Friday, July 29, 2011

No Where to Run

WARNING: There may be some whining in this post. BUT please know, I am SO thankful to God for all I have. :)


I literally have no where to run.

Say I wanted to start running again [which I do], I don't have anywhere to go.

Sure I could drive 40 minuets into town and run in the 100 degree heat on the green way while pushing my boys in the jogger. But I refuse to torture them, or myself by doing that. The whole trip would take about 2.5- 3 hours. Big chunk of time.

Oh for the days I had a neighborhood I could go running as soon as Davey walked in the door!!

Reasons I won't run here on the ranch...
1. The heat.
2. The 10 boys that would be watching me.
3. Snakes.
4. Ticks
5. All bugs in general.
6. Not really an area to run. i.e. Gravel roads, tall grass & woods.

The ranch boys have to run about every day [for punishment. yes. just about every day. teenagers.] They run a big loop around the grass on the edge of the woods which surrounds the main building and dorms. For some reason I just don't feel appealed to doing that with them. Woods are scary, okay. They guys always have a. Poison Ivy. b. bee stings and bug bites.
c. questionable rashes. d. headaches from the heat. and e. a horrible oder [again, teenage boys].
Granted they work outside about 5 hours every day, but still.

Which brings me to the issue of...LIVING in the county. It's really not for wimps. Which I am. So I stay inside my house. Where I am safe. I suppose it takes time to get use to, especially if you are use to living in neighborhood with a Walmart around the corner your whole life.

Run on the road outside the ranch you say? No way. Back woods people are scary. M kay? When looking for my dogs I stopped in front of a lady's house and she came out with a shot gun, ready to shoot. I'm not joking. When I told my "neighbors" they laughed and said most people around here are like that. Oh and do I ever see joggers on the narrow curvy roads around here? No. I see dirty sweaty men chewing tobacco and fishing in the creek. They so slyly {sarcasm} check me out every time I drive by. Do I want to run by them? I think not.

I could/want to get a gym membership. I found a nice gym in town with a free daycare. Score! But no pool :( which would be so perfect for the end of this pregnancy. I could run there but once I start doing distance training treadmills are not so good for the legs. ya know?

Then, last night I had this thought. How will I run with 3 BOYS??? Hmmm?? please tell me. I can't afford a triple jogger, which by the way would be extremely hard to push. I can leave all 3 boys with Davey but with it being such a far drive into town where I could run, and nursing the baby, that wouldn't work. Plus Davey is hardly ever home.

The ONLY solution I can think of is, buying a single jogger and bringing the newborn with me into town. But I would only get to do that 1-2 days a week when Davey would be home.

I miss my running schedule. I miss my neighborhood. I miss my gym, and it being a 5 min drive from my house. I miss California.

Ooops, this post wasn't suppose to turn into a whoa is me post. I am extremely blessed. I pray I will just have an attitude of thankfulness. And, I want to learn what the Lord wants me to while living here and serving in this ministry.
PLEASE understand I love this ministry, these boys, and what God is doing. His will is bigger than my wants. He will provide a place for me to run and a time. I am just a tad bit homesick still, can you tell?

If you have suggestions, or know of places to run with kids in East Tennessee, please let me know!!!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Sounds like you are looking for a "perfect" solution and there may not be one! How about settling for a very good solution: either joining the gym that doesn't have a pool (and just get over that fact) OR start saving up to buy a treadmill so you can run at home. It's not perfect, but either of these solutions is better than what you've got now!