Thursday, December 29, 2011

Postpartum & Big News

Well hello there!!! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I did! We enjoyed our trip to California! It wasn't too bad flying with all 3 kids, just a lot of work.


Reece: He is doing great! Breastfeeding wasn't easy this time either. I have come to realize that I will always get sore at first with each baby. Not just a little sore, but VERY very sore. A lactation consultant said my fair skin makes me prone to getting sore.
Finally after 3 weeks Reece is nursing well. I still get a little sore when he cluster feeds but besides that it's great.
At his 2 weeks check up he was 7lbs 13oz! The doctor was very happy with this since most babies are up to their birth weight by 2 weeks, and Reece was up 8oz. His jaundice is better although it might be there a slight bit.
It's so amazing to see him change everyday. He is 24 days old today. He has been very alert when awake, he's getting chubby, he stares at me, and I can tell he is going to smile soon. :)
I am so blessed to have him. He is a good baby. He doesn't fuss too much, he's easy to please with a clean diaper and a full tummy.
I am a little worried about him today because he is a little stuffy. I'm praying he didn't get sick on the plane.

Physically, my bleeding has pretty much stopped. I have lost 16 pounds since the birth, and have 19 more to get to pre-pregnancy weight. I gained a total of 35 pounds. Not too bad.
I was able to get a couple short walks in while in California, and they weren't easy! I've been really tired since traveling and the time changes, and I too have been fighting a cold. Besides that I really feel good.
I really didn't have the baby blues this time! Yay!! Maybe because I've been so busy....which is another reason I have not been on to update a post!
Which brings me to the BIG NEWS.......

About 3 weeks before the baby was born, we were unfortunately laid off. We were totally and completely shocked by this and had NO idea this was coming. Being laid off right before the birth of our 3rd baby and right before Christmas was extremely hard. My husband especially is very heartbroken by this. He loved his job so much. It was his dream job! It wasn't even a job to him, it was a privilege. The reason I haven't been able to talk about it is because the ranch boys still don't know. They will find out this Saturday. They are going to heartbroken over it, especially a few boys that are really close to us.
This trial has been very difficult. I have been depressed, but not because of baby blues, this time it's situational. I'm mostly depressed for my husband. Also, that I had just gotten use to living in Tennessee and I felt at home here. I spent so much time on the baby's room, and now we have to move. I couldn't fathom starting all over in a new city, house and church.
We live in a ranch house on the ranch property, which is owned by the ministry. So of course we have to move. Our Pastor here has been so gracious and was giving us some time to move, but we do have to move by the first week into the new year. YUP. We are moving next week. Where you might ask?? We. Don't. Know.
The deal was once Reece was born my husband wouldn't have to work anymore so he could help and pack our house. Our whole house is in boxes and has been for a few weeks now. It's very depressing to have everything in a box, a rental truck booked, but not know where we are driving it to.
We have a house lined up in Lancaster California. The city we lived before we moved here. Seemed God was lining everything up for us to move back. The church asked my husband if he'd be interested in working on staff at our church there. Of course we said yes! But after reviewing finances ect. they told us there aren't any openings right now. But God still had a house for us, a couple leaving the church to move to El Salvador to be missionaries needed someone to take over their lease. No deposit, 3 bed 2 bath house for $900 a month. It's ours and we are scheduled to move in the 9th of January.
Once my husband found out he wouldn't be able to work on staff at the church in Lancaster he was even more worried, and wasn't sure what to do. He has been praying and he was able to speak with a few Pastor's about positions at their churches. None of which are in California, so as of right now, we are waiting on the Lord to show us His will. I suppose if we don't hear from them with in a few days we will be moving back to Lancaster.
It's very scary to not know where you will be in 2 weeks. But we trust the Lord, and we know He is doing this for a reason, and that all things work together for good!! Romans 8:28

Davey was perfect for this ministry. We loved it so much, and the ranch boys love us. We were able to see change in them. See them mature and grow even in the short 10 months we've been here. Their attitudes have changed dramatically. They were learning from my husband how to be men, how to work, love the Lord, and be faithful all while having fun and enjoying life. Yes, to us it seemed like the perfect fit. But for reasons we don't know God has other plans. We are so grateful for the 10 months we've had here and what we've learned. We have grown so much closer as a family, we have learned a lot about teenage boys, and that we love the ministry.

Please pray for us that God will provide a job and a place for us!

