Friday, June 8, 2012

Weigh In & So much more

Last week 202.4
This week 200.8

Whoo hoo!! That's almost under 200!!! Ahhh I can't wait.  And this time I will NEVER see it again. ever ever ever! Persistence really pays off. Because I can tell you it was so discouraging not seeing the scale move those 3 weeks, but now it is and I am so thankful I didn't quit.

So a little sad news, I won't be able to do Weight Watchers for a while.  I just can't afford the $40 a month right now.  Shane is starting pre-school in August and that's $60 a month, and they both go back to gymnastics in July which is $80 for 6 weeks.  yikes.  But it's ok! For some reason I do better on my own...the weight is really coming off now (Thank YOU Jesus). I am still faithfully using MyFitnessPal.

So I'm kinda obsessed with medical and health research. All kinds, Heart Disease, Autism, Obesity, common colds, and my favorite study, Cancer.
 I have watched several documentaries and have a whole stack of info (books, articles, magazines, and DVDs) from the library.  Some of the most eye opening documentaries I've watched are, "Food Inc", "Anti Cancer" "Forks over Knives" and "Food Matters".  WOW.  We really, REALLY have no clue what we are eating and what it's doing to us.

Educating myself on all this has been such a huge blessing.  It's no longer just about weight's about SO MUCH MORE!!! It's mine, and my family's health.  It's thriving. It's eating what God intended us to eat. I keep finding myself amazed that God has provided everything we need to thrive.  He gave us all the healthy food from the earth to eat to nurture our body. It's when we create and eat things that aren't what God intended us to, that we get sick. It's not always the food that makes us sick, it's the LACK of food, or nutrients. Real nutrients. 

I mean, all these articles and research are stating that over %90 of cancer is preventable with a healthy diet and exercise.  Meaning, only less than %10 is inherited. According to Stanford.  As well as many other studies I've read. I've also read how cancer can be reversed through diet.  Wow.

I'll give you an easy example of which I saw on one of these documentaries:

"According to the FDA a teenage girl's diet is acceptable as the following:
A bowl of sugar filled cereal for breakfast with non fat milk, at school she will receive: mashed potatoes (from the box) canned green beans, piece of cooked ham, and a white roll, with an option for canned fruit and a soda.  For an afternoon snack she'll have a snack size bag of cheese it's. For dinner she will have a hamburger on white bread and French fries, with ketchup, and ice cream for dessert."

Where are the nutrients?? She will eat like this every day and be walking around with, ADD, Pre-Diabetes, no energy, and has a cold all the time. You might be wondering, "well can't she just take a muli-vitamin and be fine??" Well....I am researching this right now, but No. She will not be fine with just a vitamin. Otherwise every person in America that eats like this and takes a muti-vitamin wouldn't be sick ever.

It's safe to say I am obsessed with learning about all this.  Here's a little secret I haven't told anyone but my husband yet....I am looking into getting some sort of degree or diploma or certificate in health and nutrition.  We'll see :)

Ok I could go on and on but Reece is rolling all over the house right now and I gotta go clean my house because I have a newborn photo shoot here tomorrow. :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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