Sunday, February 3, 2013

A snowy weekend

Our oldest son, Shane is turning 5 on the 6th..{can't believe it!}. All he wanted was to go to the snow, even over Disney!!

We had such a blast! The boys laughed and had a great time all weekend. I got an awesome workout trucking up the hill dozens of times while sledding. Btw, I seriously need to get back to half marathon training. Sigh. I'm so inconsistent!

On our way to the snow we stopped at Walmart to get chains. I was breastfeeding Reece in the car while waiting, when I suddenly I see a BIG BLACK SPIDER crawling on Reece's face!! I freaked out! Out of instinct, I slapped Reece's face, screamed and jumped out of the car. Reece was traumatized. I had have him a licorice. He was happy after that.

Cody was a natural, he's ready to snow board! Shane too, but he's more cautious which I love. Someone has to watch over my husband and Cody. Reece also loved the snow :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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