Monday, June 3, 2013

A scare.

My husband called me this morning to tell me that Costco left him a voicemail telling him we bought a bag of organic frozen berries from them that are recalled. 30 people in 5 states have gotten sick with Hepatitis A!

Freaked out, I did.

We ate half the bag of berries.  Haven't had any in 3-4 weeks, and none of us have any symptoms but I still called our doctors to see if we should be tested.  I looked up the news articles about it and sure enough was all over the news.  Posted about it on FB and several others had eaten them and seen the news as well.  Yikes.

Still haven't heard back from my OBGYN but the nurse said I shouldn't worry to much. Only concern is the baby. Ok great, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I returned them to Costco today and the lady said they are scanning and sending in batch numbers or something and so far none from our Costco have been contaminated. Fewww.  And the nurse I spoke with said she eats them every day and she's high risk because she's old, so I shouldn't worry. Ha.

Hep A isn't nearly as dangerous as Hep B or C.  You recover on your own usually in a few weeks.  Seems pretty painful though :-/

This makes me MAD and want to have my own farm so bad.  GR. 

Onto exciting news!!! Tomorrow is our ultrasound!!!! Even though we aren't finding out the gender for 11 more days...I can't wait to see the baby :)

I swear I feel like there are twins in there. I am so big already, so uncomfortable, can't breath, swollen, and gaining weight quickly.  I'm sure it's just due to this being baby #4 though.  I am measuring right on track according to Dr.

I'll post photos of ultrasounds tomorrow evening ;)

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Oh I'm so excited... and mad at you that we have to wait 11 more days! Lol It sounds like everything will be okay with the berry situation. I agree that it would be scary, though.