Friday, June 29, 2012

Stinky weigh in

This Week: 197.5 
I am NOT happy with that.  Earlier in the week my scale said 195.6. No kidding. I weighed twice to make sure, but had a hunch it was off that day. The next day it said 198 again. Then it went down to 197.3 and today 197.5
I would be happy with that, if the wedding wasn't in 8 days! UGH. I need to just forget any expectations I had and do my best.  

Yesterday was my hubby's 30th birthday! He met us at the Farmers Market and I planned on taking him to In & Out Burger for his birthday, but he wouldn't go. He said he's in mourning. Ha. I made him a chocolate birthday cake, made with Greek yogurt (8 oz fat free greek yogurt, cake mix, 1 cup water), topped with homemade chocolate frosting. I had a piece. But I was still under my calories by 400! I went over my diary for this week and noticed I was under my calorie goal (which I just changed to 1950) every day. But I didn't eat as clean.  I've been eating a lot of white carbs....BAD BAD BAD!  Today and tomorrow aren't going to be any better though. 
We have a gift card to BJ's and are celebrating my hubby's bday tonight, then tomorrow is his big surprise party at my house!!! (Hence the early post, must clean house!) And yes I am throwing him another surprise party because this one is all our friends and more of a surprise. :) 

The other day I asked my Mom if she could make me a dress for the wedding.  She said she would just buy me one, isn't that so sweet :) love my Mama.  So I went dress shopping the other day just to see if I found any and I liked these two. But I'm not crazy about them. What do you think? 

This was at Forever 21. Yes the dreaded store. The have a plus size section! A small one though. I wear their XL.  I tried on skinny jeans just for fun. He he. I wanted to see what size pants I am.  I thought I grabbed an 18, and they fit perfect.  When I took them off and looked closer, they were a 16! That was cool. Although I would really like to be a 14 again. 

I need to not go crazy with food tonight or tomorrow.  Must stay focused! 

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What do you think?

I'm searching for a dress for the wedding. It's in 12 days. I fear I won't be at 193 by then 😥.

I must look my best though, regardless! I told you guys some people from high school are going to be there. A certain person last saw me at my heaviest, and I'd really like to make my husband proud you know?!

I'm in desperate need of a partial high-light as well. My roots are sad people. Super sad. Why doesn't money grow in trees? Sigh.

I'm looking for something not tight. Something adorable, yet classy. Something I can bend and take the photos in with out rippin the seam. Rather it not be sleeveless showing my huge arms. My favorite color is mint, or aqua.

The dress I'm in in this photo is my back up dress. It's actually big on me now. It droops down in the back. But any who, I could make it work IF I had to.

But I'm dreaming of something like this though. What do you think? Help me! I guess they are all kinda similar huh?

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weigh In & Progress Pictures

This Week: 198.0 
Whoo hoo!!! I am very happy with that loss. And yes....One HUNDREDS! Never ever ever going back. I have a book called "Out Smarting the Female Fat Cell After Pregnancy". I've read it a couple times. She says, losing weight in the first six months postpartum is VERY hard if you are breastfeeding. She said studies show that most breastfeeding women lose the most weight between 6-12 months postpartum. I think my body is finally letting me lose the weight. I know for some women they are back to their pre-pregnancy weight in just a couple months, but NOT ME! This will be the fastest for me, I am 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight with Reece!! And only 12 pounds away from a weight I haven't been since before I got pregnant with my first.  Wow. I am so happy! I THANK JESUS my Rock for helping me! 

Here is me on the left only 3 months ago, and today me on the right. This is only an 8-10 pound difference (not exactly sure). Wow. I fluctuated and didn't lose for a while {remember}, so,  I've lost 8.2 pounds in 6 weeks! Since March I've lost a total of 14.25 inches! I can really see it in my mid section. 

I've been really frustrated with my arms though lately.  Seems like they won't budge! UGH! I don't want to wear a sleeveless dress to the wedding (15 days!) with my huge arms. I really want to buy a new dress for the wedding but...things are tight. I'm trying to sell some things on Ebay. Hopefully it works out. My clothes are frustrating right now. Some are too tight still, and some are too big. Yuck.

Poor Reece, his fever finally broke last night but he has been crying ALL day. He didn't want to eat, or sleep, or sit, or play or lay, or anything but me hold him standing up. ;( I think he's teething. Poor baby.

