Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being Frugal {or Another Mania}

I have some friends that coupon pretty well, and I've been interested in this for a long time.  I never did it though because I always thought, they don't have coupons for the things I buy, so I'd be buying things just because I have coupons! Well I do buy personal products, baggies, toilet paper, dog food, make up, shampoo, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent!! Even if I had coupons for JUST those items it would save me a lot of money which would give me more money for the grass fed and organic foods I want.  Now if only I could find coupons for that kinda stuff.....

Sunday night I went and bought two of the LA Times and two of our local papers.  I'm still figuring this all out.  Not quite sure why you should have more than one paper unless you get something for Free because of the item being on sale, plus a manufacturers coupon, plus a store coupon.

Yesterday was my first adventure at this.  I went to Target to get these blushes for free.  I got 3, which was all they had left, and I had three different coupons for Cover Girl to use separately plus a mobile coupon that the guy was to scan on my phone.

I told him to do them separate. He didn't listen.  Then he said, "if it doesn't take $1 off each product when rung up together then I can't do it."  LIE. Well of course it didn't.  So he asked a girl that worked there to and she said with mobile bar scans you can only use it once.  Another lie. They don't know anything.  Fine. Whatever just give me one blush then.

It was on sale for $1.92 at my Target.  I gave him a $1.50 off any Cover Girl product coupon, then gave him my phone to scan for $1 off too.  He said, "I can't scan your phone now because it will be negative money."  I said, "I know. It's okay, try it!" Target won't give you money back but Walmart, CVS, Walgreen ect will.  He rolled his eyes and tried it. Somehow he got it to where I owed him $.14.  He was impatient. The people behind me where waiting. I paid it what evs.  I got a blush for $.14!  It wasn't what I hoped or planned but it was a learning lesson.  Lesson: cashiers are going to hate me.  And I have to know my stuff.

Do you coupon? Can you give me any tips? It takes so much time and effort.  It's another mania.  I know it.  I don't want it to distract me from writing the book or housework, ect.  But if it will help my family I will became a couponing Maniac.


The Skinny on Staci said...

I used to be a big couponer. I would download mobile coupons onto my store's "card" from their website. Then I would also use my paper coupons. Then stores started catching on to people doing that and changed the rules. So now I can only use a paper OR an electronic coupon, not both. I totally understand that, but it still stinks for me! Lol So I ended up getting out of couponing. There were a few times I got some really great deals, but honestly I ran myself all over town to do so and that stunk. It's not fun to do that with gas being sky high and 4 kids in tow. So now I just sale shop at the 3 stores that I frequent and will be going to anyway. I plan my meals around their sales. Def not organic, grass-fed stuff. ::sigh:: But it's all we can afford at this point. Best of luck with it!!! It can become addictive. :) Oh, I also got tired of all the paper mess all over my house from coupon clipping and always going to a store and them being OUT of what I needed because all the couponers with 0 kids beat me to it. Argh. Lol

Crayl said...

My tip: Go to the service counter of the stores you might coupon in, ask for their coupon policy, they should have it in writing. Some stores have them on line as well. Take that copy to the register when you coupon. The cashiers don't always know the rules, but if you show them in the document then it sorts it out without it being you trying to get away with something. Once you find a cashier that knows their stuff...always go back to them! :)

Kelly said...

Try to use the coupons for things that are already on sale, as you did.