Monday, May 20, 2013

Almonst Fainted

On Saturday I was at Walmart checking out when all the sudden I got really hot, and short of breath, and I started blacking out!!! I could feel my face turn white, and I told the clerk, "I feel like I'm going to pass out"...then sat on the little counter where the revolving bag thing is.  She kept asking me if I was ok and I couldn't really comprehend her very good {my mom and boys were in the car}.  She gave me some water and kept asking me if I wanted her to call someone.  I said, "No. Yes. No..." LOL

I was trying to call my mom, finally got through to her and she waited for me outside the car after I felt ok to walk.  I felt nauseas a little after but laid down in the car.  At Shane's game I felt fine.  Then later at the Y I felt dizzy again! Been feeling fine except for a little dizziness/light headed once in a while.

I emailed my doctor and she wants me to come in sooner than Thursday when my appointment is. So I called and have an appointment for tomorrow. 17 weeks today!  I'm sure I'm fine. It's pretty common in pregnant women. It's probably just low blood pressure {I always have semi low, & even more while pregnant}.

I promised to take my boys swimming today at the Y so we will go this afternoon...hopefully I won't get dizzy in the pool ;-) don't worry there are lifeguards!

This morning I made pancakes and eggs, then put chicken and veggies in the crock pot for dinner, then made a veggie pizza for lunch so it would be ready. Whoo hoo I'm on a roll. Time to tidy up, then lay out {a tan helps me look less flabby} for 30 mins, then off to swim.  Happy summer everyone!

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Having just fainted my first time ever recently, IT'S SCARY! I will never forget that feeling. My BP bottomed out. I could hear and see, but not normally. Everything was just off. I can't believe you are 17 weeks already. What??? Wowza! Yay for a great day of pre-planning. :)