Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Life happens. Things get in the way. Before Paleo I had pretty good control over gaining weight if something came into life. But then you start eating a whole other way and BAM.

Someone broke into our van AGAIN. They didn't take anything this time. The first time they took $400 worth of stuff. This time they just threw everything around looking in all the compartments and drawers.  Yeah like I'd just leave things in the exact same spot again. Punks.

So I've been searching high and low for a nice house in a newer neighborhood.  Unfortunately with no luck in our budget.

It's crazy, if we bought a house here our mortgage would be $600 cheaper than what they ask for rent.  We can't buy right now due to our short sale.  Bummer!

Anyways, my father in law brought home a pie, and I ate a piece. 12 days with out any processed foods, sugar, or gluten.  The next morning I was soooo sick. Oh my.  Not fun.... That's what sugar and gluten does when your body is free from it. Crazy!

I'm trying to do my best eating sugar and gluten free, but we are heading out of town tomorrow for the holiday (can't wait to see you Grandma!).  When I get back home...Gizelle intensity baby.

I wanna see 175.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weigh In & Whole 30 day 6

Last weigh in two weeks ago: 181.9
This weeks weigh in: 178.1

Did you hear that? ONE SEVENTY.......yeeehooo!

Ok, this whole 30 is HARD.  I am having a hard time finding what to eat.  Suppose to be only meat, eggs, fish, veggies, yams, little fruit.  Um....good meat is EXPENSIVE! Gah!!! I've always been lerie of diets that say "No: blank, blank, blank blank.." I am on board with the no grains/gluten.  But no dairy, beans, rice, ect....hard. Yes white rice is a grain but does not have gluten or phytic acid- which pulls calcium from bones and teeth. And I am on board with no sugar.  After the 30 days, or when I go broke, I will stick to eating no grains and no sugar...of course with an *occasional treat.

I am still struggling on whether this is "right" too.  Vegan's say meat causes cancer ect. Why do some doctors say, "animal products were not made for humans!" while others say, "animal products are vital to our health". {Seriously read both but I'm too lazy to put links right now}.  I am eating organic meat, but I am still NOT SURE WHAT TO BELIEVE! Gr..... I am sticking to it though, or at least until I go broke. Which will be soon. Ha.

What I am loving: I feel pretty good.  The weight is coming off quickly.

Don't love: Expensive. Don't know what to eat E.V.E.R.  Eggs for breakfast again? yes. Hm. what's for lunch? eggs again? no no. um......plain hot dog? I guess. (grass fed organic hot dog. yes they make them. yes they cost more than gold.)

BUT....I made spaghetti squash last night and it was great!!! I got super full and felt like I was eating real spaghetti.  I guess it takes time to get into a routine of meals.  This strictness is only 30 days.

Apparently this is a detox. I had no clue.  I talked my friend Ilsa into doing it w me and she's doing amazing.  She is doing way better than me, lol.  She bought the book and has been giving me info, and I told her I didn't know this was a detox before I signed up for it..ha.

How I feel right now: GIVE me a muffin. NOW. A non gluten, not so great tasting muffin will be fine. Anything will do.  Give it to me!!! No? ok fine.

Why am I doing this?
I am trying to help my teeth. I am doing lots of research, and the more I read and listen to podcasts I hear that cavities and gum disease is a warning sign from more serious diseases such as Heart Disease and Cancer. Now, I am not sure if this is %100, but I do know an infected tooth is very serious, and our teeth have nerves, cells that connect through out our whole body.

I could see the two big whole where I need root canals when I came home from the dentist and I looked with a light.  I *think* they are getting smaller. I am not blowing smoke people. They are either getting smaller or some reason I can't see them very well anymore.  I know this takes time. I try not to look often so I don't get discouraged.  If this doesn't work, don't worry, I will get them filled.  I hope to have good news the next time I see a dentist though.

I have been doing Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Raw butter which I made myself, calcium and vit D3, and no grains/sugar/phytic acid.  Or very low phytic acid (I had some nuts).

I am really enjoying my books, Nutrition and physical Degeneration by dr Weston Price, and Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.

How are you?!!

Love, The Curvy Housewife 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Changes.

Last week weigh in: 181.9!!!!!! whoot!

Thank you all who prayed for my friend Karen. The funeral went well.  Please keep praying for her as she has to learn to live with out her husband.

Did I mention in a previous post I was gonna try to go grain/sugar free? Well you all know I have been having several issues with my teeth.  So, the nutrition junkie I am, I began to dig in here.

As the dentist told me, "You need one pulled, two bill root canals, and one regular filling" I cried.  Literally.  I did get my tooth pulled because it was infected, and I'm glad I did.  But the other teeth, $1,200 x 2 + $500? plus that's only one side of my mouth!

I came across Weston A. Price's study, which I bought and its on the way. I find this FASCINATING. I am a HUGE believer in the power of food, and the harm food can do to us.  This was my thought the whole time..."If a broken arm can heal itself, why can't our teeth?"  I asked my dentist.  "Can I heal a cavity on my own naturally?"  "No. Absolutely not. I mean, I know you will see stuff online, but it doesn't work." I don't think he's lying. He is a good man.  I think he's never seen anyone be successful at this. It is a daunting task isn't it? My plan is pretty extreme. Who wants to do that?

I do! I am only 27 and there is no excuse for me to have teeth being pulled and drilled left and right.  So I began to think....what about the people who didn't have dentists? And then I found Dr. Price's research. He actually traveled the world and studied different cultures and their teeth.  This is a Dentist.  He saw something was missing in America regarding our teeth and oral heath.  The rise of braces, and drilling is outrageous. 

I found some amazing articles on this from health blogs.  How to remineralize your teethHow this women healed her sons big cavity.

I am going to plunge in big time. I have cut grains by about %50.  I am going to do it...make it %100. Ack, I said it.  I'm scared.  My plan....

1. Cut out grains (link, why they slowly kill you) such a great link. Answered my questions!
2. Cut out sugar
3. Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Ghee (already doing) totally nasty fyi.
4. Raw butter (which I made my self! already doing)
5. Bone broth- Oh.Em.Goodness. How did I never know this was so good for you!? not talking about store bought broth...but real homemade bone broth...tons of minerals essential to bone health!
6. Possibly switch to a more natural toothpaste....I already use Tom's.

I have been looking at photos of Native American Women, they all look like they have their teeth when they are old.  :)
I am always on a quest to find the right food for our family.  I have been fighting doing "Paleo" for a while.  Long while.  I use to say I'm against it. Grains are important.  Too much meat gives you cancer (yes if it isn't organic!). Jesus ate bread. Ect.  But you know how you find out what really helps you and your family?? YOU TRY IT. So...gulp. I think I am going to try the Whole 30.  I have lots of friends who's health has been significantly improved.  People I know personally who have lost a lot of weight and cured a lot of aliments.  My main reason are my teeth, my stomach (which has always given me problem since I was little), my over all health, and to lose weight.  AND so my boys will have health, healthy teeth and strong jaw bones and teeth that don't need braces.  REad that article! Amazing what Weston A. Price found in 1930's!!

Please don't judge ;) I am in search of what really brings health and heals. Sometimes everyone needs to switch things up. Especially if we have chronic or re-occuring pain, sickness, ect. AND DON'T WORRY..I WILL BE GOING TO THE DENTIST TO MAKE SURE I SEE PROGRESS! :)

PS I really need to start working out again!

Do you eat grain free? Advice!! 

Love, The Curvy Housewife