Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healing my Body

I am overwhelmed with God's grace, as I did this to my body and He allows me to get healthy and heal myself. Weightless wrote a blog similar some time ago... but I really didn't get it then. But I do now! No doubt with much hard work, blood, sweat and tears, literally... but all so worth it. [Okay so maybe not the blood! Hopefully never..] Side note: Speaking of blood, Monday morning during an early cycle class, a lady's pedal came off the bike, and the bike sliced her leg open.. literally. Blood everywhere. My gym buddy Lisa was there, and she is a nurse [thank God] and she thought she hit an artery because blood was squirting out. Yikes!! She needed many stitches. Lisa said it was a 2 inch gash in width and long in length. She had metal stuck in her leg. So awful! Needless to say I was scared to Spin on Tuesday. Just make sure your peddles are tight.
AND a week ago Tuesday the ambulance had to come to our gym because someone passed out while playing basketball.. THEN this last Tuesday during Body Sculpt, a lady fell over and was shaking.. someone shouted she was having a seizure, and Jessica yelled for someone to run to the front desk to have them call an ambulance..I was closest to the door so it was me that went. Shoving through people waiting for the next class, yelled to the workers at the desk.."Call 911 there's a lady having a seizure!!" As they all scrambled and yelled, call 911 code blue!" As we ran and led him to the lady.. By now she was sitting up right and people were surrounding her, Lisa again to the rescue. We all cleared the room for the paramedics, so I never found out if she just fainted, but when I looked over at her before running out of the room she was on her face and shaking.. SCARY. So anyways, back to the subject.......
I get frustrated with how far I let my body go... especially considering the fact that I use to weigh 140, and had a desirable body. I am amazed at how my body is changing though. I see changes I thought I would never see after having two babies. My belly has no more stretch marks, actually most of them are gone through out my body. I am getting my old shape back.. even though I know it won't be exactly the same.
More than the way I look though, is how much I am undoing the damage I did. Being educated on health and the risks obesity have are very motivating. I read this article the other night and it amazed me.. here is a clip from it:

2. Your heart, which is the size of your closed fist, is a small, overworked muscle, pumping 24/7. And for every extra pound of fat you carry, your body has to grow seven new miles of blood vessels -- primarily capillaries but also small arteries (arterioles) and small veins (venules) -- and your heart has to work that much harder. Put on two pounds and that’s fourteen new miles of blood vessels; fifty extra pounds requires 350 miles of new blood vessels. On and on...

But good news: the opposite is true. For every pound of fat you lose, your body sheds seven miles of blood vessels. They just re-absorb, break down, and get excreted. Lose two pounds and that’s fourteen miles of blood vessels gone, lightening your heart and body’s load. -

Isn't that amazing!?? My heart was working so much harder than it needed to be! Still has many miles of extra blood vessels, but so far I've shed 329 miles of excess blood vessels! Wow. Also, your heart working that hard does put "Wear and Tear" on it. Not good.
On the Biggest Loser, they showed 2 contestants who lost loved ones from obesity. This hit home.. a young man's Mother, who had a heart attack around age 50 caused by diabetes. Her two sons found her on the floor in her bedroom, already passed. Another girl, lost her brother, in his twenties, who auditioned to the BL show, and 5 days later died in his sleep! Probably from sleep apnea caused by obesity. To hear real stories like that really opened my eyes even more.

I am beginning to become passionate about health and preventing diseases, especially cancer. Too many people are diagnosed with it these days. It seems crazy to me. I know God is ultimately in control, but he gave us our temples to care for it, not destroy them and expect Him to give us long life. I understand that He does allow some healthy, young, fit people to get cancer. But I want to do my part and take care of what He has given me. I am amazed at His mercy that He would create the human body allowing us to undo damage we have done. It's not the case with say.. alcohol abuse, or drug abuse, and possibly there will always be some consequences from letting myself get so unhealthy, but He is so good to give us the control and help to heal our bodies from obesity.

I have already worked out 210+ hours this week, and I have not worked out yet today or tomorrow! I weighed last night.. I know.. I know.. have you noticed I am not very consistent with just weighing on Monday's? Well I was just curious, and I gave in.. and it read 197.8!! Whoo hoo! I got on a few times just to be sure. I Never weigh at night.. so I was so shocked! I have been very right on with my points this week, and working out. That's -47 now! Yay! I am weighing on Saturday before I leave for Morgan Hill as well.. Hopefully it will be the same or less and I wasn't just fluctuating at that moment. Better go clean now and play with the boys a bit before lunch and nap time! =)


Weightless said...

All so amazing, God the human body, everything :)
The blood vessel stuff is interesting. In my adult life, my blood pressure has always been high but it is no longer. It's actually on the low side of normal. The last nurse that checked it was impressed and even said, she wished her blood pressure and pulse was that low!

My dad had seizures. Scary, I know but they look worse then they are, for the most part. We had a lady pass out during cycle a few weeks ago. It was during my usual Monday class, but I wasn't there. I wonder if the pedal incident the lady was wearing spin shoes? Just curious. Injuries are going to happen when you work out, but listening to your body, being healthy and using good form is the best prevention.

Adrienne said...

I agree. The accident, that bike was no in use the week before because of the pedal, then apparently they "fixed it" and didn't fix it properly.. I am not sure if she was wear spin shoes. either way the pedal came off completely and the medal part that holds the pedal cut her. Scary. I didn't know that bout your dad ;(

Weightless said...

Just curious - do you remember my dad? He died when I was 14, I think it might have been before you came around. Karissa remembers my dad but they younger ones do not.

Adrienne said...

No I never met him ;( I started hanging out with Kayla at age 12 but really didn't meet you guys till I was 14. Davey talks about him often though!!

Weightless said...

I think Ricki was 11 when he died, almost 12. So it was pre-you. I'm surprised to hear Davey talks about him. I wonder what about him he remembers, the good, the bad, or the stories that are re-told? It's weird that he has been gone so long - half my life, yet he was such a huge part of life, and his death has had such a huge impact on the way I look at life... even still. We were all so young, he was so young, it was so long ago, it's crazy.

Adrienne said...

Davey will say "That guy looks like my Uncle Rick" or "My uncle Rick use to drown us so bad in the pool!" stuff like that. I am sorry you lost him so young! ;( That must be so hard.