Sunday, December 5, 2010


Faido in Japanese means "to fight". In Japanese "to fight" or Faido, means to fight against yourself, the part of you that prevents you from doing your best. - Sally Edwards, Triathlons for Women.
I read that while waiting for Cody's surgery to be over. At first I thought, "how cheesy". Then I began to think about it and that is something I often have, and need to do! Fight against myself to be strong and not cry while Cody is getting operated on, fight and go running, fight and go to the gym, and fight to eat right!
Cody's surgery was a long 4+ hours. The doctor told me there was quit a bit more work that needed to be done than he thought, but he is very happy with the out come and really thinks he won't need a second surgery. Cody is doing very well. Playing with his toys, being happy, wants to go outside! But he does have quit a bit of pain when the pain medicine wear off. His throat is also very sore from having a tube down his throat for 4 hours.
I was doing really well [considering I was by myself], until they took him and I could no longer be by his side. I lost it a bit. Even though his surgery was not on a major organ like his heart, or kidney's, anything can happen in there from anesthesia, the epidural he needed, or a malfunction in the surgery. My Sunday school teacher came with another pastor from church and prayed over Cody then waited with me the 4 hours. It was a blessing.
Cody was such a trooper. I thank God for such a sweet son. He couldn't eat or drink anything before the surgery, so while waiting for 3 hours before he went in, you could imagine a hungry and thirsty 18 month old. But he was really good. They gave him "happy meds" 15 mins before he went back and he got so funny! He was laughing and slurring his words. He really seemed drunk...:-D
After the surgery it took him a while to wake up. Once he woke, had some pedialite and nursed, we were able to go home.
Yesterday the boys and Davey were sleeping so I sneaked off and went to Coaches 8:30 am cycle class. It was H A R D. Let me tell you. I am not missing 2+ weeks again! Felt really good though to sweat so much. I rode for 70 minuets, and counted it as 10 miles in my challenge.
Last night I wanted to run, and Davey didn't, so I went alone. 10K is on Saturday! I wanted to run 5 miles, and I ran exactly that! I felt good, my legs hurt some, but my asthma was no problem, and it was great. It took me 1 hour 11 minuets. Pretty slow, but I didn't stop running. I started saying Faido in my head because I really had to pee when I had about 1.6 miles left to go. ;)
When I was almost done, this guy passed me on his bike, and said "Hi". I kept going, then heard his bike approaching me. He started asking me how old I was, my name, how I was doing, ect then asked me if I had a boyfriend! Ha. When I told him I was married he apologized and turned around, and actually fell off his bike while turning around. LOL I use to get hit on a lot before I got fat, but it's been years. Even though a very creepy experience, nice to know I look pretty good, in the dark! Haha.
Last night we went to Chili's, and I got Margarita Grilled Chicken, delicous and healthy. It was a very nice family night.
I feel ready for the 10K on Saturday. I want to run 6 miles on Monday, than taper... I'll run 2-3 on Tuesday, than take Thursday and Friday off. I am S O R E today.
I am litterally amazed, that me, ME!? can run 5 miles with out stopping. I honestly never thought I could. It wasn't that long ago I ran 1.67 miles, remember?? wow. I thank God for giving me this gift. Out of all 3 sports right now, I am enjoying the running the most. I just love pushing myself and seeing what I can do, amazed that I C A N.


fatgirlwearingthin said...

Adrienne, thanks for giving the update on Cody. So glad things went well (what a hard thing to have to go through on your own) but it sounds like things went well. What a trooper he is. Now that it's over, hopefully you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you! I will be enjoying it, I love this time of the year. :)

Weightless said...

Glad everything went well with Cody. <3 him so much!

Great job on the run! I agree, our biggest hurdle is our own negative thinking, once we get passed with God's grace you can do anything.

blondevue... said...

How nice that you were able to have a weekend with your husband :)

The 5 miles is great!! Can't wait until I've gotten there! Slow is ok, it means we're still moving!! :D

blondevue... said...

Also, what a blessing that your Sunday School teacher and one of the pastors came to hollywood and prayed and stayed with you guys. That is awesome :) So blessed. Glad he's doing ok!

Life is fun Here said...

Glad to hear Cody's surgery went well! I am also excited that you ran 5 straight miles! That's my goal after my kidney surgery and the physical therapist gives me the go ahead to start running again.

Adrienne said...

Thank you all!
Sara Cody <3's you too. :) Thank you!
Tori, you will be there real soon! Hope you feel better soon.
Ilsa, I am praying for you. You will be doing tri's again in no time. xoxo