Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to have a good weigh in

Not all weigh ins are good. Duh. You win some and you lose some.  I had a streak for a while of good weigh ins, then they slowed down. I did some things that helped, then stopped and my weigh ins showed. Here's what helps:

• The last 3 nights before a weigh in I didn't eat after 6:30pm. Just water or tea.

• I drink a lot of water 2 days prior to the weigh in, and I don't eat hardly any processed foods packed with sodium.

• I DON'T work out the day before the weigh in. This makes me retain water like a camel.

• Make sure I breastfeed before I weigh in! Um yeah! That can equal like half a pound!

• Salad for dinner the night before.

• I never weigh in right when I wake up...ever. I wait at least an hour.

• Make sure you wear the same cloths or no clothes at all! Don't weigh in naked one week, then wear shoes and all your clothes the next! 

• I don't eat until after I weigh in, just drink coffee.

• Of COURSE this is on top of eating clean, logging my food and exercising. 

You are probably thinking..."yeah right, those things don't help. If you didn't lose weight you didn't lose weight." Well let me tell you, they DO help.  And if you see a good weigh in, you are motivated to keep going.

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