God sees the things we can't see. He knows what's best for us and we trust Him. Doesn't make us any less sad about leaving but we are comforted by His word and knowing He is in control.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reece Daniel's Birth Story Part 2

In case you missed it, here is Part 1. Sorry part 2 took so long. I have been a bit busy with nursing, changing poopy diapers, and sleeping. :)

Warning* this is the most exposed you'll view me. But birth is a very exposing experience and a very natural and beautiful experience and I want to remember it all!!

Finally my nurse sees how frazzled I am, and goes and gets her cell phone. I finally get a hold of him. He JUST left our house, which is 40 minuets away. "Did you get the chargers?" I asked. " Should I go back?" "Yes but than hurry up! I need you!" "Ok, I'll be there soon. I love you!"

I feel better now knowing he's on his way and he has everything. I can relax a little as I am hooked up in bed with all the monitors and while I get the antibiotics in the IV which takes 3o minuets. It's about 3:30pm give or take. The contractions are coming every 5 minuets (I know because the machine was keeping a detailed account). They were growing in intensity but really very manageable. I try to focus on what I need to do when the pain picks up. I'm thinking that as soon as Davey arrives I'll change and get in the tub.

4:15 or so Davey comes in. Thank you Lord! He has 3 bags, a cooler, a boppy, and the birth ball is still in the car. Bless his sweet heart. I'm just excited now, and by the expression on his face I know he is too. He gives me a big hug and kiss and goes to get the birth ball.

When he comes back he says, "So you ready for me to get the mood set in the room?" Haha :) I trained him well. He fills the bath for me with my lavendar bubble bath, I change into my sports bra and keep a towel on.

I decided to walk around a little bit before I get in the tub because I didn't want the tub to slow things down. Well I really didn't have to worry about that! Once I get in the contractions start coming every 1 1/2 mins apart lasting for 60-90 seconds each. Each one is stronger. The first hour in the tub is great, Davey is timing the contractions, we are listening to my iPod iHypnobabies and I'm just so excited I am doing this natural. The contractions are getting strong. Still manageable, but much much more painful. At this point I'm hoping they aren't going to get much stronger because I'm barley cooping.

The nurse came in and said my midwife was eating down the street and wanted to know my dilation. So I got out to be checked. She said I was a 4 1/2 cm and %80 effaced. I was immediately discouraged, and now knew why women choose not to be checked. I stayed out of the tub for a while and birthed on the birth ball, tried to walk around (standing in any way seriously made contractions hurt so much worse) even laid on the bed for a little bit. I was now moaning and even crying with each contraction. My nurse was monitoring them and confirmed they were 1 min apart sometime 30 seconds apart, lasting 60-90 seconds.

All I could think was how can it be this hard and I'm only at 4cm!? I began to doubt myself. My midwife came in shortly after, listened to me through some contractions, checked me, and she reported I was 4cm and %50 effaced!!! WTHECK!? Totally discouraged, I get back in the tub. I really think the tub intensified things for me. It helped me relax, but it really made things pick up. I wanted to stay in the tub, but I was getting so so hot. I felt like I was going to pass out. I kept telling Davey "I'm so sorry, I can't do this. Please, I can't do this." He kept assuring me I could and that I WAS doing it and that each contraction brought Reece closer. He was so great, and so strong for me.

It's maybe 7:45pm now and I'm really serious when I tell Davey I can't go on anymore. My whole body was shaking and the pain was so, raw. He says, "Wait till she checks you one more time." I get out of the tub, and tell the nurse I want to be checked NOW. My midwife comes in and checks me. I am at a lower station (Baby is lower) %80 effaced, but still a 4cm. I cry.

She said, "I am so sorry, You need to walk around and get your contractions to get even stronger to dilate you. Right now they aren't at the intensity to open your cervix. I am so sorry, I know how hard that is to hear." Yeah it's hard to hear!! I can barley stand let alone walk around or squat or even SIT! I sit on the bed and sort of refuse to move because anytime you move positions a stronger contraction comes. Davey reminds me to relax but I can't, my body is tense all on it's own. The contractions are RIGHT ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. Each one more painful than the one before. How can these not be opening my cervix!? I can't move!
The nurse comes in, "I want an epidural. NOW." She said, "You really want one, like for real?" I said, "Yes. Please make them hurry." My midwife says, "I think that's a good idea. Once you get it, you are going to go so fast, you'll be ready to push in no time. I hate to encourage something you didn't want, but once your body relaxes you will open." I could see the disappointment on Davey's face. I kept apologizing to him, and he kept telling me not to be sorry, that it was okay.

