Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting into it

I am definitely getting into WW now. Last night we had another Strength and Beauty meeting. It was great, and we decided to start a Strength and Beauty blog. Here is the link.
Jocelyn brought a WW cake, 3 points per slice. Chocolate cake mix, mixed with diet coke. Oh my so good. She has lots of WW recipes and also told me that 4 Tbsp of Brownie mix with 2 Tbsp water microwaved for 1 minuet is 1 point and taste just like a real brownie!! Yum!
I made it to 30 minuets of Spin yesterday because of the meeting, didn't get to work out on Wednesday though. I was still so sore I could barley pedal at a level 7.
I went to WW meeting Wednesday, and everyone spoke about what they did great that week for a sticker. A few people said they worked out, or passed eating a bad dinner. I don't really like drawing attention to myself with people I don't know so I didn't say anything. But I did mention how we went to Venice and I got a sticker for that! :)
So I feel like all I do now is talk about losing weight... with everyone. I do have other interests... so I thought I'd share them!
I love being a wife and mommy, I like to read love stories, I love photography, I really like art and want to learn how to paint. My favorite colors are jewel tones, I love interior decorating. I would love to live by the beach, I usually don't get dressed until 2pm everyday :/, my hair is very long, I hate cleaning the bathroom, I use to have to chase girls away from my husband when we were dating. We don't have cable, so Davey and I will set up a blanket on the floor and watch our favorite shows, online. I think She's the Man is the funniest movie ever made, I am a Republican, and a patriot. My dog will have puppies in a couple months hopefully... and I am allergic to dogs. Shane won't poop in the potty still, I wake up every weekday with Davey at 5:00 am and make him breakfast and lunch. I use to work in Fashion, I love to shop, I am not allowed to posses credit cards, I have been paid to design web sites and I am happily married to the only man I have ever been in love with. And, I love the Lord. :)


Kimberlynn said...

Okay Adrienne...are you sure we're not sisters!!! We have more in common that I first thought. Besides everything I mentioned the other day, I also love photography. My brother is a professional photographer in New York City!!! So I have a real appreciation for beautiful pictures. I also LOVE jewel tones and from the time I was a young girl, I wanted to be an interior designer!!! I regret that I never followed that dream. I love the water, but rather than live on the ocean, I want a houseboat on a lake with a mountain view. I hate to admit this one, but I also don't get dressed until the afternoon (oh my, I don't ever tell anyone that!!!). I'm working on this however.

I don't know that I would say that I'm a republican, but I am a conservative and most definately a patriot. I want our country back!!! One thing's for sure...I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT!!! And finally, I DO NOT have or use credit cards...they're a bad idea. Ask me how I know this (ha!!!) Thankfully we are almost debt free.

Sorry for such a long post, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm so glad you're doing well on WW. You're the best and I'm so glad we met (so to speak).


Adrienne said...

Thank you Kimberlynn!! That is sooo funny!!! We do have so much in common!! Wow your brother is in NY? Does he have a website?? I would love to see it!! And I agree about our country!!!I am very conservative as well.
I know I never tell anyone I don't get ready till that late.. lol but sadly, time flies from 8am-2pm!!
Maybe we are sisters... I'll ask my Mom. ;) LOL!! But we are sisters in Christ, and I am so glad He allowed our paths to cross!! I hope we always stay in touch and encourage each other in this journey!! Thank you for reading! And I love the long post!! :)
xoxo Adrienne

Kimberlynn said...

Hi Adrienne...yes my brother does have a website. But I have to be honest, I like his older work more than his current. He used to do beautiful black and whites of his travels; he's now working on a book to chronicle the life and culture in south Florida where we grew up. Here's a link...

He's a very interesting person and has made quite a name for himself.

And yes...we WILL encourage each other in this journey. I plan on being one of your faithful followers!!! Have a great weekend.


Adrienne said...

Thank you Kimberlynn!! I will be one of your faithful followers as well!! Thanks for the website, I can't wait to check it out! ;)

blondevue... said...

What a great post Adrienne! I really liked reading about all the things you enjoy! And that chocolate cake sounds sooo good!

Jocelyn said...

we too have more in common than I realized. I thought I was the ONLY SAHM that didn't get dressed til later in the day...of course I write this being still in my jammies at 6:00pm (but I've been sick all day, so I don't think today counts. LOL) I still haven't posted on the S&B site yet, but that's my next stop. Hoping I can muster enough energy to write something...anything intelligent on the page. LOL