Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Scale

As you all know I've been having issues with my scale. Now it doesn't even read a number anymore. A couple weeks ago I went and dug my old dial scale out of a box in the garage. That one read about the same or a pound or two more than my digital one was reading (after 5-10 times on the scale to get a consistent number). So I have not weighed myself in a few days, and last time I did it was on the dial scale, and it read 190 (or maybe even 189, but I just said 190 too be sure).
Last night I was feeling lonely and down, and I wanted to get out of the house. I should have gone to the gym, but Coaches class is insane to get into these days and I didn't feel like fighting for a spot.
So the boys and I went to Target. Yup. Specifically for a scale. I ended up buying a WW scale on sale for $20. I also bought the boys each a pair of PJ's (Superman & Spiderman) on sale as well. They need so many things, clothes, shoes (!!), sippy cups, undies, socks, jackets, everything. They are grown out of so much and Cody is wearing out all of Shane's hami-downs quick. Cody can't wear all Shane's hami-downs because when Shane was wearing 18 months clothes it was summer, and now Cody is and it's winter. You get the picture. They need things, and we have not been able to buy them anything for a long time. I am not complaining, I am so thankful for all we have, and the boys seriously could care less (except they really love their pj's i got last night :). Now that Davey is working I know we can get a few things. I admit it, I spoiled them a bit. They love Toy Story, so I got Shane some Toy Story Undies, got them Toy Story 2 the movie, I got Shane a big Woody doll for Christmas (it's in my closet until Christmas), Cody a little Buzz (only $7!), and a Mr. Potato head for them to share. And of course, we got some Licorice. I didn't feel lonely anymore, but I felt guilty! Oh boy.
Back to the scale, this morning I got on, and it said 195.1. Yikes!! Is it the scale? So I went and weighed my self on the cheap dial one, and it was in between 193-194. Oh no! Did I gain weight!? I wouldn't be surprised. I have not been tracking, or exercising much the last few days. I did run on Saturday, and went to Cycle on Monday.
So here it is. I have a beautiful working scale now. Motivation to see 189. Today, I am tracking, and tomorrow I am running. I am determined to keep losing.
Update on teaching Cycle: I filled out a 24 application and Jackie emailed me that with in a week or two she would invite me to do a group audition. Which means, the people in my class that live here will be auditioning too. Yikes! She said, and I quote, "Practice, Practice, Practice!" and she's right. I really need to practice, and I need my song list together. I need to be ready for her to email tomorrow.
Training update: I am hoping to purchase a used double jogger of craigslist tomorrow. I found one not too far from me for $50!! That's cheap, and the best part is, I listed one of my Graco strollers I used with Shane on Craigslist and someone is suppose to be by to pick it up in an hour or so, so that pays for the jogger. Hopefully it all works out, she comes here, and I go get the jogger. Sometimes people are flaky.
I am also planning on going to Walmart today and purchasing this Bike Trailer, $69 brand new and many many 5 star reviews.
Davey may be a little upset about the money spent at Target and the Bike Trailer, but really he'll be happy. ;) At least I keep telling myself that! Ha. That's all I'm spending and then it's time to save save save. We need to pay off our debt, then save for our future, not to mention big things we need (dryer, lawn mower,) but I'll let Davey get that stuff. And Christmas!
Race updates: It's looking like I might not be able to do the Santa Monica Gobble Wobble 5K. We will be out of town with family. So we are probably going to go stay the night with Sara on Wednesday night, and do a 5K with her on Thanksgiving morning. It is a very reasonable price! $10 per adult, $20 if you want a shirt. I think Davey and I are both going to do it! Will be a lot of fun to visit with Sara, my husbands cousin (Weightless), and her family.
After the 5K we will be going to my grandma's and staying there for a few days. I still plan on doing the Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run 10K on 12-11-10, and I believe Sara will be doing that one as well! Fun! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I am putting up our Christmas lights today. :)


Sharon said...

Adrienne, Meant to come back yesterday and comment on Davey's job, but time got away from me. I am so glad that has worked out for him and know what a relief it is. Unemployment is very, very difficult on the entire family, not just the person experiencing it. I also know that being separated will be stressful and I will remember you in my prayers each morning. I bought a new scale a few weeks ago because I realized my old ones were weighing light. That was nice for awhile until I asked myself who I was kidding!! My guess is that your new ones are accurate and I'd just get rid of the older scale. You've still lost the EXACT same amount no matter what the scale says!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Sharon! I really appreciate the prayers! I know, your right. The new scale is right, I'm sure! What a bummer. lol! :)

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Wow...what could be better than a 5K on Thanksgiving morning?! Sounds awesome and you'll certainly be able to cross one gorge-fest holiday off your list!

Weightless said...

Oh do I have experience of with the inaccuracy of a scale. Just keep plugging away at it. Eat right, exercise. Try not to focus too much on the number and things will change.

I'm glad you figured out a way to get the jogging stroller. :-) I know that will be helpful to you.

So... does this mean Davey said Yes? YAY for the Turkey Trot!

Kimberlynn said...

I also have a WW scale...mine is digital and I just love it. It's very accurate.

I'm glad you're finding some good deals on some of the things you've been needing. Surely Davey will see that you've been careful in your spending! LOL

Have a great day my friend and have fun running that 5K. Just can enjoy eating everything knowing you've already got your workout done!!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you all!
Sara, Davey did say yes that sounded fun :) I message you on fb.
Kimberlynn, Thank you! I hope so.. lol. I like the WW one so far. It is digital and seems very accurate. :) when I track I think of YOU!
ps I didn't get the bike trailer :/