Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where I am

I am 22.5 weeks pregnant.

I recently gained my first official pound for this pregnancy, seemingly overnight. [official pound meaning I weigh one more pound than I did when I took the pregnancy test 5 months ago].

We are having our 3rd boy (Due 12/8/11 but can be induced 12/4/11 if I choose to be).

We are still undecided on a name, but we think we narrowed it to two we love.

I am currently obsessed with everything baby.

I am ready to start working out again.

I am not ready to stop blogging.

I eat a lot of cheese this pregnancy.

I am terrified of the scale going up.

I miss my husband very much when he works a lot.

We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. It's sweeter everyday.

I am still very homesick for California, really miss family.

I really miss the routine I had before we moved: gym, running, spinning, biking, swimming, eating on WW or MyFitnessPal.

I really do feel "at home" inside our home now though, which I am so thankful.

I have decided to start walking in the fall when it gets cooler, for now I will do the stationary bike someone gave us. =)

Totally stoked about my post baby goals, which include but are not limited to Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Nashville TN 4/28/12.

Recently found out our 3+ old crib we used for both our boys was recalled. Ours had broken on the move and I called the company to get replacement part to find out they are out of business doing to ALL their cribs being recalled because they broke where ours broke, resulted in one poor baby's death and 13 injuries. So sad. Called Target where we bought it in early 2008 and they gave us a full refund, even with no receipt and we were able to order a new beautiful white crib for the baby. God is good.

I can drink coffee again, and enjoy my mornings with coffee and bible.

My 3.5 year old is so sweet he cried at Simon Birch the other day.

My 2 year old is very demanding lately and is going to have a rude awaking when he realizes he's not the baby anymore! :0

I love my God and I am so thankful He loves me.

The baby moves so much and I can see it on the outside of my belly. L O V E

I am 20 chapters into a novel I am writing, & I'm not a writer.

I love that I am the Mama to 3 boys.

I often feel like I am not as good a wife, mom, friend, Christian, family member, housekeeper, cook, and all around person as I wish I was.

But, I'm just me. An Imperfect person.

I wish I was 38 weeks pregnant already.

The baby's room is going to be aqua, yellow and white. & I have NO winter NewBorn clothes for him.

I have had more energy lately.

Time to go make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

P.S.Thank you for reading & commenting, even during the boring times. :)


ANewMe18 said...

We miss you out here in California too, but love hearing updates of how the Lord is using your family out there. I often think I could be a better wife , mother, etc also, but that just reminds us to keep moving forward and trying to do better. That is all we can do. Love and miss you bunches! HUGS :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you Katrina!! That's true :) Love and miss you too!