Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Osuna's Nursery w/ Pictures A DIY Nursery on a low budget!

I am so happy our little bundle's room is finally done! It took some hard work and time, but it was well worth it. We did his room on a very low budget. I'll share what we did.

We didn't purchase all of this at once. We bought a few things on each paycheck.

Walls: We painted his walls, a bright aqua color, 1 gallon of paint from Lowe's for $30. LOVE how it turned out.

BELOW: The white bookshelf to the right I bought at an antique store for $20. It needed a good cleaning & to be touched up with paint, but now it looks brand new!

Rocking chair has been in my family for a while and was given to us when I was pregnant with our first son. :)

The Yellow Curtain was $15 at Target, and it's a nice heavy black out curtain too!

BELOW: White Crib. Well this one was an answer to prayer. I really wanted a white crib, but we had a crib already and it was honey color. It broke on our move, so I called the company to see if we could get a replacement part. Come to find out the company gone out of business due to an infant death from a malfunction in the crib. They were all re-called due to the crib breaking, exactly where ours broke! We had it for 3.5 years, and both our boys used it! I didn't have a receipt, but I called Target and they gave us a FULL refund! We were able to buy this nice crib (with good reviews) and the sheets and bed skirt with the money. Such a blessing our boys were ok, and God provided!

Safari Animal Musical Mobile, $12 at TJ Maxx.

BELOW: This wall is by far my most favorite!! I bought this Do It Yourself sticker off Ebay for $20! So glad I kept looking because the one I was going to by off Etsy was $80! It wasn't that easy to do, but I love LOVE love the outcome.

BELOW: We got this changing table as a gift when I was pregnant with Shane. It was a honey wood color. It was a little banged up from using it for 3.5 years, so I sanded it and spray painted it white myself! Love how it turned out!!

BELOW: This dresser was the biggy. I bought this dresser from the same antique store as the bookshelf months ago. It was only $30!! The reason I bought it was, I saw potential, and all the drawers worked smoothly. It was off white with a forest green paint splattered on it in places. The ranch boys would take turns one a weekend scrapping off the paint, then my husband sanded it and painted it white. It took several coats of white paint, but it didn't even take a quarter gallon to paint. I then bought drawer liner from Goodwill for $0.50 and lined the drawers myself. It's brand new now. :)

BELOW: This frame was my one splurge. Even though it was only a $20 splurge from Etsy, I would normally never spend $20 on a frame & $10 for shipping. I searched high & low for a frame in this shape, and was so pleased when I found this one. Most were over $50. This is going to be his newborn photo frame, but I put a pic in there for now.

BELOW: We have his whole name spelled out above his crib with white letters, and a little safari animal on each letter. Each letter was $3, little animal $0.75. ( I did have them spray painted yellow, but decided to go back to white, so I re-spray painted them white!)

BELOW: These little figurines/toys just add a little character to the baby's safari theme room.
The big one's were $1 each at Walmart & the little glass Giraffe was $3 from a flea market.

BELOW: These white double 5x7 frames were $10 at Walmart each. I then had safari animal pictures of Mom & Baby animals printed and framed them myself (each 5X7 was about $1).

BELOW: Only have a few more loads of laundry & all the baby's clothes will be washed and ready to be worn! Except what I get from my shower, which is next month. YAY! :)

After all his clothes are washed I have to wash his bassinet, car seat, and swing and set them all up. Super excited to get the jogging stroller I registered for, my Grandma sent us a nice gift and a Target gift card! Thank you Grandma! ;)

6 weeks 5 days until Due Date. I am feeling good with progress.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


AJ said...

So cute! And I LOVE that you not only did things on a budget but also did so much yourself! It definitely makes the room that much more special that so many loving hands helped to create it. :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you AJ :) I feel really good about it for this reason!