I weight lifted twice this week, but really need to up my work outs. I don't want to lose muscle. That's my goal this week, work out 3-4 days a week...and RUN. I am desperate to run. Doing good, staying below my calories, eating pretty clean, and drinking LOTS of water. Which is also helping my heart. I have an apt w Cardiologist on Tuesday.
Thanks for reading :) 
Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guess what?!?!

Ok so I may be weighing myself every day. I know. I know. But I helps me stay on track. Today I was surprised with this great number! Yippee! Good bye twos!!!! It's ONE HUNDRED from here on out.
I'm very motivated right now. My brother in laws wedding is in 16 days!!
Praying for God to give me strength.
I got some bad news in the mail today. And some good news (thank you grandma for the card!! Davey is very thankful ;)).
We found out our insurance is being cancelled. I know it's wrong. But it's going to be very hard to fix it. And I'm suppose to meet w a cardiologist soon.
And..there are other things majorly stressing me out, but I don't want to write about it on here. Prayers are appreciated though!
My computer is out if commission on too of everything :/ so how are all you? I haven't been able to catch up on blogs.
Reece is sick w a fever. Poor baby. Him & I are home alone now while Daddy & boys are at church.
Trying to read & catch up!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weigh In & Scary

Weight Last Week: 200.8
This Week:             200.0
So close!! It should have been this week...but I was soooo busy. Can't believe it's already been a week since my last post!!

Next week for sure.

So this is what's scary. I don't want to talk about it too much cause it makes it worse.  I have been getting heart palpitations for a couple weeks that are more than normal for me.  I saw the doctor Tuesday and he seemed a little concerned (which sort of freaked me out) and said I had an irregular heartbeat.  So he refereed me to a cardiologist. Which takes 3 weeks.  Nice. In the mean time I've been seeing what triggers them but can't pinpoint something.  I've been thinking about it a lot. Today I put on my Heart Rate Monitor and it was jumping from 70's to 200's. yeah not good.  I was freaking out. So I sat down and was nursing the baby and suddenly I started feeling like I was going to pass out.  I got so super light headed and my HRM read 207.  Whoa.  I quickly put Reece down then began going down....I called 911, was able to walk to unlock my door for them (barley) then lay down on my left side. I was praying and so so scared. I really thought I was dying. 

Once they got there (Davey arrived at the same time) I was starting to feel better.  He saw my HRM was saying 200 than 100 than 207 but his accurate HRM read 94. That was a relief. He said mine was wrong and seemed like I was making the problem worse by seeing the high number.  I think he was implying an Anxiety attack.  But I don't feel anxious...well only about this!!!!

He wanted me to go in the ambulance just to be sure and I got faint a couple times here and there while there. My EKG was fine. I was in sweats, with my hair on top of my head, NO BRA, and no shoes. Oh my ghetto.  I was so embarrassed. Especially when they made me get off the gurney and walk to a waiting area and wait....all alone.  I hate the ER.  Ugh. 

Doctor didn't do much.  Said to wait for a cardiologist.  Nice, thanks.  I talked to both of my parents and they both said they have had this. My mom takes medicine for anxiety and my Dad had this happen to him twice when he thought he was having a heart attack but it was really indigestion.

So no fun. 

Praying it's just anxiety and not my heart.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, June 8, 2012

Weigh In & So much more

Last week 202.4
This week 200.8

Whoo hoo!! That's almost under 200!!! Ahhh I can't wait.  And this time I will NEVER see it again. ever ever ever! Persistence really pays off. Because I can tell you it was so discouraging not seeing the scale move those 3 weeks, but now it is and I am so thankful I didn't quit.

So a little sad news, I won't be able to do Weight Watchers for a while.  I just can't afford the $40 a month right now.  Shane is starting pre-school in August and that's $60 a month, and they both go back to gymnastics in July which is $80 for 6 weeks.  yikes.  But it's ok! For some reason I do better on my own...the weight is really coming off now (Thank YOU Jesus). I am still faithfully using MyFitnessPal.

So I'm kinda obsessed with medical and health research. All kinds, Heart Disease, Autism, Obesity, common colds, and my favorite study, Cancer.
 I have watched several documentaries and have a whole stack of info (books, articles, magazines, and DVDs) from the library.  Some of the most eye opening documentaries I've watched are, "Food Inc", "Anti Cancer" "Forks over Knives" and "Food Matters".  WOW.  We really, REALLY have no clue what we are eating and what it's doing to us.