She calls, says she has to give me a whole bag of IV fluid first so baby and mine heart rate doesn't go down. That takes 30 minuets. Than takes over another 30 minuets for the anesthesiologist to get there. Once she is in there the contractions are so so intense. My whole body is shaking, I'm literally convulsing and can't help it. I ask Davey for a barf bag. I didn't throw up but really felt like I was going to. Contractions are about every 30-45 seconds apart. I feel a lot more pressure with each one, not quit yet like I was ready to push, but just feel more pressure, like the baby is moving down.

If I could go back in time.....I would have my midwife check me right here. One more time. But at the time, I honestly didn't care if I was an 8 or 9, I feared ONE more contraction. And to be honest, I bet I was maybe a 6...maybe. But this is what kills me now, not knowing what I was exactly before I got it, so I keep thinking, "what if I was an 8?" Which I know I wasn't, and you'll know why in a minuet.

9:00pm She makes me sit still through about 6 contractions while she did the epidural....PURE torture. Then she says, "It'll take about 30 mins to kick in!" WTHECK NO!!!! Luckily it began to work very quickly. I could still feel a lot, but the pain was so much more tolerable now. 15 minuets after I got it my Midwife checked me and I was an 8-9cm. WOW. My husband is watching these mondo contractions on the machine telling me they are peaking at the very highest, and that there is NO break between them. Boy I'm glad I can't feel that. I feel so much better, and so relived, yet I have a twinge of guilt for giving in.

9:25pm (Yes I watched the clock), I am ready to push. I take my time, no one rushes me. Davey is ready to catch Reece. My midwife says, "Oh he does have hair!" Davey is telling me what he sees. Linda (my midwife) is stretching and massaging so I won't tear and telling me to take a deep breath and hold it, then push. Once I hear them say, "He'll be out in one push!" I push with all my might, I hear myself grunting loud.

9:32pm, exactly 7 hours after my water broke, out comes his head, then his body slides right out all in one push. Even though I had the epidural I felt a slight "ring of fire". I though for sure I was tearing. But even so, once he was out..... Relief! Only 7 minuets of pushing!

Davey places him on my chest. He cried the moment he was out. Such a beautiful sound! I hold and kiss him. I rub his back, and stare at him. He calms down when he hears my voice. He was covered in thick vernix. A nurse sucks his mouth and nose. Once the cord stopped pulsing (which was very quick actually) Davey cut the cord.

He lays on my belly and they place a blanket on us and a hat on his head. My midwife starts pushing on my tummy for the placenta to come out. A few minuets later she told me to give a small push, and out pops the placenta. She put it in a pink tub and shows it to me and describes it to us in detail. So cool. This organ nourished my baby for almost 40 weeks. Wow. God's design is so amazing.
Once my midwife announced I had no tears or anything, I was cleaned up, and I could put my legs down (yay!). A few hours after having him when a nurse checked me she was so surprised I wasn't even swollen. But I continued to put iced pads on because it was soothing. I peed an hour after delivery with no problem. When I stood I did feel faint, which doesn't surprise me.

After about 20 minuets of skin to skin they cleaned and wrapped him than brought him straight back to me. We attempted to nurse, but he wasn't very interested. We just stared at him and thanked God for him. We quickly texted photos to family. I was totally over whelmed with joy and endorphins. I felt amazing.

Don't let my smile fool you. This is in between contractions when they weren't as painful :)

I have been struggling with the guilt of getting the epidural. But in my mind I just didn't know how to make myself progress. I keep thinking, "Who cares! You only got an epidural, no other interventions. No pitocin. No induction. No C-Section". And those 3 were the ones I really cared about the most. I have a beautiful healthy baby boy that I am so overwhelmed with joy over.

