Saturday, December 3, 2011

Still Pregnant

"If these contractions don't lead to labor, I am going to Kung Fu something or someone."

That was my Twitter and Facebook status the other night. Did the contractions lead to labor? NO.

Every night I wake up at 1am (& 2am & 3am & 4am) to pee. I turn over onto my back in bed. I grab the pole of my bed, and maneuver myself up. I sit there for a minuet because that was hard. I hope that when I stand water will break. It doesn't. I don't cuss, but if I did I would be saying unpleasant words under my breath. I pee. I go back to my bed, usually turn on a DVD on my laptop since it takes me a while to fall back to sleep. I drink something. Lately I've been going into the kitchen to get a bag of ice for my neck which really hurts while sleeping. I sit on the edge of my bed, check my iPod. Try to lay down as gently as I can, if I move to fast it feels like my already super stretched muscles pull even more along the bottom of my stomach.
As soon as I lay down...BAM. A contraction. I breath threw it. It feels like the wind was knocked out of me. I ignore it being a possibility of anything. I lay on the ice, watch the DVD, drift off to sleep, and start all over in an hour. Sometimes I take a Benadryl to sleep more than two hours with out waking up.

Warning: This paragraph has too much info for some people who get grossed out by labor signs....
The prenatal massage was amazing. I had contractions the whole time, yet was able to really practice relaxing through them while she massaged me.
Later that day at my prenatal appointment, my Midwife checked me. I was happy to find out I was 2cm dilated and %50 effaced. Whoo hoo! I asked her to strip my membranes if she could (this is not breaking waters, this is just gently sweeping membranes off uterine wall which helps contractions start), and she said it generally works best if the bag is budging a bit, and it was so she did. She gave me a pad and said I would have a little bleeding. Well I did. Not too much blood, but lots of other stuff as well, especially yesterday. I still do today a little. So you'd think things were progressing, yet......I'M STILL PREGNANT.

My Midwife then asked me if I wanted to go ahead and schedule an induction for next week in case he didn't come by then. I was surprised by this question (I think she sees so many people she forgot I don't want to be induced). She was very excited when I said no. She said that was so much better. I again, told her if he was really late and I was induced that I would want my water to be broken first so I could do the natural route. She agreed. I am trying NOT to think that will happen. I pray he comes soon, on his own.

How am I feeling? Well....I am a total grouch. Everyday I have no clue what I should do. It's really difficult for me to do laundry (walk down to basement, carry back up), bend over to pick up boys toys and room, ect. I still do all this, but it's hard. I am %100 ready for him to come, and have no more last minuet things or items I need or need to do.

I've been trying to stay busy by shopping, running errands, ect. Last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I got spicy Buffalo Wings....oh yum. Cody loved them too and cleaned the bones!! haha. It was nice to have one last night out together as a family of four before the baby comes.

Davey is working today....and well....I feel very irritable, annoyed, uncomfortable, depressed, and ready to MOVE ON to the next phase. Funny though that once he comes I'm sure I will miss being pregnant. ;) Only 5 more days until his Due Date, and with our trip to CA you can imagine how anxious I am for him not to be late.

Hopefully the next post will be his arrival post......wishful thinking.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Tiffany said...

I remember being there a short 9 months ago and thinking my son would never be born (even though he came 3 days before his due date) Now, I am seriously contemplating getting pregnant with my 4th child next year. LOL It is amazing at how quickly we forget.

Good luck and praying for easy labor for you and a healthy baby!

Kelly said...

He will be here soon! Don't you worry! =)