Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I hope you guys can read this font! :)
Every time we go home I get off track. I usually take a really long time to bounce back and get re-focused. I am trying to get re-focused right now. Tomorrow will be one week I have not worked out or counted calories. This week I have felt lost, lazy, un-motivated and tired. I know it is because I am off my schedule and I feel discouraged from getting so far behind.
BUT no more dilly dallying!! I am getting back on the wagon tomorrow. I have to have a plan to be successful.
My plan: 1. Plan tomorrows meals tonight.
2. Weigh my self tomorrow morning.
3. Un-do damage
4. No weigh in until next Friday, that is eight whole days to get back on track and see a loss. Goal: Don't cheat and see a record loss.
5. Work out 6 out of the 8 days.

I feel better already. :)
We are praying about where the Lord wants us to go after Davey graduates. It is very exciting to know that He has a perfect plan for us. We should know for sure where that is really soon, hopefully by Friday. I'll give you a little hint about the place we are praying about serving, and eventually planting a church.... it's 80 degrees all the time and my favorite place in the world all around us.
Where ever we move, I really don't want to be fat when we get there. I would like to be able to tell the friends I make, " Yeah, I lost 110 pounds." and them say, "What!! No way!" :-)
P.S. Again, I am so thankful to God and to who ever put $500 on Davey's school bill anonymously. Davey has been out of work for three weeks now, and I know He will provide, because I saw Him provide for his school bill.


Weightless said...

He will provide Adrienne. :) Sometimes, getting back on track is the biggest battle. Isn't it great though that you can recognize the changes in your body and that your body misses the routine... that in it'self is progress!

Oh and I can read the font!

All in a day's work said...

I can read the font!
How awesome is it that someone donated money anonymously. Praise God!