Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding, Puppies, Life

I have been so incredibly busy since I got home at 1:00am Monday. So sorry I am so behind on all my blog lists. Can't wait to catch up.
The wedding went amazing. Very loving easy couple to photograph.
Our dog Molly went into labor right as I had to leave Saturday. She had 12, but 1 didn't make it :( They are all chocolate.. and sooo cute!!! I just love them.
As soon as I got home from Morgan Hill, I went and hugged my husband, and sleeping boys who I missed terribly, then I went and spent time with Molly and her babies.
Davey has not had any work yet this week, so he has been home, and you all know how much more work that is.
So on top of my husband and two boys needing me all the time, I have 11 puppies and Molly to care for. I have to check on them often because sometimes a couple of them will be missing and they crawled under the blankets and are sleeping under there or lost. It's so cute. Then I have to make sure the runt is eating enough. Davey came out and saw she had one in the middle of the night, and it was dead. He was so sad. Then he heard crying over in the dirt where she went and had another one. It was freezing and covered in dirt. Davey cleaned it and warmed it up, and brought it to Molly to eat where she finally made her way into her whelping box in the garage. The little one is doing very well, but needs a lot of attention. There are some fatty's that bully their way to eat 24/7. Molly is a great Mommy now. She didn't need any help cutting the cord or tearing the sack, and she is caring for them all the time. She actually will pick up a smaller one and bring it to her to eat. It's amazing. She was trying to move them all to her dog house, so we have to keep watching her so she will stay in the box where there are lots of blankets and a heater and warm lights above it.
So to sum it up, I am busy, Davey is looking for a job so he is online all the time, and I have much house work to catch up on. :/ I am really looking forward to running today on the treadmill at the gym, then taking Coaches spin class, and Body Sculpt class. I need to relive some stress. My next triathlon is in less than 2 weeks now!! Yikes. I need to swim! I didn't get to the gym yesterday :( but I am making it up today. Here are some photos of my busy last few days! =)


Weightless said...

Puppies are a lot of work - but boy are they cute. =)

Adrienne said...

Thank you.. I know I can't get enough of them! <3

Kimberlynn said...

Oh my Adrienne...you've sure got your hands full. I kind of had a feeling you were busy. I haven't heard from you in a while. I know how it is though, I've been busy myself.

Those puppies sure are cute!!! And those wedding pictures are gorgeous. I regret not hiring a professional for my wedding. I would have loved having pictures like those above. You are very talented!


thinspired said...

Such cute puppies!! I want one sooo badly...but I have to wait until May when I graduate and can find the time to care for one. But yours are ADORABLE!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you!!
Kimberlynn so sorry I haven't caught up on your blog! I am right now =)& thank you!