Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Not that I would know... I am down 40+ pounds, but I am not thin. I can remember being thin once though, and it felt pretty good. But it would have felt better if I didn't think I was fat.

I am SORE. No scratch that.. I am beyond sore.. I am in PAIN. But it feels great! Monday I did Turbo Kick Boxing, then did weights on my own. I did quads, hamstrings, chest, shoulders, and abs. Yesterday I did the killer Spin class, which I found out is an advanced class. There is a lady in there that is really good, and it's odd because she doesn't appear to be an athlete, or a cyclist. Usually the people with good form and things and the ones that cycle outside and do Triathlons and things. Anyways, she looks about 20 pounds lighter than me, and she is a machine. I was right behind her and I worked hard to keep up with her. When we go down she doesn't sit, she hovers, even though the instructor is sitting. Another lady from our church joined me and Lisa in Spin. Her name is Jackie, and she does Spin, but on other days. I could tell she lost a lot of weight. Lisa told her I have lost weight too and she asked how much and I told her and she was surprised. Then I asked her and she has lost 50! And she got a tummy tuck. How awesome. She said her "spare tire" became a "flat tire" lol. I think that's me in the near future. :/
After Spin, Lisa and I went to Body Sculpt. I have never stayed for a whole class before. Oh man. She starts with lunges and squats, and decided it would be fun to change it up and add on then start from the beginning every time. We did our whole body, mostly legs. Ouch. Then I thought I would do the treadmill and see if I could run a little. Yeah... my legs were jello, so I only ran a minuet. Walked the rest.
I have my heart set on a triathlon next month. I got birthday money from my Dad and was registering for it, when Davey came home and said I probably need to use the money on bills. Especially after our vacation. So I am really praying for God to provide for it. It's in Pleasanton CA (where my grandparents live) and it's an all woman's tri, in a lake. You all know how much I love the beach, but I do not like swimming in the ocean. I am very scared of sharks! When Davey and I went to Belize on a missions trip three years ago, we snorkeled, and I was terrified. I was just going to stay in the boat. The only reason I didn't was because I would have been left all alone and there was no anchor, and it was a small boat!! No way. So I jumped (last one in of course) and just my luck, there was a big Barracuda right under the boat staring at us. Nice. Then we saw three sharks!! Big, like 6 feet long. They were Nurse Sharks, which supposedly don't eat people, but I wasn't buying it. I stayed right behind Davey the whole time, actually holding his flipper. Ha!
Today's breakfast was 1 cup Oatmeal, 1 Tbsp Brown Sugar, coffee, and 2 light toast= 5 points.
I brought my friends dinner last night, because they were in the ER the night before real late, for the husband. They have four kids, and she had to be up at 7am to babysit. They started WW the same day I did, she wants to lose 20 and he wants to lose 100. She is down 7 and he is down 17! Awesome for them. So I made a healthy home made lasagna with a salad. I made one for us too, 4 points for a cup of lasagna and 2 for the salad. It was yummy.
I earned 11 POINTS yesterday in my work out! But I didn't use them, of course. That would defeat the purpose.
I need to come up with a work out for Wednesdays. We have church, so I can't do any classes, and we only have one car right now so I can't go during the day. Hmmm.. I could walk in the 100+ heat, but the stroller is in the van. Hopefully Davey will be home early and I can swim today at the gym. I have errands to run too. Need to mail out CD's to clients and ship a gift to my niece and nephew. The boys have been keeping me very busy lately. Shane is STILL potty training, and is obsessed with Night at the Museum, so he always wants his "Torch" his flash light. Cody is getting in just about all his teeth at once. poor guy, and he has been pooping like crazy and has bad diaper rash. ;(
I will be sad a couple times in the next couple weeks. Friday because that is the day we were suppose to find out what the baby was. Then the 28th is my 25 birthday, which if you remember, was my original goal date. But even if I didn't get pregnant and not lose for those three months, I wouldn't be at goal yet probably, but maybe I'd be closer. I wouldn't change it though. I would do it over again just so one day in heaven we can hold and kiss and be with our baby.
Well I gotta get going on house work and lunch for the boys!


Weightless said...

My aunt has that saying on her fridge. I think Auntie Anna put it there. Let me assure you, thin is going to FEEL so GOOD! I just know it!

1 - I hope the triathlon works out for you. If not something you can pay for this money, hopefully some other way.

2 - I know I'm not going to be done by my goal date either. It feels kinda crummy but maybe it wasn't a realistic goal anyway?

3 - I am SOO SORE today too. Feels good though! LOL Progress!

Adrienne said...

Yay for progress! ;) yes I know I read it every time I am there and you are right Auntie Anna did put it there! lol I know it's gonna feel great! Some days I think I feel thin, then I look in the mirror. LOL

KellyNY said...

My old WW leader used to say that all the time. Ain't that the truth!

Kimberlynn said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I could relate to so much of what you said. First, I love to swim, but not in the ocean...even though I grew up on the coast of Florida. I also used to be thin, once upon a time, but DID not feel thin at all. I thought I was huge at 130 pounds. The good thing about getting older is that you realize how silly you once were. I would now be thrilled to get under 200 pounds!!! Oh, how times have changed. And finally, I know the loss of losing a baby. I've lost my last two. My husband and I were hoping for a third little one. But the Lord knows best and that's given me the greatest peace.

Thank you for such an open and honest post. Oh, and by the way, I also do Weight Watchers. I love it and am finally on my way to getting healthy. I hope you'll come by for a visit to my blogs.


Adrienne said...

Thanks for the comment Kelly!
Kimberlynn, I will definitely follow your blog! I am so sorry about your loses! It is a hard time, but God has helped me through. I am so glad you found my blog! :) We have a lot in common!

Jocelyn said... amazing that God always come to our rescue exactly when we need Him. :) I'm so excited at how the Strength and Beauty meetings are going...I just wish more people would come. Next time, there will be more people there. :) So proud of you, and you will get past 203...I promise. Remember, stay true to the Lord and HE will stay true to you! Much Love sister!

Adrienne said...

That is very true!! I prayed and did my devos this am and prayed for His blessings. Love you Joce!!

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