Educating myself on all this has been such a huge blessing.  It's no longer just about weight's about SO MUCH MORE!!! It's mine, and my family's health.  It's thriving. It's eating what God intended us to eat. I keep finding myself amazed that God has provided everything we need to thrive.  He gave us all the healthy food from the earth to eat to nurture our body. It's when we create and eat things that aren't what God intended us to, that we get sick. It's not always the food that makes us sick, it's the LACK of food, or nutrients. Real nutrients. 

I mean, all these articles and research are stating that over %90 of cancer is preventable with a healthy diet and exercise.  Meaning, only less than %10 is inherited. According to Stanford.  As well as many other studies I've read. I've also read how cancer can be reversed through diet.  Wow.

I'll give you an easy example of which I saw on one of these documentaries:

"According to the FDA a teenage girl's diet is acceptable as the following:
A bowl of sugar filled cereal for breakfast with non fat milk, at school she will receive: mashed potatoes (from the box) canned green beans, piece of cooked ham, and a white roll, with an option for canned fruit and a soda.  For an afternoon snack she'll have a snack size bag of cheese it's. For dinner she will have a hamburger on white bread and French fries, with ketchup, and ice cream for dessert."

Where are the nutrients?? She will eat like this every day and be walking around with, ADD, Pre-Diabetes, no energy, and has a cold all the time. You might be wondering, "well can't she just take a muli-vitamin and be fine??" Well....I am researching this right now, but No. She will not be fine with just a vitamin. Otherwise every person in America that eats like this and takes a muti-vitamin wouldn't be sick ever.

It's safe to say I am obsessed with learning about all this.  Here's a little secret I haven't told anyone but my husband yet....I am looking into getting some sort of degree or diploma or certificate in health and nutrition.  We'll see :)

Ok I could go on and on but Reece is rolling all over the house right now and I gotta go clean my house because I have a newborn photo shoot here tomorrow. :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nisene Marks Half Marathon Race Recap

I wasn't able to nurse Reece one more time before leaving my Mom and the boys.  I was nervous about that but okay with it since he was sleeping. I left a little juice for him to hold him over, but my Mom didn't even need it. He ended up sleeping most of the race, Thank Jesus. We ran down to packet pick up, got our bibs, then stretched. We warmed up a bit then Stood in line for the porta potty (yuck) so I could pee one more time...glad I did because there was not ONE potty on the whole course! 

Right after the potty stop we made our way up to the start line, and I headed pretty far into the front with my hubby. I gave him a kiss, the gun went off and all 171 runners headed out. I was passed quickly, and I only saw my husband for a few seconds then didn't see him again until I was almost done. The first part of the race was straight up hill for about 1/8 of a mile, which totally threw me off because I was not warmed up or ready for my heart to jump up to 180 yet.  So I walked up the end of the hill, got my heart rate down, then started running. There was me, and another lady and we were already dead last. Wow! I wanted to keep up with her so I wouldn't be totally alone since I had no clue what was coming.  
The first 3 miles was on a flat dirt road, called Fire Rd. with some hills around corners. I caught up to Jana (the only person I could see) and began to chat with her. We found out we both run about the same pace, and got distracted chatting for a mile or so. Around mile 2.5 (she had a gps) she said if I wasn't running with her she'd be walking already.  I was glad we had found each other. We ended up running almost the whole race together. It was really nice. 
Somewhere between mile 3-4 we turned off the flatish dirt road and headed into torture land.  This was INSANE. The pictures do NO JUSTICE. Seriously, was not expecting this kind of a trail, or course. At times I felt like I was on an obsticle course! Jumping over logs, leaping over creeks, dodging huge tree roots, all on a 2.5-3ft wide trail. Jana and I could not run side by side. We were in single file the whole time.  At first we thought, "wow, well this won't last long." Ha! We were just running deeper into the mountains, further away from the road and any people that would even be hiking. We decided to walk up the hills.  Jana told me I could pass her if I needed, but I did not need to or want to! 

