Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I feed my active husband-on a budget

As you can see my husband is not skinny, but just right. (And handsome. Don't look too long mkay?) 

He is exactly what he should weigh according to his life insurance company (170 lbs).  Lucky him. 

Although his family thinks he's too thin LOL ;-) 

He's so active, he has always worked construction or physical labor. He walks all day around 80 acres. Plus he lifts weights on his lunch break. 

So I HAVE to feed him a lot of calories!! Since we aren't rich, (shocker right!) I try to give him a lot of inexpensive healthy calorie and fat packed foods like coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, ect.  And he never ever eats lunch out. If I don't make him a lunch he doesn't eat. He's stubborn ;) 

Here's a typical day and just about what I gave him today. 

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled cooked in 2 Tbsp organic coconut oil, 2 pieces if toast with 2 tbsp butter, and an orange sliced.  
Total calories: 701 total fat: 62 total protein: 24 grams 

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich w an egg on it. (3 slices turkey, mayo, cheese, mustard.) if I have spinach & avocado those go on too, today I didn't.   
Granola bar
Pumpkin bread w butter 
Protein powder (he drinks after work out)

Total Calories: 1,290 calories, 51 g fat, 102 G protein 

Dinner: 1 1/2 c spaghetti w Italian sausage & marinara sauce 
Veggies sautéed in olive oil
Fruit for snack (sometimes he eats ice cream or cereal at night too but I'm leaving that out). 
Total: Calories 1066, 43 fat, 24 protein 

Total for the day: 3057 calories, 156 fat grams, 151 protein grams 

I should be giving him more protein (about 20 g more). I'm gonna work on that :) 

Wasn't that an exciting post? 

My mom is coming today so I must go fold and iron laundry on the guest bed. Hubby and I are heading to a work thing tomorrow so she is watching boys for us. Yay for grandmas! 

Love ya all thanks for reading :) 

Anyone else have an active hubby and or boys that you have to feed a lot? 


Valerie said...

This is a great idea, and something I have been struggling with lately! My husband eats like this:

Protein shake in a.m., will eat eggs if they are prepared.

He packs to take with him:

2 meals/proteins, 2 yogurts, 2-3 pieces of fruit, veggies (which he hardly ever eats), bars if we have them.

He eats a large meal when he comes home from work.

He eats another, smaller meal before he comes to bed.

And he never gains weight. *sigh*

Lauryn Roth said...

Great ideas! I needed some, hubby has decided he wants to eat healthier too and I packed him grapes, 2 turkey and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat, he loves diced pear cups, usually a banana and pringles. LOL. He also loves those little cracker packs.

Joy Bartel said...

This was a great post! I would love to see a round-up of ideas..."What to feed a very hungry husband?" Ha! My husband is a 6'3 construction worker and they will stop at 10:30 in the morning for banana splits at Dairy Queen! Yikes! So, I'm trying so hard to send enough tasty food!

Kelly said...

I know you don't have time with all the babies, but Pinterest is a great tool for looking up quick, healthy recipes. Just a few ingredients, super simple. Have you looked at Great recipe site!

Mrs Swan said...

He is very handsome. Don't worry I didn't look to long. :P
I don't feed my husband b-fast or lunch (I work to support the house while he is a student) but I do cook dinner each night.