Will I try to do a natural birth again if the Lord gives us another baby? Yes. I will PRAY my water doesn't break first. My nurse had 4 natural births, 2 at a free standing birth center. She said twice her water broke first and it is horrifically more painful than if it doesn't. In fact she said she cried when her water broke. Haha. I really think it hurts more because there is no cushion. The water bag usually gives a cushion to the contractions and with out it, it's just so raw. That is the only word I can use to describe it.
I spoke with a friend of mine who is a doula. She said no doubt I was in transition. It's common with a 2nd or 3rd birth for the woman to go from 4cm-10cm very quickly. I did needed to relax and let my body open. She said she sees it all the time. Its a puzzle to me. Who knows how long I would have been in transition.
Overall I have to say, Reece's birth was so amazing, and everything went according to my birth plan, except the epidural. I am proud to say I made it 6 1/2 hours natural and that out of ALL the births on Monday Dec 5, 2011 in our hospital, I was the only 1 out of 8 ladies in labor that was spontaneous. We are extremely thankful to God for Reece and his health!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reece Daniel's Birth Story Part 1

Sunday December 4, right before bed. "I really think my water is going to break tonight. I just feel it's ready to pop." I said to Davey. He got really excited and said, "I hope so!".

Monday December 5, I woke up feeling frustrated as usual. Assuming since I didn't go into labor in the middle of the night, that Reece would not be born that day. I was wrong.

I was a very good nester. Had all our bags organized and ready. Even had a bag for the boys to sleep over some one's house packed and in my car. What happened today though I was NOT ready for.

I got ready, cleaned the house, got my boys dressed, and we headed down to the ranch to see my husband and to eat lunch with the ranch. I was leaving the boys with Davey from here to head to town. I had a dentist appointment to hopefully figure out why I have still had discomfort (he thinks I am grinding my teeth in my sleep!). After my dentist I had a prenatal appointment then planned to go to Target, do some Christmas shopping and some walking, then bring dinner to my friend Ginger who was induced because of high blood pressure and had a healthy baby a few days prior.

I got to my prenatal appointment early. While waiting I wrote something like this on Twitter, "It's so surreal that my pregnancy is coming to an end. It could be a couple days or weeks but soon I will have a baby and won't be pregnant anymore. Kinda sad." Little did I know how soon!!

I was nervous about this appointment because I knew I didn't get to see my Midwife, I had to see the OB. He's old, rough and in general kinda scary. I thought about having my husband come with me, but rather him stay home with the boys. The nurse told me to take off my bottoms cause he was gonna check me.

2:30 pm When he came in he was real quick and to the point. He said, "So you're gonna have a baby soon!" I said "I hope so!" I asked him if he was going to strip my membranes. He said he always does if he can, and as soon as he checked he said, "Oh, they are already stripped, hmmm." He than checks my dilation and suddenly...... theres a big POP!!!!! Water gushes everywhere.

"Whoops!!" he said startled and very surprised. I said, "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I knew that was going to happen." He said, "Well, you're gonna have a baby today!" He than told me I was 3cm, I was Group B strep positive, and I needed to head to the hospital right away to start antibiotics. I had no idea about the Group B strep, so I was immediately discouraged by that.

All day I did have a real strange feeling that when he checked me my water would break. I know he was not trying to break my water. Usually to break a water they use a scary hook like tool, and it can be tough.

Immediately I asked the nurse to hand me my cell phone. She did, I call Davey, "Babe?" (I'm now crying) "Yeah, are you ok?!" "My water just broke...I need you to meet me at the hospital ok?" Beep beep beep... phone died.

The nurse helps me clean up, gives me a pad, and a huge bed liner to stick in between my legs until I get to hospital. I ask her not to leave me. I was feeling scared, overwhelmed, and confused. Not knowing what to do. I knew this could be very quick based on Cody's birth, so my main focus should be getting to hospital, but all I could think of was talking to Davey. I needed him to bring all the bags, and to make sure he found someone to watch our boys.

The nurse instructs me to call from the office phone, it doesn't go through, I get an operator. 5 times, finally I get a hold of him. He's panicked, trying to remember all the things I want him to bring, while him and the boys are out hiking in the forest near our home. I told him to hurry and I would text him the list from my iPod.

I knew it would take him a while. He is on foot, with a 2 and 3 year old, in the forest. I found out later that he walked to our neighbors, dropped our boys off there, than went home and get all the bags. I'm in a daze. I text my Mom and Sister from my iPod, telling my sister to hurry and go get my boys (she has a 4 hour drive). I of course update FB and Twitter. Luckily I my doctors office has wifi, which was the only way I could text Davey or contact anyone.

I get to my car, pray the contractions don't start until Davey gets there. The hospital is right around the corner from my doctors office so it was quick. I walk to the front desk, where I am NOT greeted by any of the 3 secretaries. A lady cuts in front of me, still no one acknowledging I am there I say, "My water broke, is this where I need to check in or can I just go to Labor and Delivery?!" She calls back to L & D, I give her specific instructions: "I need a room with a tub, I am doing this natural. I need them to call Linda Foster, she is my Midwife and I am a special patient." It just so happened it was her day off so she could come and be there with me. The doctors office kept telling me to stress that I am "a special patient" of Linda's so they would really call her.

