Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Goals

#1. Get to goal weight. [Goal right now is 140, but if I get to 150 or 145 and feel great, I will be at goal! I do NOT want to be an UN-curvy housewife, just want to shrink the curves a bit.]
#2. Finish a half marathon [2-6-11].
#3. An Olympic distance triathlon.
#4. At least 3 more Sprint triathlons.
#5. Finish a 70.3 half Ironman! [biggest & most scariest goal].
#6. Run an 11 minuet mile.
#7. Read my bible faithfully [really strive for everyday].
#8. PRAY more.
#9. Be a better wife and mother.
#10. Be more organized & keep up on housework.

I am sure I will have more goals as the year goes on. Goals are not set in stone. They give you something to strive for. My pastor recently said, "I'd rather make 10 goals and only complete 6 than make 0 and complete 0." Goals are not for guilt. This year I resolve to strive for these but not beat myself up if I don't finish them all.

Today I did 10 minuets of Yoga (got called out because Shane had an accident). Then I fought for a spot in Cycle, got one, and ended up riding next to the boys pediatrician, the one that does half Ironmans. He doesn't normal go to the gym but with the snowy freezing weather we've had he has been. We got to talking about running and he was there when I ran the 8 miles on the treadmill. He said it's not good for your legs to run more than 4-5 on a treadmill. He invited Davey and I to run in his group with him. I laughed in my head and pictured myself at least 2 miles behind all the speedy guys. He said I am doing it right. Working on distance first, then speed comes later. I never knew which to do. He said, "You get as many miles on your legs as possible. After about 1,000 miles are on your legs, than you can work on speed."
1,000 miles? Oh okay than. So in ten years. Ok, maybe 2 years. Actually I really don't know how long that would take and I am too tired to do math right now.

I chatted with Jackie in Body Sculpt, and she told me she is a marathoner [very cool, didn't know that]. She said she saw my post about my 8 miles and was surprised I could do that on a treadmill. That's 3 runners that have said that. Now I know treadmill and long miles=not so easy. And not so good on the legs.

Got new shoes! Yay. Pics tomorrow.... maybe. Hopefully. I am really tired... can't imagine doing anything but sleeping. zzzzzzzzzzz.
Oops. Fell asleep a little. I have a right to be tired okay.. today I: went to post office, bank, target, staples, sports chalet, post office again, gym for yoga, cycle, body sculpt, home, made spaghetti and salad. Yes all that with two toddlers. Can I please have some sort of reward? No? Okay fine.
A shout out to my most faithful & valued reader... Hi Grandma! :) Love you!

G'night all.

The Curvy Housewife


Weightless said...

LOL - At being an uncurvy house wife. I don't think that will ever happen ;-) I have old pics of you and you were never un-curvy.

I <3 your goals. Can't wait to make my own. Right now, my goal is to get better. Then I can plan my season.

Adrienne said...

Awww thanks! :) I know I was never skinny! And I thought I was fat then.. pshhh. Well you will always be curvy too and I am glad we both have curves. Davey wouldn't like me stick thin!