Monday, September 20, 2010

Weigh in & countdown-5 days until Triathlon!

Weighed in this morning. Wish I didn't! But I knew I had to face the truth. +2 pounds. :/ Grrrr. We have had such a busy week. We didn't eat well in Ohio, then my mother-in-law came into town for a few nights. Then we had a busy Saturday out door knocking, lunch with a pastor friend and his family at Chili's, then babysat friends kids, ages 2&1. Whew. Then Sunday we took a day trip to visit a church 2 hours south from us, spent all day there, had fried chicken and potato salad with ice cream. Yum! But oh boy did I feel it after 20 minuets or so. Bloated right away.

Let me back up. Thursday I biked 5.3 miles outside around my neighborhood. My goal was to do 8, but I didn't have time because we had a Strength and Beauty meeting. I didn't get to walk either. :/ My mother-in-law came while I was at the meeting.
Friday I wanted Davey to bike the hills with me. My mother-in-law came with us and played with the boys on the playground. I was so thankful because having Davey show me how to use my gears on those really tough hills, really helped. Tuesday I did cycle and body sculpt, really pushed myself and my thighs killed. Than Wednesday I went to cycle again with Sylvia and really pushed it and got super sore. Thursday I didn't rest, I rode the 5.3 miles outside (winds were very strong and my legs ached). So by Friday, my thighs we so very sore that when I sat down I felt like they couldn't support me on the way down, I needed to hold on to something.

The hills we biked were VERY steep. More steep than in my first triathlon. But I wanted to be prepared for the worst. So my very smart athletic husband showed me how to bike hills in proper gears! I always thought going up hill you needed to be in LOW gears (wear it's hard to push the pedals). Imagine me in Avia Triathlon, going up very long steep hills trying to push my pedals on the lowest gear they could go to! Yeah that's what I did. No wonder my bike wouldn't move and I just TIPPED over and had to walk! Bahahaha. I am learning so much. So Davey told me what gears to be in when going against strong winds, when going up steep hills, and when going down hills. How does he know all this you ask? I don't know!! He knows everything! It can be really annoying sometimes. lol

The first time up the hills I didn't switch gears in time and I had to get off because my bike wouldn't go, I didn't mind stopping, I was so tired already from the first short part of the hill. Remember in my first tri post when I told myself "When I think I am ready, I AM NOT!" That totally slapped me in the face this time. I realized that spin is great, and I think it really helps, but there is nothing like doing real hills outside. Anyways, so I got back on and rode in circles till I was in the right gear, highest gears possible (2 and 1) [*side note, I was so confused because I thought low gears was low numbers..1..2..3..ect..nope] then we finished the hill and I could do it! Right after that one was another even steeper one, to which I needed to catch my breathe before we did. Davey never got off his bike. :/ So I rode in circles until I caught my breath. Started in low gears to get some speed and immediately changed to 2 & 1. What a difference!!! It was actually possible to pedal. Wow. My legs burned though!! My heart rate got up so high I thought I was going to pass out. But I did it! I did it 3 more times with out getting off 2 of the times (we had a long loop we did of 3 hills and some flat too). I went to and mapped it out. Ride = 3.48 miles. Davey did 4 loops, his mom wanted to try it, but couldn't figure out the gears so she came back down the hills, and Davey kept going. The right gears really make a difference!! After that I had them drop me off at the gym and I swam 500 meters while they went to Costco. When I was done they weren't there yet so I walked across the street to Big 5 to see if they had any of the things I need.

I hope to go there again today and do 9 miles at least. (If I can, I will take pictures of the hills). I have not been able to do my training schedule to the T. Today I want to swim 600 meters, get dressed at gym and go bike 9 miles there than walk/jog 2-3. If I can't do that (depends on time and Davey's schedule) I will go to gym and swim, bike, and run there. I am going to skip the weights for the rest of the week and just condition. I really don't want to be sore on race day. Tuesday I plan to do Coach's cycle class, Swim and Walk, then Wednesday just swim, probably 800 meters or more. Then take off Thursday and Friday.

My blocks and power bars came! Yay. And hopefully today my wetsuit will so I can go swim in it. That will look so funny swimming in the gym pool in a wetsuit. Oh well!

My mother-in-law said my legs looked stronger. Yippee! They are so much stronger. I can see muscle and significantly less cellulite. Yay! Just a cute little side note: When we were watching our friends kids, I put Shane and his buddy Jake down for a nap in Shane's bed. About 30 minuets later we heard giggling. We went in to find them both on Shane's bed reading little New Testament bibles!! Hahhaha. So cute.

I am getting so anxious and excited for Saturday. I am already sad it's gonna be over soon. So time to look for the next one. I am fighting a cold. All my guys had it, and I am getting it. I can not be sick for the tri! I know all I have been talking about is my triathlon. Imagine how Davey feels. lol
On a different note, we are praying and seeking God about where He wants us to serve in the ministry, and we think we have His peace about a certain place! It is so exciting. We will get counsel from a few other people than let everyone know. I am so thankful that He answered our prayers and gives us His peace. We are ready to start a new chapter in our life. And I just want to say how grateful to God I am for my husband and beautiful, hilarious boys whom my life would be so dull without.


Weightless said...

Gears are tricky - I always wonder if I am using mine right too. :) Guys they just know this stuff, mechanical things they pick up out of now where. Brilliant I tell you! But socially, they are usually ignorant, lol. And us women, we're just the opposite. I'm excited for your Tri and I really wish I could do it too, can you tell I'm hooked? I know it's going to be a fun event.

I'm can't wait for your announcement!

Adrienne said...

I know I am hooked on tri's too! It's so nice as an adult to have a hobby, a sport, that which I love. I just want to do more and more and wish I could do one every couple months. =) We both started with ones that are on the harder end of sprints. lol but I guess that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your tri!! You might just inspire me to do one. maybe. but I doubt it. =)

Jess(ica) said...

I am so excited for your tri! I can't imagine being able to do one, but I hope one day I'll be able to!

You are an inspiration.

Kimberlynn said...

Wow Adrienne...between you and Sara I'm so inspired. I'm facinated by anyone who competes in a Triathalon. There's just something about it that draws you in. I'll be praying for you about that cold...take care of yourself.

blondevue... said...


Adrienne said...

Thank you everyone!!
Jessica, Turtle, and Kimberlynn, you ALL can do one. Seriously!! It's the best most exciting thing training for something so awesome. WE should all meet up someday and do one together.. with Sara too! That would be so fun!