Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Real Cross Country

So, sorry about the last post. I tried to write from my phone and it didn't work. OOPS!!

Well what can I say, except... life has been crazy!! Morgan Hill for a week, then home to pack the moving truck (which ended up taking us 1.5 days longer than we expected). We left Lancaster the 31st, and tonight we are Amarillo, Texas.

The first night of our trip we only made it about 300 miles. We stayed in Arizona. Then, we drove 11 hours yesterday all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. That was a loooonnnngggg day. It was especially hard on Cody. He was fussy the last 3 hours. So we decided to take it easy today, only did 300 again. We took our time this morning and went to Old Town Albuquerque. It was really neat!!

Tonight we ate at Big Texan Steak House. It was featured on Man vs. Food. It was good! Let me tell you. My eyes are W A Y to big for my stomach. I had a side salad, then couldn't eat hardly any of my Catfish. I'm not complaining. I am thankful for that. I am so glad to know that even though I haven't been tracking my calories, my palate remains the same. I crave fruit and salad, and whole grains. Unfortunatley it's not always accessable (hotel breakfasts....). I am also very happy that I haven't had much candy or chocolate in the car. That's big for me. After I got 12....yes 12 cavities filled in Morgan Hill (fyi, never had 1 cavity before this), I don't want to hurt my teeth.

We specifically got a hotel tonight with a gym so I can run.... but right now I can't work up any energy to go. Why does driving all day make you tired?? I am sitting all day. I hate the way my body feels. Stiff, sore, tired, and like I'm not giving it proper fuel. I SO look forward to getting to our new home, but I know we won't be settled in for a while.

This truly is an adventure of a lifetime for us. I am thankful for this opportunity. We always get a mug when ever we visit somewhere. We've gotten one from Arizona, New Mexico, and tomorrow before we leave we will get one from Texas. I am such a nerd.

We are driving straight through Oklahoma tomorrow (and I am so excited to see it). Staying in Arkansas tomorrow night, then making a slight detour the next day to Vicksburg, Mississippi to see the river and old town, then to my sisters in Phenix, Alabama, then finally to Calhoun, Tennessee.

I really look forward to settling down and unpacking. Painting, decorating, and getting to know the boys at the Ranch. I've been listening to podcasts and reading about having your own milk producing animal to be able to have raw milk, and how to get chickens, and I can't wait to garden and get some fruit trees. Life is going to be so different on a ranch, but it's gonna be soooooo good. Because GOD IS SO GOOD!!

Thank you all for baring with me during these last few weeks. :)

P.S. I weighed myself before we moved and I was the SAME, and that, I am taking as a success.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Sharon said...

I can't wait for you to get to Tennessee and you couldn't be arriving at a more gorgeous time. It's going to be different from California, but I hope you'll give us "southerners" a chance. I hope to get to meet you very soon so you'll have a genuine BlogFriend welcome. Be safe while driving and know I am praying for your family's safety!

Kelly said...

Adrienne, good luck with the move!

Adrienne said...

Thank you both so much! Sharon I hope to meet you as well and I know I will love it there!

Kimberlynn said...

So good to hear from you!!! I'm excited for you Adrienne. There are so many good things happening for you right now. Hey, if you need any advice on raising chickens, we have 61 of them!!! As for the milk cow, we have good friends that have several of them. We used to help with the milking, so I guess I know a little about that too. Fun, fun!!!

Have a safe trip the rest of the way in. And let me be the first to welcome you to Tennessee!!! Woohooo!!!

I love you my friend!!!

Kendra said...

I'm really excited for you, but I'm kind of selfish and I want you back in California. Because we never got to run a race together, you know? Happy traveling!!

Life is fun Here said...

Sad to see you leave, but happy to see what God has for you guys!

Adrienne said...

Thank you all! I love you too Kimberlynn. :) I'll contact you regarding all that!!
I miss you both Kendra and Ilsa :(