Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week Re-cap, Family Visit, & Changes

Davey's Mom, Shane and Ameila

Shane and his cousin Amelia sleeping together. So precious.

Well, I'll try my best not to make this a super long post.
At the last minuet last Tuesday night we went to Morgan Hill (our home town). Davey had to go to Vacaville to turn in some papers (yes he had to go in person, not allowed to fax. Weird.) so he could get on the books with the Union. I didn't want to stay home alone again, because I knew he would be leaving for work weeks soon.
We had a great visit, and stayed until Friday. My mother in law and I went on a 10.5 mile bike ride on Thursday, it's such a perfect town to ride in. We took a beautiful country road. Took us 55 minuets, and we did a hill twice.
Later that day Sara [also known as Weightless] came over to spend the night. The boys and I went to lunch with my Mom at Erik's Deli. While we were eating a group of cyclist rode up. I got to show my Mom the type of bike I want and how their shoes clip in. She kept telling me how proud she was of me and what an athlete I've become. It was so nice to hear, you always want your parents to be proud of you. She said she would never attempt to do the things I do.
After lunch she took us shopping at TJ Maxx. She bought me a nice workout/running jacket. I also got a size L sports bra, and a pair of nice work out pants for $12 each! I love finding deals.
My mom also gave me a few pairs of pants, size 14. They fit but were a little tight, but one of the three fit perfect and they were all a size 14. Every brand is so different and it bothers me! What size am I??
My mother in law, Sara, and I went on the same bike ride on Friday. It was really fun. We came home and Sara made homemade salsa, black beans, and a salad. It was delicious and very healthy! Definitely putting it on our menu.. in fact I made it last night. :)
Davey got hired by the union. Praise the Lord!! Almost 6 weeks he has been unemployed. Wow. And the Lord is so good to us. I enjoyed having him home so much. We are so thankful for this job though. It's a great company, great pay, and benefits after 3 months. The only down side is he is working a few hours away. I miss him so much already! But again, I am so thankful for this job. With him gone I have to find a way to work out and to train. My 5K is in less than 2 weeks now. I need to run! I desperately need a jogging stroller. Running with our regular double stroller is horrible. Davey always does it, but I don't know how. I am also looking for a bike trailer. These things are not cheap! I am trying to find things to sell to be able to purchase them.
I will need extra determination to clean, cook, work out, go out, eat healthy and take care of everything while Davey is gone. Two toddlers, ten puppies, two dogs, a house, cooking, gym, training, bills, shopping, church, all by myself. I know I can and will do it, it will just be challenging. Oh yeah, and I am going to be auditioning soon to teach cycle! I need my playlist and to practice it over and over on the bike just like I would teach.
We just came inside from playing (boys were playing with puppies while I cleaned out their beds, poop, ect.). They are so cute! Shane has a favorite puppy and he named him Shane. Cody just grabs the first one that comes to him. I looked to see Cody rocking one and kissing it on the mouth, then putting it down the slide. Hilarious! The Shane put his puppy Shane into his trick or treat pumpkin. I got it on video. It might be an America's funniest Video.
I gave the boys a shower, now I need to give them lunch and a nap and eat and clean and do laundry, and then go to Target. I am so thankful for my boys, my husband, and his new job. I am determined to take full advantage of this time, though it will be hard. I want to do fun things and not just feel sorry for myself.
Okay I really gotta go now. I got two naked boys running around. :)
Cody, Amelia, Shane and Mariyn Me and Sara ( I look really horrible!!)


Weightless said...

Amelia says, "My boyfriend, Shane, my cousins!"

The pics are super cute. I always dislike pictures of myself, I swear I always look horrible, lol.

My only running suggestion, if you don't have a stroller or a sitter, then go out to a high school track, bring the boys' outside toys and let them play in the middle while you run. I know it's going to be hard to get in training, but you do what you can.

Pants sizes :-/ Each cut is so different it really is hard to say, I'm a size __whatever_. I have pants ranging in sizes from 10-14 but anything over a 11 feel big and anything under can feel snug depending on the day. All that matters is your getting healthier each and every day.

Adrienne said...

Thanks :) I'm glad she likes the pictures! :) That's a good idea about the track. I'll have to think about that one. Pant sizes. Yuck. I'm just gonna forget about them!

Kimberlynn said...

It sounds like a great weekend. I didn't know you and Sara knew each other. Are you related? I follow her blog too!!!

I don't think you look horrible...at all!!! You're beautiful and the fact that you're in a size 14 is quite an accomplishment. I'll be happy to be there myself someday.

I've missed you lately. I'm sure you've got your hands full. I hope all goes well with Davey's job and that you'll be able to handle everything. It's tough being apart. But you're an amazing woman and will find your way, I'm sure.

Adrienne said...

Thank you Kimberlynn, that was very sweet :) I've missed you too! Yes, Sara is my husbands cousin! I know we all follow each other. You will be in a 14 before you know it! xoxo

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Huge congratulations on the job. I know that must be a huge relief to your whole family. Super cute photos, too. I always love seeing family photos :)