Monday, October 31, 2011

My Hospital Checklist & Due Dates

First here's my weekly review for last week:

Monday: Walked 1.6 miles outside @ YMCA

Wednesday: Walked 1.8 miles outside @YMCA

Love my walks, really wish I could get over there more. My membership expires soon and I am not renewing it until January since pretty much all of December I won't be working out and they won't put it on hold.

I've been accumulating a list on my iPod for my Hospital Checklist, may seem a little high maintenance, but I know what I needed last two times, what I wish I had and I am getting several things to help aid me in a natural delivery. So here it is...

Hospital Checklist:

My Bag-
Birth Plan (several copies)
Computer with Relaxing CD in it
Camera's w Charger
Lots of undies
Nursing tank
After birth pj's
Birthing outfit (couldn't find anything affordable so I am just going to wear an old (too big) black tank top dress that is perfect for's almost like a nightgown. I will wear a sports bra under for when I get into the tub, & in the tub cover some w/ towels)
Brush & hair ties
Lavender Lotion (Walmart $4!)
Birthing Ball
Natures Cure Herbal Heating Pad (for lower back, just got one off ebay for $20 when I first saw these Saturday at the mall for $45).
Pure Lavender Oil (sprinkle on my pillow & bed for a relaxing aroma. Got off ebay for $3.50!)
Baby Oil for massage
Shampoo & Conditioner
Lavender bubble bath/bath oil (got off Amazon for $6!)
Toothbrush & toothpaste (& Davey's)
Snacks (Juice Boxes in cooler, Fruit, Granola Bars, Shot Blocks, PB&J's, crackers)
Cooler (w fruit, waters, juices, and frozen BIG maxi pads that were soaked in Whitch Hazel {read this is amazing & helps heal faster, never tried it!})
Lanolin (a must for every nursing mother!)
Nipple Shield (just in case!)
Breast Pump
Boppy Pillow
Hooter Hider (nursing cover. Yes people will just show up to visit un-announced & I want to be able to be covered...blankets are too hot!)

Baby's Bag:
3 onsies
3 sleepers
Receiving blankets
Cotton mittens (so they don't scratch face)
Nail clippers
Car Seat
Blankets for when we leave
Car Seat cover (awesome for winter baby's! Got one when Shane was born)

Due Dates:
The more I read about Natural Childbirth the more I find that people are so very consumed with the EDD (Estimated Due Date). Like me. Yup I have been counting down!! But I KNOW that the EDD is really just a guess. Most babies don't come on the EDD.
You all know how anxious I am to have our little booger. Especially with the weight of we are flying to CA 12 days after his EDD!!
I started googling EDD and found some very interesting information.

1. Is that most women don't know for sure when they ovulated, so they go off their last period, which makes the EDD a BIG guess for anytime with in that week or two on either side.
2. If you know the day you ovulated, you can count 267 days from that day and that is a pretty accurate DD. Well I do know the day I ovulated. I counted 267 days and that puts me at Dec 9 as a due date. But again, it's up to baby!!
3. FULL MOONS!?? What does a full moon have to do with birth? My friends Mom told me more women have babies on a full moon. So I looked it up and found that hospitals actually have more staff on and around a full moon! (Well maybe not so much anymore with so many women being induced these days).
I got curious and looked up if my boys were born on a full moon, and Shane was not, he came 2 weeks before a full moon. But Cody, was born THE day the moon was full. Interesting? So I asked my mommy friends on FB if anyone had ever heard of this and almost all of them had given birth on a full moon or were born on a full moon.
I did a little more looking up, thanks to astronomer people that have kept track of the moon for hundreds of years you can google any month and year and see the day it was full.
I looked up my sisters kids, and her last one was born day before full moon.
My Mom was born 3 days before the full moon and my dad was born 5 days after the full moon. I was born 2 days before the full moon.
What does this all mean? Probably nothing. ;-) But I am due December 8 and full moon is suppose to be December 10, so I am HOPING this will help me deliver on time! We shall see!

I really do know that the baby will come when the baby is ready, and when my body is ready to deliver, and God has a specific birthday already set for my baby.

