Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birth Plan

Boy a lot goes into writing a birth plan. So many things I didn't really think about with my boys. Some things I am extremely glad I know now though. I am brainstorming my birth plan, and this post is going to help me get organized.

As all things in life we don't always get what we want. The number one goal here is to have a healthy baby. If that means throwing my birth plan out the window, I am fine with that!
Before you read what I want and don't want....I want you to know I am completely open to what my midwife and doctor think I need in and during birth. If there is (and there are lots of reasons why I would need things I prefer not to have) something my midwife feels very strongly I need, example: pitocin because I've been in labor longer than 24 hours [not likely with me!], than I will. If my baby is born with Meconium like Cody was, than they have to take him immediately and clear him out instead of laying him on my belly and waiting to cut the cord. Whatever is best for myself and my baby, is what I want. But if all goes well, than these are the things I do/don't want.

Things I want during birth:
*To have this baby naturally-meaning: no drugs or inducements & vaginally.
*The ability to move freely
*To get in the tub at the hospital
*To be able to use a birthing ball
*To wear my own clothes
*No IV's
*Eat & drink as I please during labor
*Intermittent fetal monitoring (using a doppler or fetoscope to monitor baby's heart rate instead of being strapped to monitor & confined to the bed)
*Bring my own music
*Perineal massage (sorry too much info, but this is important so you don't tare & they don't cut you with out asking!)
*Pushing in positions that feel comfortable (i.e squatting, up on knees, or sitting up) *Not sure if hospital is ok w this one..have to check. I have read A LOT that pushing laying down is much harder as it goes against gravity..makes sense right? But how will I feel pushing while squatting? Tired, I'm sure. This is one to discuss with midwife.

Things I want immediately after the birth:
*Baby to be placed on my belly for skin to skin contact
*Wait for cord to stop pulsing before being cut
*Let baby try to nurse right away
*Davey to cut the cord
*Davey to help with the bath
*Baby to room with us at all times

Things I don't want during birth:
*Forced to stay in bed
*Cesarean (of course for the safety of baby & I if needed I will)
*Internal monitor (monitor in through uterus on to baby's head)

AGAIN!!! I am not saying I am slamming down an iron fist with this birth plan, these are the things I hope to have/not have. If all goes well, I can have a natural birth with all these things. I already spoke to my midwife about most of them.

You never know the future, and anything can happen. We booked our flight to California for Christmastime today!!! Whoo hoo!!! (Huge answer to prayer). As you might realize.....the baby is due December 8th. Our flight out is December 20th. What am I thinking??? Y I K E S. This baby better be on time!! We are flying American Airlines, and their policy is a newborn has to be at least 2 days old. But who wants to fly 2 days after giving birth?? Not me! I would like him to be at least 10 days old. I plan to nurse him while taking off and landing so his ears don't hurt, and keeping him in the Moby wrap for the flight hopefully sleeping. :) Traveling as a family of five sure will be fun!

What will I do if he's late? Well if he is really late I was probably going to get induced anyways. As much as I want a natural birth, there are risks to having a very late baby. One is the baby's size, leading to C-Sec. Another is placenta begins to age around 38-39 weeks, therefore baby won't get as many nutrients.

I would like to think that I won't have this problem. But Cody was 9 days late, he came the night before I was scheduled to be induced. So I figure this baby could very well be late. I will hold off on being induced as long as possible.
I purchased insurance for our tickets just in case we have to cancel our trip. My baby's health is more important.

Did you use a birth plan? Have you had your births how you would like them?

*This is my desire for my child's birth. Everyone has a different idea of what's healthy, natural and comfortable for each person.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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Lisa said...

Wow. I wish I would have known about all this when my daughter was born!

Maybe it was different 14 years ago & at a military hospital?

Awesome choices!