Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Challenge

I've been looking for a Christmas challenge to do for the month of December to help keep me on track. I couldn't find one I liked, so I decided to make one up of my own! I invite you to do it also if you want to, and you can modify it to your own challenge, or just do one of the challenges.
Challenge details:
Run: 75 miles in the month of December.
Sounds like a lot right!? It's part of my training for Surf City half marathon. It will be very challenging keeping my schedule. I made a chart, but as long as I reach the goal of 75 miles, I will be happy.
Bike: 150 miles in the month of December.
This is actually about 50 miles short of the beginning Olympic distance bike training. I am going to account every Spin class 8 miles, and do the rest on the road (yay for my new bike trailer thanks to Sara!). Since I have already done over 26 miles at Bike the Coast, I know I can do the bike leg of the Olympic Distance Triathlon, but I need to stay conditioned.
Swim: 5 miles in the month of December. Olympic distance tri is a 1 mile swim in open water. That is 4 x's what I've done other triathlons. In January I will really kick up my swimming miles.
Track & stick to points: Track and plan meals, stick to allowed WW points.
Starting December 1, I will track all my points, and plan my meals ahead of time. I am giving myself Christmas Eve and Christmas day to slack a little on points.
Weight loss: Lose 10 pounds.
I hope that with all the running, and tracking this will be easy.
Plank: Minding my Weigh challenged her readers to do a Plank Challenge and I committed but have not followed through. I am going to challenge myself to hold the plank for 1 minuet before this month is over!
And my final challenge is...
Read all 4 Gospels: Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John through, in the month of December. That's 2-3 chapters a day. Considering He was born this month, to die for me, this is a reasonable goal for me to accomplish! I love spending extra time with Him this month, next to my Christmas tree, with a hot cocoa or a tea.

These are some very high goals I have challenged myself too. I am very bad at sticking to plans. So to say the least, I have my work cut out for myself. My biggest enemy is time. I have scheduled most of this, and will work hard to stick to it!
p.s. I realized I have not posted my goal for Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot 5K in Modesto. My goal time is 38 minuets. :)
p.s.s Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful mother! Thank you for having me :) You don't look 52 at all. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Wow, all kinda of great goals for December! I like your mileage goals! :)
But 10 lbs in one month? Is that safe? They say a healthy weight loss is 2 lbs per week..Just be safe about it! Good luck!

Adrienne said...

I know..I was going to go for 8, but I haven't lost much this month. :) I have lost 10 in one month before. Thanks!

blondevue... said...

I really like your reading goal. That seems so amazing and important this time of year as it should be!

Becca said...

Love your goals Adrienne! Here our my goals... Much much more basic than yours but I need to get into more healthy habits for me to lose more of my weight!

1. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. (Because I never do and I should).
2. No Eating after dinner. (Nighttime snacks are my weakness.)
3. Workout 4 times a week. (Up from the three I have been doing)
4. Read the 4 Gospels (Yes, I'm stealing this one for you!)

Oh ... another goal of mine?
To give up the mindset that because it's Christmas I eat whatever I want. Have my favorite dessert in a small portion sure.... Eat half the cake? Not so much.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

You have some really fantastic goals and I know you'll do just fine, timewise. I can't wait to hear about the Turkey Trot!!

Weightless said...

Good luck with your challenge and goals.