Do you have any theory's on Due Dates?

P.S. Happy Halloween!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weigh in & 34 Weeks Pregnant, How I'd LOVE labor to go, & how it probably will go...

Not very happy with this weeks weigh in. Again. Up two more pounds, bringing it to a total of 22 pound gain total this pregnancy.

Good news though, this has gotten me totally aware of my eating habits. I am tracking my food again in My Fitness Pal. I think it really helps. Even though everything I log isn't the healthiest {someone gave us big bag of goodies....BIG bag.}, I KNOW what and how much I am eating. Remember, I am not trying to lose weight, I am trying to be aware of what I am eating. I have my goal still as gaining .5 lb a week, which has me eating 2,200 calories a day. I usually eat right under this or just over, and I am not "planning" my foods.

I've been really conscience lately on what I need to eat. Confession: last week I would eat a piece of cake and get full, and that would be my meal! Is that what me or my baby needs? No. Is that going to help him grow??? No! So again, I am working on this. Why is it so hard in the 3rd trimester? All I want is chocolate! I am drinking V8 regularly, eating my fruits, and whole grains. As a sweet tooth satisfier, I try to eat PB with chocolate chips.

I have been walking at least 2-3 times a week at the Y. I absolutely LOVE it. Fall breeze, peace and quiet. I just pray and talk with the Lord. It's SO refreshing. I pray a lot about the birth and keeping me from gaining too much weight.

I recently saw my reflection while walking, and I had an"Ahhh! Is that me!?" moment. It was depressing. My behind is getting big again. My hips are spreading wider, making my bum wider and flatter...not cute. Although I have to say, my tummy is looking pretty good this time around. Still no stretch marks (not holding my breath on this one). It's much narrower, and smaller (although still big) than with Shane and Cody. I don't get as many, "Your baby must be 12 pounds!" or "You are having twins aren't you?". It's nice. ;-)

I'm getting a lot closer to being done with baby preparing. I am on my last load of baby laundry, got the car seat all washed, and put together, room is done! and I just washed the bassinet and swing. Our church is throwing me a shower Nov 15, (so nice!) so once that is done I can put all away and relax. :)

I got this awesome jogger from my grandma!!!!
I kept thinking, should I get a single jogger? I do have THREE kids!!! But than I remembered why I wanted it to begin with. When training starts for Nashville Rock N Roll Half Marathon
I will most likely be doing a lot of running with just the baby because I'll be nursing him. Either Davey will have Shane and Cody, or they will be in YMCA daycare. Baby O can go into daycare at 8 weeks old, but I am sure I'll keep him with me for a while.
Plus! A triple jogger seems way outrageous right now....maybe someday!!

Sleep is far from wonderful anymore. I am uncomfortable, have to pee all night long, and Cody has been waking up at least once a night and coming into our bed. Which than I get up, carry him back to his room and get him some water. I guess I should say adios to sleeping all night long until baby is 2+ months old {hopefully}.

