Monday, June 28, 2010

Disneyland and Marina Del Rey

Our weekend was such a blast!! I can't even describe all the great things we did because it would take me forever!! Davey was very surprised and he loved it. I am so sad it's over. We made many memories and took tons of great pictures, which of course I will share with you!
Here are some highlights:
Swimming in the pool = fun! Cody is a dare devil and Shane is a scaredy cat. =) But they both loved the water and Shane wanted to go back the whole time we were there in Marina Del Rey. I swam laps early Saturday morning when no one else was there and it felt great... and man was I sore!
Dinner Cruise= it was neat, but we won't do it again. The boys were really good but you have no control over when you can leave so we had to wait an hour and a half after we were ready to go for them to get back to the port. But all in all it was a very great night!!
Disneyland= amazingly fun filled with tons of priceless memories!! There was so many awesome parts, I wish I could share them all. It was such a great family time for us all.
California Adventure= very fun! It was not as fun as Disneyland but the boys really loved it! The Bugs Life part was great for them. :) We had a blast! Between the two days we walked about 20 + hours!
ESPN Zone= Davey was in awe at the huge TV screen! Ha! Him and Shane had a blast watching baseball.
The breakfast buffets at the hotels were amazing!! Man we ate, and ate, and ate. That was one of my favorite parts! lol But rest assured we burned off most of it!


Weightless said...

Looks fun. In the pic of you and Cody in his baby carrier, you look very thin!

blondevue... said...

How neat! What a good birthday surprise :) The family pictures are so wonderful. Glad you guys had a enjoyable time!