Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And we're OFF!

Gotta say good bye. Won't be able to blog for a few days. I did find out we are staying in a hotel.. so that is great news! I will hopefully be able to work out.
Yesterday and today I really pushed myself since I won't be able to train for 5 days. Yesterday I did Coaches cycle class, 63 minuets. Fewww. Then I did Body Sculpt. Ouch. But great work out. Today I needed to drop off Davey's suits at the dry cleaners and found one with in walking distance (240 feet from my garage..which is in the back of my house). We went around from the front of my house and after we dropped off the suits we walked and ran a little. It was about 30-40 minuets. I went to after and discovered we did about 2 miles. Not bad!
I had so much to do before we leave tomorrow.. still do. :/ I did at least 5 loads of laundry... with NO DRYER. Not easy or fun.
When Davey got home I ran a few errands, and went to a 4:30 cycle class with Sylvia. I have taken her class before, she is good. I got the best ride in today... really really intense. When I cycle in Coach or Phil's class I "hover" myself when we do jumps. [ 8 seconds up 8 down.. I hover when we go down] because they don't do hovers. But Sylvia... she does, and I like it. I realized I have referred to crazy cycle man, and crazy hover lady ( different intense people in class) while blogging. Could it be that now... maybe people comment on my form? No.......Maybe!! I kept up with Sylvia the whole time, faster pace while in hover position, kept up with her levels and speeds. It was hard. My form has really improved. I notice people look at me from time to time. I love it in Coaches class there are about 3-4 of us who are intense, and we usually all ride to the same rhythm. It's almost like choreography. I was a little late to spin today so I had to get a bike up front, which I hate because then someone is staring at your drear the whole class. But it helped me to focus on the instructors form and speed. It's been a while since I felt like I was going to be sick for a moment during cycle, but I felt that today. I am going to try to make her class part of my schedule.
I was determined to swim because I haven't in a week. Boy is it hard to swim after that work out. I ate 1/2 a necterine before I swam for energy. I was weak, but still pushed myself in distance and speed. I was actually sweating in the pool. That hasn't happened to me since I played water polo in high school. Davey always tells me to double the distance of the triathlon since the pool is easier to swim in. So today I added just half the distance and swam 24 laps in a 25 meter pool making it a total of 600 meters. Felt great to finish all that. There is a reason swim is in the beginning of the event, because if you are too tired you will drown!
Well we are off! Up bright and early at 3:30am to leave by 4:30am to get to LAX by 6:00am. If you think about it please pray for Davey, he is preaching on Sunday!! G'Night!! xoxo


dawne said...

Have a wonderful time away!!! Yay for the hotel.

Weightless said...

Best wishes! I hope you all have fun and enjoy the church :)