How I would love labor to go......(Warning: don't read if you don't like to read about births or if things like this bother you!)
The other night when I couldn't sleep I pictured how our birth would go. I read it's good to imagine it how you want it.
I imagined I would wake up with regular contractions. I wouldn't say anything to Davey until I was sure they were it. Then I would walk around the house, squat, and do some things to make sure they kept coming. When they got stronger I would get into our bath tub. Relax for a while and let Davey sleep longer. When they are 3-4 minuets apart I'd call our midwife and tell her to meet us at the hospital. She would call the hospital and ask them to have a room with a tub in it ready for us.
I would tell my Mom we were leaving (she is flying here Dec 5th!) than give the boys a kiss goodbye. Davey will have the hospital bag, and birthing ball, and me with my pillow and my sis have the baby's bag. I plan to be wearing what I plan to wear during the birth (still have not found it yet!).
The drive would be hard with the strong "surges" (another word for contractions...sounds less painful right?). I will be praying and listening to my iPod Hypnobirth relaxing affirmations.
We will get to hospital and get admitted right away. My Midwife would check me and hopefully I will be close to a 5cm. (wishful thinking?) :)
I will than rock on the ball, walk around our room, and have Davey and my sister massage my back and legs, whatever makes me less tense (I really have no idea right now but that sounds good!). I will be snacking and drinking water. Davey will have turned on the music and filled the bath for me. Lights dim, lavender sent fills the room.
Once the contractions become so painful I want drugs (which they will) I hope to get into the bath for some relief. I would like to be in the bath for transition (which is the hardest phase of labor, dilating you from 8 to 10cm). My water will break. I hope** to not throw up, but most woman with out drugs do during transition. Once I feel the urge to push, I will have Davey get the Midwife. She will check me, making sure I am ready. Then with all 3 of them assisting me, I will have to get out of the tub! I also hope to put my night gown back on, but I know in the moment I won't really care.
I plan to push however feels comfortable. Right now I hope I can start out in a squatting position. Davey and Midwife ready to catch the baby. If I am too weak and tired (which will probably be the case) I will try to sit up as much as I can in the bed, or be on my knees on the bed, making gravity work for me. Since Cody came out in 3 minuets, with NO tears, I hope* to have another easy pushing experience. If it takes longer than 30 minuets (Shane was only 25 mins) I will try any position possible.
Once he is out they will place him on my belly. All will be well, when his cord stops pulsing they will cut it and we will try to nurse (if cord is long enough I will try to nurse him right away while I deliver placenta).

And....Here is how the birth will probably go......(this is based on how my last labor went).
I will likely wake up to pee in the middle of the night. When I get up, my water will break. I will think, "Oh crud. We gotta go NOW." I will go pee, wake up Davey and tell him we need to leave. I will be frantically looking for my bags, trying to change into my birthing night gown, when I feel the first contraction. STRONG. Lasting 1 minuet. I sway back and forth, get through it. Finish getting dressed, get my slippers on. Two minuets later another STRONG one. I get through it, wake my Mom and sister, give boys a kiss and we rush to the car.
The ride to the hospital is torturous. I have a sever contraction every 1 1/2 mins lasting 1 minuet each. We call Midwife and hospital on the way to make sure everything is ready. 40 minuets later when we arrive, I can't talk through the contractions, and I can barley walk. We get checked in and I am anxious to be checked. I already want an epidural. Davey encourages me that what I really want is a natural labor. I snap at him and say, "Easy for you to say, you're not the one feeling like you're dying!" even though I tell him all the time to encourage me when I say things like "I can't do this, I need an epidural". {All women say it, even in home births!}
I gather my thoughts and know he's right.
My Midwife checks me and says I am at an 8cm. I am in so much pain, with hardly any breaks between contractions. I quickly get undressed so I can get into the tub, (which is still being filled). While I wait for the tub I go pee, than feel a strong urge to push. Midwife checks me again and says baby is crowning. I barley make it back to the bed, where Davey, my sister, a nurse and my Midwife have to all basically roll me onto the bed. I am in too much pain to try to stand to push, so I just have Davey put the bed up as upright as it can. Next contraction I push, baby's head comes out. Then his body. 2 1/2 hours total labor time. I didn't get to experience the tub, have my relaxing music and smells going, dim the lights, nothing like I planned. But I have a healthy baby, and I had him naturally, and I am now nursing my sweet alert baby boy.

I will be extremely happy with either scenario! My first priority is a healthy baby and healthy me. I hope and pray that it happens by a natural childbirth, but any way he is born as long as we are healthy is an answer to prayer.

Did you imagine how your births would go?

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Osuna's Nursery w/ Pictures A DIY Nursery on a low budget!

I am so happy our little bundle's room is finally done! It took some hard work and time, but it was well worth it. We did his room on a very low budget. I'll share what we did.

We didn't purchase all of this at once. We bought a few things on each paycheck.

Walls: We painted his walls, a bright aqua color, 1 gallon of paint from Lowe's for $30. LOVE how it turned out.

BELOW: The white bookshelf to the right I bought at an antique store for $20. It needed a good cleaning & to be touched up with paint, but now it looks brand new!

Rocking chair has been in my family for a while and was given to us when I was pregnant with our first son. :)

The Yellow Curtain was $15 at Target, and it's a nice heavy black out curtain too!

