Friday, February 22, 2013

A mother's influence

Today, the role of a mother, especially the role of a stay at home Mom is quite discredited. Employers give women a 6 week break to be with their newborns, then it's back to work.  Six weeks is NOT enough time.  Pregnant ladies have a hard time finding jobs while pregnant and companies look at it as an issue instead of a blessing.

It's one of Satan's main objectives to get the hearts of our children. Period. If Satan can get us Moms to believe that our work is less important the the lady that is a CEO of a huge company, then He won.

Satan also wants mothers to believe the lie, "Women can't do that....YOU could never be a....." fill in the blank of some high powerful career.  He has been deceiving women with this lie for decades. The TRUTH IS: a mother has more power than anyone in the world.

I want to tell all mothers, SATAN is a LIAR.

A mother is THE MOST important job in the world.  It is in our power to shape and raise a human! A future leader, a soldier, a president, a pastor, a pastor's wife, a soul winner, an artist, a missionary, a teacher, a writer, a football player that isn't ashamed of the gospel, a mother, a wife, a homemaker, a person of high influence, and more.  The future of the next generation is laid in the hands of mothers. Will we teach our children to be hard workers? To be honorable? To obey authority? Non of those things come naturally to a child.

The next generation is influenced primarily by us. M O M S. Absolutely, a child can be used of God in a great way when they are from a broken home. Actually, we see that a lot. That's because God is the Father, and He adopts us as His children.  Ronald Regan was the best President this nation has seen in my opinion and he was adopted.  You may remember him stating he was glad his birth mother choose life.  And his adopted mother raised him with integrity.

When a baby is born, the baby is totally dependent on the mother.  A baby can not thrive with out his mother. In fact a baby can not LIVE with out someone taking care of him/her.  God has designed our bodies to provide the absolute perfect food for our babies.  He has given us special hormones the moment we deliver a baby to bond and have a motherly instinct.  It is God's will that we mother our children.

It's totally up to me whether I feed my kids junk, or give them nourishing food. Whether I let them go outside and let them play, or let them watch TV all day.  Whether I read to them, or shove them away. Whether we teach them manners, or let them act as they want.  I can teach them the bible and pray with them, or not.  Their salvation could be up to us teaching them the gospel.

I am passionate about A LOT of things. Health, writing, photography, gardening, homemaking, decorating, reading, running and more. I am NOT saying it's wrong to do, love or desire to do these things or any other job or activity.

God gives us children, to raise them for HIM. For His glory.  It's my desire to fulfill that to my best ability, even though I fail miserably sometimes. I thank God everyday for my boys.  He has in trusted us with children. What an honor.

Our Pastor preached a couple weeks ago on "You never know who God will use".  I went home and looked up Susanna Wesley after pastor mentioned her in his sermon. I posted this on Facebook that day.
"Susanna Wesley was a poor woman with no formal education, and a mother to 19 children. She taught them the bible, and how to work. She awoke at 5am every morning and taught her children different chores and activities. She spent 1 hour a week with each child alone, giving them her undivided attention. We probably never heard of her. But.....Two of her boys, John & Charles Wesley were the evangelistic preachers that started the Methodist movement, seeing much of England turn to Christ. Charles Wesley wrote many of the hymns we sing in church. ♥ A MOTHER, is the most important job in the world!!!! ♥"
 Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


The Skinny on Staci said...

It is the hardest job ever. As a stay-at-home Mom's work never seems to be done, even though she is "home all day." I often get up before hubby and go to bed after him. It wasn't really this way until we started homeschooling, but now my daytime is taken with watching my kids understand where their phalanges are and what addition and subtraction is, etc. So my evenings are now my housework time. Every time I think I'm fed up, it grips me that I could never get a job and miss out on my kids for 8 hours of my day. They are HARD work, but they are precious!!! We Moms are awesome people! :)

Adrienne said...

Totally! you are doing a great job Staci!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

I definitely want to be the one raising my children someday. I agree with a lot of this post. I just read an article in the paper last week about the whole "women are strong and independent" thing, while a good thing, has started to have the opposite effect...where many women feel they are supposed to go out and have a career and feel guilty staying at home. It's sad. I'm glad women have the power to choose what they want to do, but women who choose to stay at home should not be looked down upon.