Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let me be your "Sara"!

My husbands cousin, and my friend, Sara, is also losing weight. She is quite successful too. When I started in July, I was motivated but didn't have anyone to relate to. Then she started in October, and we began to communicate and encourage each other. It has been such a blessing! She is also trying to lose 100-110 pounds. So far she has lost 37! That is right, she passed me up. =) Normally by now I might be getting lazy about reaching my goal, or have stopped completely. There are some factors that keep me going though. 1. My family of course, and the fact that Davey said if I stop going to the gym this time he will not pay for it anymore! =) 2. God has truly been giving me His grace to keep going. 3. This blog.. it keeps me accountable. 4. Having a goal weight and goal date. And a big one, 5. Sara. She encourages me, and motivates me. But not only that, since we are family, I imagine how I would feel if she reached her goal and I didn't. It is a good thing! We don't get to see each other often because we live five hours a part, but when we do it is going to be so exciting and great to see our results! So, if you don't have anyone to relate too, relate to me. Let me be your Sara! He he!.. that sounds funny...but you know what I mean! I am going to keep going this time. By God's grace I won't give up, and I thank God for all of you (cause there are so When you tell me you read my blog and encourage me it fuels my fire.


Weightless said...
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Weightless said...

A whole blog dedicated just to me :*) You sure are lifting my spirits - Thanks, I've had a rough day!