BELOW: White Crib. Well this one was an answer to prayer. I really wanted a white crib, but we had a crib already and it was honey color. It broke on our move, so I called the company to see if we could get a replacement part. Come to find out the company gone out of business due to an infant death from a malfunction in the crib. They were all re-called due to the crib breaking, exactly where ours broke! We had it for 3.5 years, and both our boys used it! I didn't have a receipt, but I called Target and they gave us a FULL refund! We were able to buy this nice crib (with good reviews) and the sheets and bed skirt with the money. Such a blessing our boys were ok, and God provided!

Safari Animal Musical Mobile, $12 at TJ Maxx.

BELOW: This wall is by far my most favorite!! I bought this Do It Yourself sticker off Ebay for $20! So glad I kept looking because the one I was going to by off Etsy was $80! It wasn't that easy to do, but I love LOVE love the outcome.

BELOW: We got this changing table as a gift when I was pregnant with Shane. It was a honey wood color. It was a little banged up from using it for 3.5 years, so I sanded it and spray painted it white myself! Love how it turned out!!

BELOW: This dresser was the biggy. I bought this dresser from the same antique store as the bookshelf months ago. It was only $30!! The reason I bought it was, I saw potential, and all the drawers worked smoothly. It was off white with a forest green paint splattered on it in places. The ranch boys would take turns one a weekend scrapping off the paint, then my husband sanded it and painted it white. It took several coats of white paint, but it didn't even take a quarter gallon to paint. I then bought drawer liner from Goodwill for $0.50 and lined the drawers myself. It's brand new now. :)

BELOW: This frame was my one splurge. Even though it was only a $20 splurge from Etsy, I would normally never spend $20 on a frame & $10 for shipping. I searched high & low for a frame in this shape, and was so pleased when I found this one. Most were over $50. This is going to be his newborn photo frame, but I put a pic in there for now.

BELOW: We have his whole name spelled out above his crib with white letters, and a little safari animal on each letter. Each letter was $3, little animal $0.75. ( I did have them spray painted yellow, but decided to go back to white, so I re-spray painted them white!)

BELOW: These little figurines/toys just add a little character to the baby's safari theme room.
The big one's were $1 each at Walmart & the little glass Giraffe was $3 from a flea market.

BELOW: These white double 5x7 frames were $10 at Walmart each. I then had safari animal pictures of Mom & Baby animals printed and framed them myself (each 5X7 was about $1).

BELOW: Only have a few more loads of laundry & all the baby's clothes will be washed and ready to be worn! Except what I get from my shower, which is next month. YAY! :)

After all his clothes are washed I have to wash his bassinet, car seat, and swing and set them all up. Super excited to get the jogging stroller I registered for, my Grandma sent us a nice gift and a Target gift card! Thank you Grandma! ;)

6 weeks 5 days until Due Date. I am feeling good with progress.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday's Weigh In & 33 Weeks Pregnant

It's so hard to believe I only have 7 weeks left!

Weigh in this week was bad. B A D. Up another 3 pounds!! Ugh! Bringing my total to about 19 (almost 20) pound gain total.

I am trying to tell myself that 20 pounds for 33 weeks is really good {for me}. But I can't get over how I gained 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks. What if I keep gaining like this for 7 more weeks?! Yikes!

Stopping weight gain, or slowing it down while pregnant is a whole different ball game than maintaining or losing weight when not pregnant. It comes down to this...
I H A V E N O C L U E H O W T O D O I T.
I walk 7-9 miles a week. I know I could be eating better, but I am not eating as bad as I once was...
Ok well I could eat a lot better I think. Lately I have been craving lots of sweets.

