Monday, January 20, 2014

Weight Loss diaries the real week 1 day 1

Here it is folks. 
My weight. 
Starting weight: 214.3 lbs 

Will turned 11 weeks yesterday, and it's time to get it going. 

It's week 1, and I'm doing baby steps. 

Step 1. Log all food even if I'm over calories, and to exercise twice this week. 

 Today I ate 2,158 calories. That's 158 over my goal (because I'm breastfeeding my goal is 500 higher than it would be). It's ok. Im just gonna get in the habit of logging my foods. I am much more aware of every bite I put in my mouth when I log them! Really I thought I'd be under..but oh yeah that extra coffee creamer and that Hershey kiss (or kisses) oh and bites if the boys food...yeah...

** {future steps will be to eat totally clean, real foods, run again, ect, but we are doing BABY STEPS!} 

it's humbling to have to "start over".  To have lost 80 lbs, to have run 2 half marathons, to now... 11 weeks postpartum and have gone so much backwards. I let myself have too much leeway while pregnant. 

It's sad that I was at 165 last spring now I'm back up here again. In the 200's. Where I said I'd never go again! 

Praise God for new mercies everyday. He helped me do it once, I can do it again. I WILL. 

It's on like donkey kong baby. 

(I have no clue what that means or what it's from but I always hear people say it and it sounds cool.)'s a cool little feature of My Fitness Pal. You can see all your past weigh ins! Here's what it looks like. 


Lauryn Roth said...

You got this girl!!!! You will be back in no time!!!

Staci Moize said...

Hey, at least you've recently had a baby. I don't have that little bit anymore!!! Lol I think going over by that small amount isn't bad. Sure, it'd probably be better if you went over on carrot sticks, haha, but you are breastfeeding. Better to listen to your body and even be forgiving as long as you aren't over like 500 calories. :)

awestfall1022 said...

I'm starting over again with My Fitness Pal too! Today is my first day logging in my food. So far I am just 22 calories over bit it is only 1:28.

divad said...

So many of us are starting over again! I have learned never to say never again, again! I have to eat my words...This overeating thing is such a tough battle. Don't focus too much on where you were but where God is going to take you today!

divad said...
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