Monday, March 21, 2011

The next two weeks....

I ran 6.13 miles on Saturday, & I wanted more. Two more miles than the other day but still not enough.

We are leaving in about an hour for the Bay Area to visit family for a week. Then we come home to Lancaster for a day, pack our moving truck, and leave for Tennessee.

The next two weeks is going to be quit an adventure! I am nervous/excited/anxious. I really want to be causious about what I eat. My body and my palate has totally changed what it wants and craves. I don't desire to eat fast food, but that's what we will be eating. I don't desire to sit 8 hours a day in the car, but I have too. I want to run and eat healthy.

I have been feeling sick lately because we didn't want to buy a bunch of groceries, for obvious reasons. So the food we have been eating has been convenient food. My head hurts, my stomach hurts, and I am tired. Glad I was able to run 3 times this week to even things out.

My plan for our road trip: Subway & Running.

I don't want to gain any weight back, and I don't want to feel like crud. I LOVE eating healthy food. Did I just write that out loud? Wow. I really do enjoy my salads, and a bowl of peaches with lite cool whip. My lean turkey sandwiches, baked Lays, and yogurt.

Bottom line. I CAN make healthy choices on the road, and I am determined too. Amen.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


blondevue... said...

Hey pretty girl! You'll be able to do it! I am so excited for you and for your families future!! :D
We are leaving this week for Alaska, so much change.... feeling really blessed though. Have a wonderful time with family! Love you!

Jennifer said...

you CAN do it! :)

Suzanne said...

Your life is an adventure right now. Someday you'll look back and be so proud about how you embraced it by really living in the moment. Best to you!

Weightless said...

Do what you can, when you can. And remember if you fall off the wagon, you can get back on at any point. <3

Can't wait to see you all Sunday.

Kimberlynn said...

Just hang in there, you're going through alot of changes right now. Just do your best and you'll be fine. You're going to love it in Tennessee. Spring is blooming and it's just beautiful.