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Went great! Baby is head down, she said he got much bigger. She read my birth plan and spoke with Davey and I and is on board with everything. She even said I can push in any position I want to: standing, sitting, on my side, squatting, whatever I want. And Davey can help catch the baby.
After my appointment we went to tour the hospital. I saw one of the two rooms where they have a big tub for women going natural. It's nice, but I gotta say I'm a little disappointed. I don't know what I was expecting, but it's still a hospital room. Ya know?
I plan to make it a very nice relaxing space with dim lighting and music and lavender sent. They said that is no problem at all.
We are DONE with the baby's room! I am just waiting for a special frame I ordered to come in, and then I will be posting pictures. :)
Funny how much time we spend preparing for baby's rooms, when they don't even care about them?
But they are oh so fun.
I did his first load of laundry as well. It's all becoming so real. Soon we will be a family of 5. Shane and Cody will have a baby brother. They are so excited. Yesterday Shane was very disappointed we left the hospital tour with no baby. He really thought we were going to get his baby brother. We saw a baby girl in the nursery and he kept saying we had to go get "him" that's baby _____ (baby's name). =) it was so sweet!
Thanks for reading, and pics of the nursery up soon!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, October 14, 2011

32 Weeks Pregnant

Photo Source

Wednesday's Weigh In
Up 2.8 pounds from last weigh in! Bringing my total gain to 16 pounds. I don't know why sometimes I gain 1/2 pound a week, others 1 pound, and some almost 3. I am happy my baby is growing and gaining weight. He sure is growing too, my stomach feels like it can't stretch anymore! But I know it will.

According to BabyCenter.Com a 32 week baby weighs about 3.75 lbs and is about 16.7 inches long! Whoo hoo! Grow baby Grow!!!

Some things I've been feeling lately: Guilt. Guilt that I am consumed with baby things when I have two precious boys already that need my attention. Guilt that I want a natural childbirth, but that at 16 weeks pregnant I had surgery and had to undergo Anastasia which my baby got and morphine after the surgery which my baby also got. I have been worried all that effected him in some way. I have also been feeling guilt that I am so excited and anxious for him to come that I am not enjoying these last few weeks with my boys and husband. I am working on that one!
7 weeks 6 days until he is born now! Still got a lot to do. Waiting for the right time and the funds to get the things I need so I can finish. :)

I have been loving my walks lately. I wish I didn't live 30 mins from the gym. It's so perfect, how I can put boys in the kids watch, which they love, then walk outside on the trail, in peace and quiet. I really enjoy praying, listening to "positive affirmations" on my HypnoBirth app, and listening to podcasts. It's so refreshing and peaceful.

My sister called this week and asked if she could be in the room when the baby was born. I of course said yes, but had to explain how I am planning a natural birth and that it will be very different that what we are both use to.
My husband seemed a little sad that it wasn't going to be just us two anymore, but I know in the time of it he will be glad I have someone else to encourage me and massage me, ect when he gets tired. He said he is fine with it because I'm the one giving the birth, but I am going to double check to make sure he's really ok with it.
I would love my sister to be there, but this was the first time we were going to be just us two. When Shane was born, I had my Mom, and Sister in law Karissa there. Then with Cody my good friend Vanessa. Those were both great experiences, but I had an epidural, so I was more social. This time it will take a lot of concentrating. If anyone would be in the room this time I'd want it to be my sister. I don't mind if she seems me not at my most conservative (I will be in and out of the tub), I know she will encourage me and rub my back and hair if I need her too. But I am also worried I may just want to be alone with my husband.
Have you always had someone besides your husband in the room with you?

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Boys 1,2,&3 {pregnancy & baby photos} Sunday Strategy & Monday's Review

Friday night was a sleepless night. I was getting Braxton Hicks, my legs were extremely restless, and my sciatica was killing me. Saturday my husband stayed home and took care of the boys and rubbed my back a little bit. I felt better after some rest. We headed to Knoxville mall so I could get my computer fixed (iPhoto has not been working for several months!). We had a great time shopping, then we ate at Texas Roadhouse.

Cody kept saying, "Mom...I gotta pee. Mom!! I'm going pee!" in a soft whisper. Even though he still wears a diaper out he won't go in it unless it's an accident. So Davey takes him potty.

