Thursday, January 16, 2014

You have to be ready.

To lose weight, you have to be ready. Mentally, strategically, and spiritually. 

Jan 1 was a good day to start again. Will was almost 2 months old. Fresh new year. New start. 

But I wasn't ready.  

Strategically I was. But mentally I wasn't. 

I lacked the heart. The motivation. And the prayer time about it. Sometimes heart comes after I start. That's what I was hoping for. But I just didn't get excited. 

And with 4 boys 5 and under is busy. Very busy! Losing weight is a full time job. I have to WANT it passionately and have the heart to follow through. 

Now is the time. Today is the day I NEED to start. 

Anyone ever been here? You want plan to...but then, you just don't?  I'm tired of waisting time. I'm tired of looking 6 months pregnant.  

I know what I need to do. Badly. I need to run. {or wog. ie walk/jog}. ;) 

An instructor in college use to say, "It's better caught then taught". He was talking about witnessing to people for Jesus. The more you do it, the more burdened you are for people. You can't teach heart. You catch heart! 

So, if I start running again, like really sweating, for a purpose..I know how good I'll feel! It's addictive! How far can I go today? 

The rest will follow. 

Because there's nothing more annoying than burning a few hundred calories just to eat it right back in Oreos. Right? We've all been there. Hello? Am I alone? 

Before I even worry about my food, I'm gonna go move. Really move, like sweaty, red face move like I use to in spin kinda move. Like...oh stink I'm gonna barf kinda move. Ok I don't want to barf but you know.  

I'm gonna go catch some heart. 

Love, The Curvy Housewife 


Elisha Kemp said...

Get it girl! Cheering you on, I know how hard it is!

Staci Moize said...

You know all the times I planned and did and made and then FLOP. It just wasn't clicking. You can do it. You've done it before! :)

Staci Moize said...
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Just Me! said...

I have been at that place where I need to start pretty often! But, you can do it! I know you can! It may be hard, and it may take some patience, but it will be well worth it in the end!