the ingredients for Shane's birthday cake. I keep seeing the frosting in my cupboard, Vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles.... yum.
I woke up sick today, same cold as the boys. Feeling very achy and sore. I was feeling discouraged also because Davey is suppose to start school on Monday and we have not been able to pay off his school bill from last semester. We need $1,350 by 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning. I know God can provide that and I really believe He will make a way. I know it is God's will for Davey to graduate and for us to serve Him full time in the ministry. I have been reading "Asking and Receiving" by John R. Rice (amazing book on prayer!). Dr. Rice says, "Often the thing we dimly hope for, and ask for with fear and trembling, is the very delight of God's heart to give!" Wow. I am praying that God will answer this specific prayer for $1,350 so Davey can start school and graduate. I can't wait to see him answer!
So with feeling sick, discouraged, and stressed I automatically wanted to make the cake and eat it all. I decided just to wait a few minuets, and to work on my blog. I prayed that God to help me not give up, and He did! I feel encouraged and strong! I am going to go the gym even though I am sick. It is really good to know I can feel tempted, and not give in.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Beach

I absolutely love the beach. It is my favorite place in the world. I know most fat people avoid it, but I am drawn to it. I have to touch the water, I love to walk on the beach barefoot as my toes hit the wet sand. I love how my feet go dumb from the freezing water, it makes me feel fearless for some reason. I don't think about anyone around us, to me it is just Davey, the boys and I, and I love it.
My husband knows I love the beach. He wanted to have a family day, and let me choose what we were going to do. Before I could say anything he already knew where I wanted to go. We usually do what he likes to do on family days because they are local, cheap and fun, and I am happy to do so. His favorite things to do are, go four wheeling, hiking and shooting. Bye bye chubby feet!
I am so excited to go to the beach this summer and not be embarrassed. I want to look like I did when we got married. I promised my husband I would not get fat (I always knew it would be easy for me to gain weight). He loves me no matter what, but he deserves to have a foxy wife again. Here is a picture of us, two weeks after we were married.

This week is going really well so far. Today I am the lowest I've been since Cody was born (yes I cheated and weighed today, weigh in still Friday). 3.6 more pounds until I reach my pregnancy weight with Cody.
A key for me is to plan my food the night before. If I am not planned I feel unorganized and like I already failed. Yesterday I had to take the boys to the Doctors due to fevers and colds. Shane has strep throat and ear infections in both ears. Cody has ear infections in both ears as well. Naturally, when your kids feel sick you give up all that matters to you that day to take care of them. I had not gotten to the gym yet and was really depressed that I was not going to get to go. I automatically wanted to through in the towel and eat. Instead I cooked what I had planned for dinner, gave the boys their medicine and Tylenol, and waited to see how they felt. They were playing and running around, so I got dressed and decided to go to Turbo Kickboxing. I didn't feel right about leaving Shane there since he was sick with strep, but my Mom said she didn't think it was airborne, only contagious by contact (sharing drinks or kissing). I was sure Shane wouldn't be kissing anyone in the Kids Club (I hope!), so we went. He had a blast, and I blasted tons of calories at Turbo Kickboxing. That is the best workout I get. I am going again tonight at 5:30. I do hate looking in the mirror at my self though while I am in the class. I think I look better than I do! So it is quite disappointing and shocking when I accidentally glace at myself as I jab, kick, jab.