While they are in the bathroom, the manager of the resturaunt comes to see how things are. Shane says, "Oh! You're so small!" to the manager. I look at Shane and give him the 'Be Quiet' look. But Shane said it again. Then the manager says, "What's small?" and Shane goes, "Your HEAD!!!" (His head really was very small!). I tell Shane to stop it and be quiet while trying not to look at the guy, and stopping myself from busting up laughing. Then Shane goes, "Mom, his head is very small. It's SO scary." Bahahaha! Oh my goodness. Poor guy! I was dying laughing, like, trying not to pee right there laughing so hard. And what was really funny was Shane really was scared of this guy because his head was so small. Oh man...good times. My husband was wondering why I was laughing so hard when he came back, but I couldn't even really tell him until we got to the car because the manager was close by. Once I did Davey was dying laughing too. That boy says the darnedest things.

Sunday's Strategy

I have been strategizing several things lately.

1. How I will be successful at a natural birth.

2. How we will fly 2,700 miles with 3 kids calmly.

3. How I will finish everything I need to before the baby comes.

4. How I will lose weight and start training for the half marathon post baby.

Sum it up:
1. Reading tons on natural birth, listening to Hypnobirthing techniques and relaxations. Reading several birth stories, and most important, PRAYING.

2. This one....I'm still working on. So far all I got is, nurse baby a lot on plane, bring books & coloring books for boys.

3. Slowly things are coming together. His room is almost done...I always say that don't I?

4. Start out slow, recording food into MyFitnessPal and walking, then gradually running again.

Monday's Weekly Review (Early)

Monday 10-3 Walked around church while boys played 45 minuets- 1.5 ish miles.
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday 10-5 Walked at YMCA trail 3.1 miles! Whoot 5K!! Only took me 76 minuets, but that's ok. :) Also did quads.
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Walked at YMCA 2.25 miles in 54 minuets.
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest

I can not tell you how happy I am I got my iPhoto working again. I can now access all my photos and upload new ones. I was looking through my pregnancy photos and the birth photos from Shane and Cody. It was a sweet time of reminiscing. I remembered how I went into labor with both of them. How excited we were to welcome our baby into our family and home. I also saw how the hospital was so quick to snatch the baby away, cut his cord, clean him up, stamp his feet, weigh him, ect ect all BEFORE I ever got to hold him. Cody was born with meconium so he would have had to be taken right away, but both of them look so scared and shocked as they are suddenly handled by strangers!! Hopefully this time we can bond for 10-20 minuets or so before they cut the cord and do all the procedures.

Here are some photos! I look so HUGE! I was so swollen and just overall big with both of them at the end. I weighed a pound more the day I delivered Cody than the day I delivered Shane. So far I'm about 46-50 pounds LIGHTER right now than the days I delivered my boys. I know I still have 8 weeks left..but I pray I don't gain that much in that time!!

Jan 16, 2008 20 days before I had Shane (I did not edit out the stretch marks because it reminds me of what my body went through to birth my first born. Also how they are very faint now & how far I've come since then.)

Just got to hospital, in the middle of contraction {hubs sure knows when to take a snapshot!} :)

Shane David just born!

May 4 2009 5 days before Cody was born (and already 4 days late!)

After being 9 days late Cody finally decides to come! Water broke, & labor started strong right away. In triage, already stuck in a bed, even though I didn't get an epidural for 2.5 hours. I'm in a LOT of pain!

Cody James just born!
Me Oct 5, 2011 during my 5K walk. 31 weeks with Baby Boy #3 :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday's Weigh In

I am up 1.1 from last Wednesday. Total 13 pounds gained at 31 weeks pregnant. Happy with that! This is me & Baby O on our 3.1 mile (I did a 5K!) walk this morning. We got up at 9:00 am this morning (my boys & I slept in!) then we got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed to the gym. I needed to pick up my inhaler from CVS & I really wanted to walk. So I dropped boys off in Y daycare, and I walked and walked around the YMCA trail while waiting for my husband (who was in a meeting at church). I ended up doing 3.1 miles in 1 hour 16 mins. My slowest 5K time
E V E R. Funny thing is I felt like I was going my fastest!!

It was so nice to be outside in the sun, to be alone with God & my baby. I knew my boys were getting exercise, and were having fun. It was just so nice. 3 miles wasn't easy. I was walking 26 min mile! That's double what I usually run! I really didn't care though. I just enjoyed the exercise, the quiet, and feeling my baby move around while I walked.

