Tuesday, June 11, 2013

T minus 4 days.

I don't actually know what T minus anything means....

4 days until our reveal party! I can't wait. Thankfully this week is SUPER busy with our Spiritual Leadership Conference.   It's AWESOME. Pastors and ministry workers from all over come for this conference. It's a big reunion from college. Got to see so many old friends that are now serving the Lord.  It's so great.

Yesterday we had a funeral in the morning, then a luncheon at church, then a quick break home, and then back to church for the evening service, where I worked the 4-6 months old baby nursery.  This really made me want a girl because of all the adorable girl clothes the babies were in ;)

Today I am working in the 4 year olds from noon to 4, then quick run home and back for evening service. 

Thanks to those who encouraged me about my book.  I am pursing it and will be finishing it! May take a long time but I will :)

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