Friday, July 26, 2013


I've been thinking a lot. My job as Mom and Wife is to feed my family  {among several others}. 
It weighs on me heavy to give them what I should. My boys ask me for chips, donuts, muffins, on a regular bases. I don't keep flavored chips in the house usually or donuts ir anything but if they see something On TV they ask for it.
I'm usually saying "No" or giving in at the store then regretting it later.  So, I've been thinking, well what if I make treats from scratch at home? Sure they still may not be super nutritious but they wouldn't have chemicals and preservatives. 

They'd also have less sugar probably. Today I made banana bread. A favorite here! Yesterday I walked in the morning while listening to Pregtastic. Didn't get to walk today but I did wake up early. Love writing in my prayer journal. Then I worked on my book. Go me. Have a GREAT weekend!!! 

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Jim said...

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