Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 days until 13.1

This photo has nothing to do with todays post. But it's one of my favorite pieces my work and it makes me happy. :)

I am feeling better today. I've got mostly everything I need for the race. I'm just waiting on my compression socks I ordered from Amazon. They better really help since they cost 25 buckaroos. And those are cheap ones. The ones I really wanted were $60. Why? So? Expensive? Idaknow.

A knee brace for each knee, compression socks, insoles, good running shoes, fuel belt, race bib belt, iPod arm band, iPod, sun glasses, headphones, and headband. Oh and clothes. Don't want to forget those. Really really don't want to forget those. yikes, scary picture. Isn't that crazy how much you wear just to run?
Yay! UPS man just brought my socks. Fit great. Glad I went with the XL instead of L like the size chart recommended.

I was at Walmart getting a headband to wear for the race and I put three on the cart and said, "Shane, which one should I get?" He pointed to the pink one and said, "That ones gross mom." Hahaha! Oh boy. I really need a girl.

I'm trying to get my playlist together, what's your favorite song to run too? I need suggestions!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Teamarcia said...

Looks like I found your blog just as it was getting really exciting! All the best with your big race. I'm loving Amazing by Seal these days.

Suzanne said...

Great song...Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp! An oldie but goodie. Love it! Good luck and have fun (if running 13.1 miles can be seen as fun!) :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you both! I will look those songs up! :) thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe it that it's almost race day! You, I mean we, are going to do great! :-) That's a lot of things you will be carrying. I usually don't carry anything on me, but I am reconsidering because with 20000 (!) runners on the field, water stations will be crowded! And Compression socks are my next purchase. I heard they do wonders.

Adrienne said...

You don't carry an iPod? Maybe I am just a pack rat! lol Can't wait to see you!

Christi said...

My running list includes a lot of upbeat tempo songs. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Korn, Prince. Something to keep me guessing.

Have a great race!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Christi! :)