Monday, February 27, 2012

Whole 30 Day challenge

Eh. Where to start. I am not too excited about this, but am hopeful for health, pain free tummy, and weight loss.

Since Reece was born, (actually looking back possibly longer), I have all these random food allergies. How do I know? Well, after I would eat certain meals I would be doubled over in pain with a cramping stomach. No vomiting. Just intense pain, almost similar to gallbladder attacks (so glad those days are over).
A couple weeks ago I ate an apple and my gums swell. I took a bite of a taco w Avocado and my throat got itchy and swelling started.
So immediately I knew I needed to cut those two out, but what is giving me the stomach pain? Dairy? Yes, I'll cut out dairy. Well I've been dairy free for 3 weeks now and after certain meals (two really bad ones, included eggs for breakfast) I had the pain. So I decided to cut eggs and gluten.
Eating gluten free isn't easy. It's in alomst everything!! I got a few gluten free staples, (rice flour, almond butter, meats, almond milk, ect). I have been gluten free and egg free for 3 days now and haven't had pain. So. This brings me to the topic of the Whole 30 Challenge.

Anyone that knows me knows......1. I LOVE bread. 2. I believe in eating a well balanced diet. 3. I don't like depriving myself.

Ok so why would I do this extreme 30 day challenge? Well, I am already gluten, egg, and dairy free. Might as well go sugar free too and lose some weight! Plus my friend Katrina has been doing Paleo for over a year and her, her husband, and kids have reaped the benefits. They have lost weight, felt great, and haven't been sick since they started!!

My other friend Gem was VERY sick. The doctors did CT scans and just offered her pills. She started Paleo and did this 30 day challenge. She healed her sickness (she had intestinal problems, was in a lot of pain and was very tired all the time) and lost almost 70 pounds in 5 months. She feels so great and energetic and thankful she found what the problem was.

Ok so this is ME....I am not good at extreme diets. That's how I began binging and starting the dangerous cycle. So I am trying this out. I am not holding it against myself if I can't stick to it.
For 30 days, (or as long as I last!) I will be eating meat, veggies, fats, and some fruits.

Sayyyyy Whaaat!!!!??? That's it!? Yup pretty much. This 30 day challenge is designed to cleanse your body of the harmful things we normally eat that are in processed foods. Or in my case the things I've developed an allergy too. After 30 days you can eat more, like beans, yams, ect, after those 30 days you can maintain by eating natural unprocessed foods. Breads made by almond flour, ect. I don't know very much about it yet, but I have to change one way or the body is telling me I will not thrive, or have a fulfilling life if I eat the way I have been. Poo.

I gotta go shopping tomorrow (which really stinks that we currently still have no income and I have to buy special food for me, which is expensive). I will start this challenge on Wednesday, and be weighing in weekly still.

Anyone else do Paleo?? I really need some meal ideas!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Christi said...

I wish you the absolute best during your challenge! You can do this just believe in you!

Valerie (seattlerunnergirl) said...

I'm so behind! You'll do fine. Cook large portions of everything and then freeze serving size amounts. That'll help. Also make sure you eat breakfast which will sustain you throughout the day. Stockpile some nuts for a healthy snack with staying power. Hope it works out well for you!