Monday, February 4, 2013

Shabby Girl Names

Although I have three boys, we do want more kids. I'd love a girl, but I'd love another boy too! For some reason girl names are always so easy for us, but boys names take us the whole pregnancy to decide!  Here's a list of some beautiful Shabby Chic girl names:

What girl names do you love?

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kylie PJ said...

We have two boys and no more children planned.

But our girls name would have been "Alexandra Lily"

The Skinny on Staci said...

We have an:
Aubree Grace
Carley Eden
Brylie Hope
I really like Eden and I like Eve and Abigail. If our son was a girl, he would've finished up the weird "e" sounding endings in different spellings with Makenleigh Eve. :) I used to love Makenna a lot. I'm kind of out of touch with baby names at this point! Lol

Anonymous said...

We ONLY name our children biblical names. Because a lot of names have an evi connotation, or mean something we don't agree with.

For instance Layla means- as intoxicating as wine. Nice, naming your child, drunk.

And Aubrey- elf magical being. Not too nice.

Nope, will nt ame my child just anything, just because it's pretty or sounds nice. Doesn't mean it's in line with the Bible.

Nesting Pretty said...

I adore the name Ruby.. of course I fell in love with it after my Daughter was already named.. So if more kids are in store for my sweet hubby and I.. Ruby is at the top of the list. Entire name being Ruby Louise Pollyanna. I have a son and a daughter which we choose family names for. My Son, Ralph Alexander Owen.. and my baby girl is Rivers Alexandria Iris. Thanks for sharing these lovely names with us.

Baby Names said...

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Sam said...
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Jim said...
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