Friday, January 7, 2011


Cody had a follow up appointment in Hollywood this morning and I used this as an excuse to go run by the beach. I scheduled my long run for today. I was really nervous about 9 miles. I knew I would have the boys, and they require a lot of entertainment to stay in a stroller for 2+ hours.

Mile 1.. I hated. I wanted to walk and just enjoy the pretty scenery.
Mile 2.. was fun, I was busy snapping shots of the boys and texting them to Davey and my Mom.
Mile 3..Shane lost a shoe and I had to run back to find it, thankfully a nice man on a bike knew and rode back and brought it to me.
Mile 4..Back at car, dropped off my jacket and Shane's shoes.
Mile 5..Felt great! Was strong and fast faster than normal.
Mile 6..Still feeling good. Shane kept pressing pause on Batman cartoon on my phone so I kept having to help him.
Mile 7...ish? I passed the Santa Monica Pier and ran through the bridge. Got emotional [will explain why in a minuet]. Feeling tired and ready to turn around.
Mile 8...Stopped at the pier (after turn around) took the boys to the water. I wanted to do this for a reason..I'll explain in a bit.
Mile 9..Done, and very tired..

I did walk some of this run, and I'm okay with that. I really wanted to enjoy myself. So if I want to slow down to watch some dolphins... then DANG IT, I will. [Telling myself it's okay to walk!].

Taking the boys to the water was very significant for me. I wanted them to be able to play, but also, about a year ago, we went to this beach as a family. I blogged about it, and you can read it here.

Last year, this beach, this walk way, I told Davey I wished I could run on this beach path. I watched as people ran by and they looked so free and peaceful and I longed for that. I can't believe nearly a year later I ran 9 miles on this same path! I got a little emotional. I am so thankful to God for all He helps me to do. Here are photos, last year and this year.
P.S I am about 30 pounds lighter this year. :)
Those feet have taken me really far.


Christi said...

I just found your blog from a comment you made on Twitter.

Congrats on a gorgeous run! Keep up the awesome work!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Christi! :)

Kendra said...

what an awesome run! Hey, do you have an email address that I could send you something at?

Adrienne said...
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