I walk in to L & D. I get the LAST room....I peek into the bathroom...yes! A tub! They save this one just in case. Then I see my nurse...she requested me when she saw my name. Same nurse that gave us the tour, she is very supportive. Thank you Lord! Now, I need my husband.

All this time Davey has not written me back. I call from my room in L & D and get the operator, over and over. I am going to cry.....contractions are starting to come. My husband is not here. I have to be hooked up to these PAINFUL antibiotics, things aren't going as planned. I need my support...I need my HUSBAND!!!!!

To be continued.......
 READ Part two Here!!!!  

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome Wee One

Reece Daniel Osuna was born at 9:32pm on December 5, 2011.
7lbs 5oz 19.5 inches long.

He's beautiful & so amazingly healthy.
Birth story to come soon! A sneak peak: my water broke, while in town, by myself, at 2:30pm...oh & my cell phone was dead. When I finally got to a phone, it wouldn't go through to my husband.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Still Pregnant

"If these contractions don't lead to labor, I am going to Kung Fu something or someone."

That was my Twitter and Facebook status the other night. Did the contractions lead to labor? NO.

Every night I wake up at 1am (& 2am & 3am & 4am) to pee. I turn over onto my back in bed. I grab the pole of my bed, and maneuver myself up. I sit there for a minuet because that was hard. I hope that when I stand water will break. It doesn't. I don't cuss, but if I did I would be saying unpleasant words under my breath. I pee. I go back to my bed, usually turn on a DVD on my laptop since it takes me a while to fall back to sleep. I drink something. Lately I've been going into the kitchen to get a bag of ice for my neck which really hurts while sleeping. I sit on the edge of my bed, check my iPod. Try to lay down as gently as I can, if I move to fast it feels like my already super stretched muscles pull even more along the bottom of my stomach.
As soon as I lay down...BAM. A contraction. I breath threw it. It feels like the wind was knocked out of me. I ignore it being a possibility of anything. I lay on the ice, watch the DVD, drift off to sleep, and start all over in an hour. Sometimes I take a Benadryl to sleep more than two hours with out waking up.

Warning: This paragraph has too much info for some people who get grossed out by labor signs....
The prenatal massage was amazing. I had contractions the whole time, yet was able to really practice relaxing through them while she massaged me.
Later that day at my prenatal appointment, my Midwife checked me. I was happy to find out I was 2cm dilated and %50 effaced. Whoo hoo! I asked her to strip my membranes if she could (this is not breaking waters, this is just gently sweeping membranes off uterine wall which helps contractions start), and she said it generally works best if the bag is budging a bit, and it was so she did. She gave me a pad and said I would have a little bleeding. Well I did. Not too much blood, but lots of other stuff as well, especially yesterday. I still do today a little. So you'd think things were progressing, yet......I'M STILL PREGNANT.

My Midwife then asked me if I wanted to go ahead and schedule an induction for next week in case he didn't come by then. I was surprised by this question (I think she sees so many people she forgot I don't want to be induced). She was very excited when I said no. She said that was so much better. I again, told her if he was really late and I was induced that I would want my water to be broken first so I could do the natural route. She agreed. I am trying NOT to think that will happen. I pray he comes soon, on his own.

How am I feeling? Well....I am a total grouch. Everyday I have no clue what I should do. It's really difficult for me to do laundry (walk down to basement, carry back up), bend over to pick up boys toys and room, ect. I still do all this, but it's hard. I am %100 ready for him to come, and have no more last minuet things or items I need or need to do.

I've been trying to stay busy by shopping, running errands, ect. Last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I got spicy Buffalo Wings....oh yum. Cody loved them too and cleaned the bones!! haha. It was nice to have one last night out together as a family of four before the baby comes.

Davey is working today....and well....I feel very irritable, annoyed, uncomfortable, depressed, and ready to MOVE ON to the next phase. Funny though that once he comes I'm sure I will miss being pregnant. ;) Only 5 more days until his Due Date, and with our trip to CA you can imagine how anxious I am for him not to be late.

Hopefully the next post will be his arrival post......wishful thinking.

Love, The Curvy Housewife