Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My day.

Sometimes, as a mommy to 3 little boys, I pull my hair out.  Ok, a lot of the time.  I need a quiet, me time.  I don't feel guilty saying that. I know I am much better Mom when I get that. Have I been getting that?? No.  I WANT, to go to Yoga!! I NEED it!! I am tense, stressed, and not getting any breaks.  Not even at night.

I try very hard to wake up before all the boys and pray, read my bible and have my coffee.  If this doesn't happen...oh boy.  Everyone watch out for Momzilla.

Let me give you an overview of the last few days mkay? 

Saturday, swing died.  In other words, baby's schedule is completely off wack.
I wake up between 7:00 am & 7:40 am.  Just sat down with my coffee, boys wake up.  Nurse the baby while cuddling the two older boys.
8:30 am give up on reading bible and praying, make breakfast, give the boys their "coffee" (milk for Shane, a teeny bit of coffee creamer with milk for Cody). 
Boys take forever to eat breakfast.  I am a Mommy Robot saying, "Eat you food, take a bite, don't get up until you're done!!"
I eat my breakfast.

Nurse the baby to sleep since the swing is broken and he is teething. (He normally goes in the swing awake and falls asleep for a long morning nap.)  Gently lay him down, he wakes up.  {No I don't do cry it out, I take back what I wrote on that in a past post, after much research I've decided NOT to let my baby scream for an hour, because mine, well they never fell asleep, they just kept crying, and so did I, and for the record, Reece is usually on a great schedule that he put himself on}.

I get the boys situated with a cartoon, then I lay down with Reece. He's teething and isn't sleeping well at all. He'll only sleep these last three days in my arms, or in bed with me.

I get up, he stays asleep for about 20-30 mins, I try to clean up breakfast, start on the dishes, start several different tasks with out finishing them. Reece wakes up, I put him in his jumper.
The boys go outside and play, get extremely dirty, I give them a bath, then before I know it it's 12:30 pm and I need to make us all, plus hubby, lunch. 

1:00pm Davey comes home for lunch, the house looks like it exploded with toys, and I am still in my sweats.  Sheesh. 

2:00 pm Davey is back at work, I lay Shane and Cody down with a story for a "nap", I lay down with Reece, get him to sleep, then I get up quietly, attempt to clean up the house when I hear, "Mom! I want some milk!!" I get the boys sippy cups, reinforce nap time.  5 minuets later, "MOM! I have to go caca!" Some how my two oldest go poop on the same schedule. I wipe both butts, put them back to bed, now Reece is awake. 
Sit down, nurse him, play with him for a bit.  "Mom?? Can we get up now? I'm done with my story!!" I give up on nap time, and any quiet time in the afternoon. 

4:30, start dinner, rush around cleaning, doing laundry, changing diapers, doing dishes, soothing poor Reece, cleaning up messes, filling up sippy cups, putting boys on time out for fighting,  attempt to work out, dream of taking a long hot shower. Finish dinner, situate all boys, take a 5 min shower, all while Shane and Cody run in and out yelling, "Ewww are you  naked!??" not very peaceful....

Get dressed, Davey comes home.  I am ready to plop in bed and go to sleep by now.  I try to "hand off" the boys to Davey but he's quite tired too from work, plus he wakes up at 5:00 am to work on his sermons. Usually he helps though anyways.

6:00pm (yesterday we went running at six) Eat dinner as a family, clean up dinner, do dishes, do another load of laundry, soothe Reece, get boys ready for bed, start bedtime routines, read a story, cuddle for 15 minuets, nurse Reece to sleep, lay him down, he wakes up, nurse him again, let him sleep in my arms until I decide to go to bed. Turn on our VERY important fan, which drowns out the very annoying barking of the neighbors yappy dogs.  It doesn't work....IT DIED TOO!! Lay down with Reece, he falls asleep move him to his bed (usually he sleeps in his crib no problem at night) he wakes up crying right away, give up on that, he sleeps with us, I wake up every hour from the barking dogs, Reece stirs and whimpers in his sleep because his teeth hurt, Cody gets in bed with us, my back is killing me because I am on the edge of the bed and can't move, hubby's alarm goes off at 5:00am, and it starts all over again. 

Normally Cody doesn't come in our bed, normally Reece sleeps well, and naps well, normally I can't hear the dogs because of our fan.

I am feeling tired, frustrated and needing a BREAK.  I wish, I wish I could go to Yoga right now.

It is such a peaceful release of stress.  I always feel so rejuvenated after. Yes I run, but not often alone, and if so I am usually not feeling super peaceful and relaxed, although it does help. 

Can you believe there is NO YOGA studios with in driving distance from me?? There is a class Monday nights at a dance studio but it's $40 a month....for ONE class a week.  I want to do it, but for $40 a month I could join a gym and get more than just Yoga. Ya know?? We don't exactly have extra money right now either, but if I don't get some peace and quiet I am not helping anyone,  and I just may kung fu some people. 

Have more to whine about but I have to go make dinner.  Then take a shower, then go to church. 

Love, The Curvy Housewife

PS I love my boys, and I am so thankful for my life, and I would never want a different life! Just feeling a little on edge over here today okie dokie? :)


Becca said...

I am now grateful I do not have teething baby... :) Telling us both to hang in there.

Vanessa said...

What about a yoga DVD? Rilees preschool found a kids yoga that the boys could do while you do one? Its worth a shot and way less than 40$ :)

Staci's Slimdown said...

It never gets better. LOL Kidding, but not. Mine are 3 to 8 now (4 of them). I don't think my husband and I get to have a single uninterrupted conversation at all anymore. Drives me batty. And bad days... it's like it all hits. Hard! Tough! But this too shall pass! haha Grandparents keep telling me I will miss it once they're grown. Notice they never say that until there's are grown. :)

Kelly said...

Oh Adrienne, it will get better! Yoga is such a release for me, and it sucks that there's not a yoga studio closer to where you live. For 4 classes a month at $40, if you are feeling super stressed - I'd say it's worth it. Some ppl do yoga once or twice a week anyway. If you can swing it - I say do it. But it's up to you in the end.