Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Things you can Do in your sleep

Oh my goodness it's been such a busy week!!!! Last week we had ladies conference at church, then a weekend full of soccer, baking, and NESTING! Yes I've been super busy working on the nursery.  We can't afford to do all the decorations and everything I want to right now (gonna be Sailor theme!!!), but I did budget to get an extra closet poles for both sets of boy rooms.  I'll upload pics as soon as it's done :) I can't BELIEVE I'm about to have 4 boys!!! Well I already do have 4 boys... but you know..clothing 4 of them!

Washing baby clothes and putting it all away, then oh, yes...the 5 people that currently wear clothes are all making laundry...so I've been behind on laundry like mad.  Anyways enough rambling.

I wanted to share some things from one of the sessions from our ladies conference.  This one was called "Cleaning out the Attic" it was managing and organizing the home...so of course I had to go! :) I loved this: No.....LOVED it. 

"5 Things you can do in your sleep"
1. Cook in the crock pot
2. Have the dish washer going
3. Have the coffee timer set to go on in the morning
4. Have a load of whites soaking in bleach
5. Be washing/drying laundry

LOVE LOVE LOVED that.  Thank you Mrs. Naverette!

I am still doing my nightly routine of having dishes washing as I go to sleep, and I gotta say....it's like a rush haha (I'm so lame!).

Now if I could do all 5 of those and go to bed....um wow I would be soooo on cloud 9! I'm gonna try :)

She also said to go to every room of the house, sit down in it, and look around.  Have a throw away bag, a Goodwill bag, and a Doesn't belong here bag.  Great idea.

Then another one I loved was she said she wants to decorate her home in a way that reflects Christ.  All our things don't matter.  They will all be burned up one day or sitting in a dump somewhere, but if we can point our family and guests to scripture and godly things, our decorations can have a purpose.  I really liked that.  

GUESS WHAT! Baby is due in 27 days!!!!!!!!

Not that I'm counting.  But okay, I've had some pretty serious Braxton Hicks contractions today.  Maybe it's because my good friend gave birth last night! So jealous.  Going today to see her. 

Also.....have I mentioned I got a DOULA! Such an answer to prayer!!!!!!!!!!!! Very thankful.   Ok more soon.  Love ya.


The Skinny on Staci said...

You just keep rubbing that dishwasher in my face, don't you? LOL, j/k. I wash clothes at night, but I try not to dry them unless I'm desperate. My dad has instilled a fear in me about dryers setting a house on fire. Our kids sleep next to the laundry room. We are on the total opposite end. It just worries me. You are doing great juggling life at 9 months preggo. I can't wait to see pics of your new little man. I bet it was really something snuggling up a newborn at the hospital today! :)

Lauryn Roth said...

What a cool idea !!! I love the five things I will have to try that! I would be way more productive espically since i feel like i get nothing done on weekdays when i work lol