I caught my refection in a window as I passed and noticed how round & narrow my pregnant belly looked. Like a real basketball belly. Never had one of those before while pregnant! They are usually very wide, and just plain BIG. They usually blend in with the rest of my big body. This time is quite different & I like it.

31 Weeks & I can still walk a 5K, and touch my toes. Now that's awesome my friends.

Love, The Curvy Housewife
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birth Plan

Boy a lot goes into writing a birth plan. So many things I didn't really think about with my boys. Some things I am extremely glad I know now though. I am brainstorming my birth plan, and this post is going to help me get organized.

As all things in life we don't always get what we want. The number one goal here is to have a healthy baby. If that means throwing my birth plan out the window, I am fine with that!
Before you read what I want and don't want....I want you to know I am completely open to what my midwife and doctor think I need in and during birth. If there is (and there are lots of reasons why I would need things I prefer not to have) something my midwife feels very strongly I need, example: pitocin because I've been in labor longer than 24 hours [not likely with me!], than I will. If my baby is born with Meconium like Cody was, than they have to take him immediately and clear him out instead of laying him on my belly and waiting to cut the cord. Whatever is best for myself and my baby, is what I want. But if all goes well, than these are the things I do/don't want.

Things I want during birth:
*To have this baby naturally-meaning: no drugs or inducements & vaginally.
*The ability to move freely
*To get in the tub at the hospital
*To be able to use a birthing ball
*To wear my own clothes
*No IV's
*Eat & drink as I please during labor
*Intermittent fetal monitoring (using a doppler or fetoscope to monitor baby's heart rate instead of being strapped to monitor & confined to the bed)
*Bring my own music
*Perineal massage (sorry too much info, but this is important so you don't tare & they don't cut you with out asking!)
*Pushing in positions that feel comfortable (i.e squatting, up on knees, or sitting up) *Not sure if hospital is ok w this one..have to check. I have read A LOT that pushing laying down is much harder as it goes against gravity..makes sense right? But how will I feel pushing while squatting? Tired, I'm sure. This is one to discuss with midwife.

Things I want immediately after the birth:
*Baby to be placed on my belly for skin to skin contact
*Wait for cord to stop pulsing before being cut
*Let baby try to nurse right away
*Davey to cut the cord
*Davey to help with the bath
*Baby to room with us at all times

Things I don't want during birth:
*Forced to stay in bed
*Cesarean (of course for the safety of baby & I if needed I will)
*Internal monitor (monitor in through uterus on to baby's head)

AGAIN!!! I am not saying I am slamming down an iron fist with this birth plan, these are the things I hope to have/not have. If all goes well, I can have a natural birth with all these things. I already spoke to my midwife about most of them.

You never know the future, and anything can happen. We booked our flight to California for Christmastime today!!! Whoo hoo!!! (Huge answer to prayer). As you might realize.....the baby is due December 8th. Our flight out is December 20th. What am I thinking??? Y I K E S. This baby better be on time!! We are flying American Airlines, and their policy is a newborn has to be at least 2 days old. But who wants to fly 2 days after giving birth?? Not me! I would like him to be at least 10 days old. I plan to nurse him while taking off and landing so his ears don't hurt, and keeping him in the Moby wrap for the flight hopefully sleeping. :) Traveling as a family of five sure will be fun!

What will I do if he's late? Well if he is really late I was probably going to get induced anyways. As much as I want a natural birth, there are risks to having a very late baby. One is the baby's size, leading to C-Sec. Another is placenta begins to age around 38-39 weeks, therefore baby won't get as many nutrients.

I would like to think that I won't have this problem. But Cody was 9 days late, he came the night before I was scheduled to be induced. So I figure this baby could very well be late. I will hold off on being induced as long as possible.
I purchased insurance for our tickets just in case we have to cancel our trip. My baby's health is more important.

Did you use a birth plan? Have you had your births how you would like them?

*This is my desire for my child's birth. Everyone has a different idea of what's healthy, natural and comfortable for each person.

Love, The Curvy Housewife