Wednesday, February 15, 2012


You know how my husband calls me a maniac because I get on these manias? Yeah well that's where I've been all week.
Once I realize something is a great idea and I'm passionate about it... it consumes me until I feel like I have control over it. This happens with losing weight & racing.
Right now it's my photography. Something clicked a couple weeks ago and I realized...I want to focus on newborn and baby photography! I LOVE everything babies, birth, and bellies. You know this about me.
So.....I've spent all week making a "studio" in my house, buying cheap props, making cheap props, doing a photo shoot, then downloading free trial of Photoshop and totally frying my brain trying to figure it out. This photo took me a good few hours.....

All while still managing a household and keeping 3 kids alive. Fewww.

The Lord is REALLY blessing. I have already had one paying photo shoot the above baby girl :)
I have one tomorrow and two in Morgan Hill this weekend (my sister in law had her baby! We are going to see her and I am doing her photos on Friday for free of course). I am charging very cheap right now, I need to build my portfolio. There is still so much to do: change my website from weddings to babies (I will still do weddings but that will be later). Get a logo, and most importantly O R G A N I Z E.

Since my mind has been so busy, I have not put losing weight as a priority this week. Honestly I don't even want to eat I am so busy, so I through whatever is fast together. I need to be organized! A time to edit, a time to clean, a time to play with my boys, a time to cook and prepare healthy food and a time to exercise! This I am working on...

Weigh In, well I was the same as last week. Which is ok I guess, at least I didn't gain. Next week.....weight loss is TOP priority. I am going to make good decisions while out of town this weekend...I WILL.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Christi said...

Great idea! I wish you the best in this new "mania!"

FYI, I do the same thing! Something hits me as a good idea and I don't stop until is done.

Kelly said...

Take your talent and explore it - make it something beautiful, Adrienne. I swear, you have the energy of 10 people. :-)

Kimberlynn said...

You're a gifted photographer...that's obvious by this adorable pic. I'm so glad you're having fun. I'm the same way. I get consumed as well, so I guess we're both maniacs. LOL


ANewMe18 said...

You can borrow my kiddos anytime to practice! :)

Anonymous said...

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