Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Mom I want to be

Since having Will, I really have been thinking a lot about the great (and awesome) responsibility it is to be the Mommy of 4 boys.  I am so thankful and blessed!!!! God is so good!
 There are a lot of things I want/need to improve on.  Some I've talked about in past posts about creating habits.   The rest I need to get on and do already. 

My grandma was here for 3 days, and what a blessing that was.  I am so thankful for her help!!!! She did tons of laundry, cleaned our bathrooms, always kept the kitchen clean, cooked, cleaned out my fridge and freezer,  took care of the 3 older boys, bathed, fed, changed them, mopped, bought us stuff at Target, let me and the baby sleep in, ect.  It was so nice.  I am so bummed she's gone :( but also ready to get into a routine with our family of 6 :)

Do you ever just watch some ladies that are always helping, cleaning, serving and think sheesh I want to be like that?  I do want to be like that!! My grandma had to do so much more work when she had her kids.  She had 4 kids 5 and under just like me.  She had no dryer, so she had to hang out all the clothes, then iron them all.  She had to hand wash all the dishes, and didn't have convenient things like a baby swing or a Moby wrap ;) And when she was a girl it was even harder! No wonder she is a hard worker, and no wonder most ladies in their generation are.

When we first got married I really didn't know how to cook, keep house, do laundry, ect.  I did have to do chores as a girl/teen but I was so busy with cheer-leading, and my social life that honestly I wasn't home much.  My mom kept the house clean and food in the cupboards and cooked. 

There are some a lot of things I still struggle with.  Like how to keep the flow of laundry going! I always ALWAYS get way behind on laundry.  It's awful....
Also, keeping an organized kitchen (fridge, cupboards, counters ect).  They always seem to get so messy, and I'm the queen of mail piling up....No bueno.
 A while ago I heard The Fly Lady on a podcast.  I had never heard of her.  But that was right when I was starting to implement new habit goals in my life, like going to bed with an empty sink. 

Ovbiously with a newborn all that has gone out the window... lol.  I am still all hormonal, and I think starting a routine again will help me feel back to normal again.

I bought the book "Large Family Logistics" off Amazon, and it's good so far.  It talks about so many things, schedules, cleaning, organize, food, ect.  I want to make yummy healthy food for my family.  I want to be healthy and active myself so they have a healthy outlook on food and fitness. 

There are other things I really want to do for my boys, like keep up on scrapbooking so when they are older they can look back at every year and have memories.  I also want to start saving money for them, and work on making some extra money so they can do more sports, piano, ect.  I want to be the hospitable Mom and friend that always has cookies and coffee.  I want people to be able to stop by with out being embarrassed about the house ;) I want to have my house beautifully decorated so my boys and husband always feel warm and cozy at home.  I want my house to be organized not frustrating...which it is sometimes, I admit.  I also really want to show my boys how to be a blessing to others.  And most important, I want my boys to know Jesus, and I want to teach them more about Him, instead of them learning the most about Him at church and school. 

I know, and accept that I may never have a girl.  I'm okay with that.  But I want to be the Mom/Mother in law that my kids want to help and be around.  I pray my daughter in laws will like me haha. ;) Long time away I know. 

Life goes by so fast..  I mean, Will is already 10 days old! It's time to "Redeem the Time" because before I know it my boys will be grown and all the things I wanted to do with and for them will either be undone, or I can get on it and do it.  :)

I know this post is ramblings ha.  Sorry :) Just on my heart a lot. 


DeAna Warthan said...

I love your articles...THANKYOU for sharing your heart and never give up on God and trying to be a virtuous woman. You are amazing!!! Love you.

Pemberton Family said...

Everything you said is exactly how I feel! There are so many things that I want for my children and I do not feel capable of doing them all. All I can ask is that the Lord guides me and protects my family and with His help I will do the best I possibly can for my kids. It is so hard and overwhelming to think of all the things we want for our kids and the moms we want to be. Thanks for saying what many of us moms are feeling.


Sarah said...

I don't remember when or how I came across your blog, but I've been reading for quite some time now. I'm a timid commenter though. Sorry about that :) Part of the reason I enjoy your blog is because I can relate! I even have a 3 week old baby (unlike your 4 boys, I have 3 girls). We're in this together!
Anyway, when I read this post I immediately thought of a book that has helped change my entire perspective on how I run my household. Organizing You by Shannon Upton is not like any book on organizing I have ever read before. It's specifically written for moms of young kids, it's a Christ centered approach to organizing and efficiently running your home. Loaded with scripture and inspiration, also full of a ton of great tips and advice (she even explains the system she has for getting all her laundry done!). It's funny and it didn't leave me feeling like "I'll never be good enough" (which most other organizing books do). It left me feeling like "I can do this".
Sorry to sound like one big advertisement. I promise there's nothing in it for me :) I just think you would love the book and get a lot out of it! I'm really thankful I read it.

The Skinny on Staci said...

I think scrapbooking is so beautiful, but I also know it's time consuming. I have one friend who uses her ENTIRE BASEMENT for scrapbooking and an other couple friends who are YEARS behind on the pages. So instead, I have every single pic I've ever taken in chronological order in photo albums. I snap pics with my digital, have them printed, write on the back and then delete them as I stick them into albums so I can keep them in the correct order. Works great, and it's nowhere near as time consuming a scrapbooking. Sure, it's not as pretty. But to me, the pictures ARE the memories. You don't have to have the prettily decorated pages. More power to the ones who do it! I love it! Just throwing out what works for me as a diff option for you. My kids love getting out all the albums and looking through our lives. It's so amazing now that my oldest is 10 to go back to when I was holding her in my belly and then in my arms up until the present. I also wasn't given chores to do or taught to cook. I know better than that with my daughters and sons. I want them to feel confident in as many areas of life as possible - especially with things that will actually matter when they are grown (music, cooking, cleaning, money matters, etc). Such a huge responsibility, yes. And I'm still dreaming for the clean house! :)

Adrienne said...

thank you all so much for the comments!! sarah i have ti get that book!