My heart rate was dangerously high, it was at 185 pretty steady this whole portion, but on the really steep hills went up to 192!! At those times I stopped to lower it. Sometimes my heart skips beats and I get real light headed. I did not want that happening out there, were we were literally all alone.  When I stopped, Jana kept going. This was the hardest part of the race for me. I was ALL ALONE. In the mountains. I kept praying that I wouldn't get hurt or fall off the cliff (yes very steep cliffs at times).  I was sweating so much, but thankfully the trees provided shade. I prayed for my husband to do well and not get hurt. I couldn't imagine running this trail with a group of people trying to pass one another. 
I tried to text my Mom sometimes but didn't get much service. I walked for probably 1.5 miles around miles 5-7. This was the hardest part, and I kept praying it would be over soon and I would see someone or make it back to the Fire Rd. I managed to get a text to my Mom 2 hours into the race asking her if Davey finished and told her it was so hard and I was dying. Haha. I'm sure that made her feel great. :) I ate my Sports Beans, which were amazingly delicious. All I could stomach that morning was a banana and some bread so I was starving. 
Finally I heard people, a random aid station! Whoo hoo! This was at the top of the most grueling hills. The guy there was in a tux and encouraged me the worst was over.  The lady there said the hills were done. But they LIED!! I started running again after I had two cups of water. I finally...FINALLY fell into a grove. I was in the ZONE. I was running and felt good, my legs were numb by now, which was a good thing, when suddenly, I see Jana! Yay! We had been seperated for almost 2 miles. I was so happy I caught up to her. She had been walking and was in a lot of pain, but trucking along. She was excited to see me. From here on we were like little soldiers, running single file, dodging roots, holes, branches, spiders, huge banana slugs, and jumping out of the way when the first marathoners passed us. We climbed a total of 2,000 ft in the first 7-8 miles of the race. Ouch. 
Now we had a lot of down hill, but had to be careful we didn't hurt ourselves. When Jana's gps read 10 miles we thought we'd be close to the road again, but we weren't. Finally we saw some hikers and they said it was about 5 minuets away. Thank God! We were so thrilled to see the aid station at the start of the road. Jana's gps now said around 12 miles.   
We stopped at the aid station and refilled our water bottles since we were out. I was so thirsty. I grabbed an orange slice, and asked them how much further, they said 2.4 miles. What! Remember I said, if you stop running it's really hard to start again? Well OMWord. It was like getting the tin man to run, our joints were screaming. Jana was in a lot of pain, this was her first half marathon. We were running so slow, so I said we should just walk fast for a while. Which was still painful, but we were happy we were almost done. 
I still didn't get service, but somewhere on the last stretch a text came through from my Mom saying Davey finished and was coming back for me. I knew he'd be worried about me since the course was so hard.  About 5 mins later I saw him and Shane walking towards me. I started crying and I ran over to them and hugged them. It was the best part of the whole race. I could not stop, if I did my stomach started hurting and my legs were becoming more and more crampy and stiff. My poor sweet husband, he finished the race in 2:01 (he finished 60 out of 171! & 6 out of 11 in his age group), and then walked a total of 3 miles there and back just to get me. I just love him. Him and Shane walked behind us, we were trying to walk fast to finish. My husband kept saying he was so proud of me and so impressed that I did it, he knew the trail would be so hard for me. 
Once we were 1/4 mile from the finish we started to jog. I saw my Mom and the other boys and got tears, it was awesome having my Mom there! they were cheering and everyone started clapping for us. Jana's husband did it as well and was waiting for her, and he said, "Aren't you guys going to sprint?" I said, "We are sprinting!" LOL We crossed and were so so happy. We got our medal, then took some pictures. 
I walked back to Davey and Shane and we hugged and took some photos. My husband made the mistake of eating everything in sight when he finished so his stomach was really hurting. I didn't eat anything until much later that day. After the race I had planned Davey a surprise birthday party with his family and some of our friends. It didn't go exactly as planned since we were in so much pain and we were tired as heck. We are still sore, and I feel for my hubby who has had to work!! Won't be doing that race again. haha! I forgot to stop my watch when I finished. But my offical time was 3:47!  As you can see, Jana and I came in very last place. I really don't care though. It was a small race, and all I cared was I finished!!!! Whoo hoo! It was for sure harder than any race I've ever done. Here's some pics of Davey's party too. Thank you all for the support. :) Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, June 2, 2012

13.1 done!!

I should call this "14.5 done" cause according to a running buddy I met today's gps it was actually 14.5.

I'm super tired, in bed, so here's some pics, a more detailed recap later!!

It was REALLY hard...extremely narrow & steep. Up, up, up, more up. Oh and up some more. And just when you think your done going UP.....there's more! 2,000 feet elevation over 8 miles. Almost died. But I did it. My unofficial time was 3:45. Hubby finished in 2 hours!! He's a beast.
G' Nite!!