Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Beach

I absolutely love the beach. It is my favorite place in the world. I know most fat people avoid it, but I am drawn to it. I have to touch the water, I love to walk on the beach barefoot as my toes hit the wet sand. I love how my feet go dumb from the freezing water, it makes me feel fearless for some reason. I don't think about anyone around us, to me it is just Davey, the boys and I, and I love it.
My husband knows I love the beach. He wanted to have a family day, and let me choose what we were going to do. Before I could say anything he already knew where I wanted to go. We usually do what he likes to do on family days because they are local, cheap and fun, and I am happy to do so. His favorite things to do are, go four wheeling, hiking and shooting. Bye bye chubby feet!
I am so excited to go to the beach this summer and not be embarrassed. I want to look like I did when we got married. I promised my husband I would not get fat (I always knew it would be easy for me to gain weight). He loves me no matter what, but he deserves to have a foxy wife again. Here is a picture of us, two weeks after we were married.

This week is going really well so far. Today I am the lowest I've been since Cody was born (yes I cheated and weighed today, weigh in still Friday). 3.6 more pounds until I reach my pregnancy weight with Cody.
A key for me is to plan my food the night before. If I am not planned I feel unorganized and like I already failed. Yesterday I had to take the boys to the Doctors due to fevers and colds. Shane has strep throat and ear infections in both ears. Cody has ear infections in both ears as well. Naturally, when your kids feel sick you give up all that matters to you that day to take care of them. I had not gotten to the gym yet and was really depressed that I was not going to get to go. I automatically wanted to through in the towel and eat. Instead I cooked what I had planned for dinner, gave the boys their medicine and Tylenol, and waited to see how they felt. They were playing and running around, so I got dressed and decided to go to Turbo Kickboxing. I didn't feel right about leaving Shane there since he was sick with strep, but my Mom said she didn't think it was airborne, only contagious by contact (sharing drinks or kissing). I was sure Shane wouldn't be kissing anyone in the Kids Club (I hope!), so we went. He had a blast, and I blasted tons of calories at Turbo Kickboxing. That is the best workout I get. I am going again tonight at 5:30. I do hate looking in the mirror at my self though while I am in the class. I think I look better than I do! So it is quite disappointing and shocking when I accidentally glace at myself as I jab, kick, jab.


Weightless said...

At first, I always felt so bad about myself leaving the group classes. I felt good that I went to the gym and good after I finished but while I was there it was a different story. I realized that it was when I was looking in the mirrors I felt fat, gross, slow and completely horrible about myself. It was looking in the mirror at the gym that I had the most negative self talk. I always wondered why I was even trying because looking in the mirror, I knew it wasn't going to make a difference.

Once I realized this, I was able to confront that feeling. As I lost weight and became more comfortable with the routines it's gotten easier to look in the mirror. Still though, I keep my eyes on the instructor as much as possible.

Oh and this fat girl, loves the beach. I mean absolutely loves it! I love to swim too. I don't care if I'm the fattest person on the beach it's something that I am not going to give up just because I don't look as cute in my swimsuit as other people. I love swimming too. This summer though, I'm going to look great and you are too!

I'm not sure if I ever told you but my sister in law lives a couple miles from the Santa Monica Pier. It's a fun place and you guys got great photos. Congrats on your weigh in. See, sometimes we just need to accept what the scale says for the day and move on. If you're working hard - you know the weight is coming off. Sometimes on the scale, sometimes in inches. Both are important. Have you taken your measurements yet?

All in a day's work said...

I LOVE the cotton candy picture, and I love the beach picture. Beautiful family

adrienne said...

Thank you! I know you do photography, did you know I do too? my website is addieophotos.com
Sara, I have been taking my measurements since last year.. I have not in a couple weeks. I probably will in a week or two. How bout you?

Weightless said...

I've been checking since the contest weigh in occasionally just to compare. As of last week, I've lost 10 inches around my waist but only 1 1/2 inches on my hips. I think we should take our measurements anytime we have a bad weigh in day... I bet it would lift our spirits!