Monday, August 16, 2010


Wow so it's been ten days since I blogged!! We were out of town for a week, then this last weekend was really busy with unpacking, and getting things in order, plus all my photos I uploaded and edited. So where do I start??
Friday the 6th, I did really good when we got into Morgan Hill, even the whole way there I only snacked on my healthy snacks I planned and tracked. I was not even craving junk because I had been doing WW for a while and I really enjoy my WW food. I don't feel deprived at all. Then came Saturday, the day of the wedding. I started out good by eating oatmeal for breakfast. I made the mistake of not bringing a lunch. I had to be at the church at 1:45pm, and I had to drive all the way to Palo Alto to rent a flash for my camera. I was driving my sis-in-laws car cause Davey and everyone were suppose to go to boating (they ended up not going). Her car was on empty when I was reaching the wedding, and I knew I had to drive to the reception. So I stopped at Chevron for gas, and honestly I wanted a quick healthy snack.. well their was none!!!! Seriously, not even protein bars... so I got a diet Coke and chips and a Snickers. :/ I really didn't want to eat bad the rest of the vacation, I still wanted to eat on Track, but it was just easier to eat whatever everyone else ate. After the wedding I went to my Great Aunt's house and ate a wonderful dinner with them.. I love going there because they always have home made food made. It was pretty healthy too, Olive Oil Pasta with Pesto?, Cantaloupe and Artichokes. Yum.
The rest of the time in Morgan Hill was great, Church, another photo session, boating (where I swam a long distance to shore and back for exercise), and we got to see family. We got home on Tuesday, and we cleaned, got packed for Venice, my Mom got there Tuesday night, I made a home made Lasagna for them to eat while we were gone, and we went to bed. Wednesday we said bye to the boys (so hard to leave them!!) and left for 3 days 2 nights at Venice Beach.
It was soooo much fun, and much needed time together. We stayed at a hotel right on the boardwalk. Venice boardwalk is famous for lots of characters (crazies) people selling things, people singing, acting, and doing anything and everything to make a dollar. It was a lot of fun seeing all the Art, Jewelery, and things people make and sell.
We ate at The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey Wednesday night. That is where the "Focker family reunion" was filmed in "Meet the Fockers" with Barbra Streisand, Robert De Nero, and Ben Stiller. It was so nice , our table was right next to the Marina with tons of sailboats. It was great seafood (which I love!!). We only get to go somewhere like that once every two years or so, and we had King Crab Legs, Steak and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Fish and Chips, and Clams. Yum!! I love seafood!
Thursday we rented beach cruisers and rode EVERYWHERE! We rode to Santa Monica Pier (my favorite place), to town where we got Thai couples massages ($40 an hour!! Very cheap!), then to the end of Venice and back. It was great, and boy was I sore the next day. That day we ate at "The Fig Tree" right next to our hotel on the boardwalk, and it was so good! It is a healthy all natural restaurant. They don't serve french fries, or anything unhealthy. I got a grilled Chicken Sandwich and it came with a salad. Davey got fish tacos, those were amazing. I love making fish tacos too. That is what we are having for dinner tonight. ;) Thursday night we ate at "The Firehouse" which was OK. I got fish tacos, but it wasn't fresh fish so it wasn't as good. We were going to go to Gladstone's For Fish in Malibu, but after the bill at The Warehouse we couldn't afford it. Then we decided to go to Bubba Gumps, (my absolute favorite restaurant) which is on the Santa Monica Pier, but our car was parked in a garage far away, because the hotel has reserved parking there so we don't have to pay, and we had to return our bikes at 7pm and it was just too late for a far to walk. So we went to one we could walk to, and it was a good mile away. I got a lot of exercise!!
Friday we got up early and went to the famous Farmers Market in Hollywood. I had been looking forward to that. We got fresh produce, and ate a French Breakfast, then got delicious sweets from a bakery, and went home. We picked up Molly on the way home, she should have pups Oct. 9!! We were soooo glad to see the boys!! I couldn't stop hugging them.
I am so glad to Track my points today and go back to the gym. We have another Strength and Beauty on Thursday. I WILL lose this week! I decided I am going to weigh every Monday. I start on Monday, so I should weigh on Monday... I am always worried about using FLEX points on Friday and it effecting my weigh in on Monday, but if I lose through out the week it shouldn't matter.. right?? Oh yeah... you MUST MUST MUST

Watch this video!!! We love the show America's got Talent, and this is an A Capella group that should have won.. but they were so hilarious, we were rolling. Laughter is very good for you, so watch! We don't listen to the song they sing, I have only heard it at a baseball game when we go, but it's an A Capella group, they use NO instruments. Amazing. Just thought I'd share.
LOL ;)

Today I weigh: 203.6
Of course I must share pictures!! ;)
Here is one of the wedding, I will post more soon.
This is Roman, the little boy I photographed Sunday. On the tube with my sis-in-law ShaynaVenice ShotsThese Dolphins were amazing!


Weightless said...

Great pics! I really like the ones of the ocean hitting the pier. No weight gain too - that is GREAT for vacation.

Next time you visit the venice area for dinner you should try the Whaler. It's a great resteraunt with Ocean views and GREAT prices. I love the shrimp tacos and go everytime I visit my sister in law. Here is a link:

Adrienne said...

Awesome!!! Thank you!! I think Davey mentioned that place, and was near our hotel. We should have gone! And thanks about the pictures and yes I was so glad to not have a gain! I know it's cause all the activity we did. :)

blondevue... said...

You look so good lady!! Pretty as ever and enjoying the sunshine I see! The pictures are really good, love the one with you and Shane and Cody. Actually I just love them all. :)
The dolphins are so close!

Adrienne said...

Thank you so much Tori! I was enjoying the sun, and the nice warm.. not HOT weather that was at the beach. ;) It's 101 here right now. :/ I know the dolphins were playing near people on purpose! lol