Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week Three, Day four

I am not feeling to good today. Really not a good time to get sick. I have a "Strength and Beauty" meeting at my house tonight, and it's our first one. It's like a Christian Weight Watchers. I am excited. Then we leave for Morgan Hill tomorrow, and Saturday I have a paying wedding in San Jose!! I can not, and will not miss the wedding!
I think I have Kidney Stones! ;( I am not sure because I have never had them before, but I have had sharp pains on the left side of my lower back for a few days. I worked out and have been cleaning anyways, but now it's really hurting. I kept saying, "My kidney hurts!" and Davey said I probably just pulled a muscle. I hope he is right. I looked up symptoms of Kidney Stones and they say pain lower side or back, and blood in your urine. I don't have blood in my urine. I am going to drink a lot of water and hope that helps.
Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary!! I am so thankful for my husband. He is such a good man! We are going to Venice Beach next week just the two of us for two nights while my Mom stays with the boys! Yay!! I am so excited.
I am frustrated with the scale right now. Last Thursday I weighed at 203.2. Then Friday and Saturday I was bad, and on Monday I weighed at 203.4. I have been really good, staying on track on WW, and exercising, and today I am 203.0. Ugh!!! Should I have waited to weigh until Monday? Or should I weigh tomorrow, then not weigh again until next Friday? I need feedback!! I need to see the scale move below 203!! Evil number that won't budge!!
Maybe I am taking to many "bites"? I have been biting the boys food hear and there and the first week on WW I didn't do that and I lost 5 lbs. Hmmm. I am going to Morgan Hill tomorrow and I am very scared!!!!!! I HAVE to stay on track. I do not want to set myself back. I have already told my in-laws I am on WW so no desserts and things for me. I CAN do it.. and I WILL DO IT!!! If I don't, I will gain a couple pounds and waist a week basically.
I am so excited about the wedding on Saturday. It's at the same church my Mom was married, and I have a lot of great ideas. Praying my body will cooperate!!
My 24Cycle class on Tuesday was amazing. I want to say as hard as my triathlon minus the burning sun on you, and he wouldn't let me get off to walk my bike up the really steep hill. Well, ok so the triathlon was harder. Being on a real bike and going up a steep hill is way different than being on a spin bike. Your real bike will fall over if you can't pedal any more, the spin one won't. Anyways, he went the full 60 minuets, up to the second. Very short breaks at "home" and most of the time pedaling as fast as you could at a level 9. Wow it was hard. How could I not have lost at least a pound from that?? Then my spin buddy Lisa wanted me to go with her to 24Lift. Oh man. Lunges and arms galore. I left after arms were done and went and detoxed in the Sauna. Have I mentioned how much I love the Sauna? Minus the gross hairy, stinky, sweaty men in there. I sit in there for 15-20 minuets and let all the bad stuff out of my body.
Davey is dropping off the dog today to breed her! Yay for puppies soon. So many people just assume we will give them one or sell one to them cheap. My good friend bred her lab and we wanted one but couldn't afford $600, but now I understand why she didn't want to sell us one for cheap, because people will ( and did) buy them at full price!! If we just give them away we are giving away all the money we put into her and all the vet bills for having the puppy. With all my heart I do want to give some away for free to people who really want one and will be good homes, but someone will pay $800 for it, and take amazing care of it, use it to hunt and show, we have to sell them. Anyways, that was just a vent. lol OK, gotta go clean and get the house ready for our meeting tonight. Chow!


Weightless said...

I'm excited for your meeting tonight! I think it's going to be a great thing for you and God. Can't wait to hear about it.

I think we are going to be able to visit on Monday - I'd still like to go to the beach if possible.

I dislike "I am better than you" instructors.

Dogs - Honestly, if they can't afford to pay for the dog someone shouldn't get one. There are a lot of expenses that go along with having a pure bred pet and any pet for that matter. Unexpected pet bills, food, training, and AKC paperwork, etc. Plus the costs you incur because of caring for your dog and puppies. I wouldn't give a way a puppy. My mom breads her dog every year or year and a half, never has she given away a puppy. Now, it is common standard to pay for the sire or give them pick of the litter. That is different than giving someone a FREE puppy. I truly believe that if someone is financially invested in their pet, they are going to take good care of it and provide a safe loving home -- not always of course. Having puppies are a lot of work though, you will have your hands very full soon.

Adrienne said...

Your right! That is how I feel too. Who ever pays $600-800 for a pup is GOING to take care of it and going to love it, and use it to hunt and show, and that's what I want for all our puppies. Davey dropped her off lat night, and the stud is costing us $700, great bloodlines and hunting dog. Alot, but worth it. She is taking care of everything while we are gone. Such a blessing. We have to put it on credit, but we know we will make it back with the puppies. We didn't even want to let someone have pick of the liter for their stud because we don't know how many she will have and we are picking a female to keep. ect. Anyways, would love to go to beach or boating!! I'll message you my cell number.

blondevue... said...

You feel bad not giving dogs away because your a kind spirit, but as hard as it is you still have to stick to your ground and maybe even say something along the lines that the dogs are for business and income purposes for you guys.
Labs are very good dogs and well worth the 400-800 they run. :)